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Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October

It is ☝one of ➡ most auspicious ☀day for me 🙋 since my school days. During these times in my childhood days this ☀day sigifies the significance of ➡ this auspicious ☀day 🕒❓when father 👨 of ➡ nation’s birthday🎂🎉🎁. During standard ☝one or two all my 🏫school mates go 🚦 with a row🚣 ➕and teachers💁📖➡👦👧 used to ➡guide 👯us ➡to reach ➡ civil office🏢 of ➡ Nayagarh and ➕ there after reaching sub-divisional officer👮 as during those times Nayagarh was a sub division ⬇under Puri district.

There we used ➡to receive 🍬sweet and ➕ some salted biscuits. Then we used to ➡ return school🏫. Then 👴daddy reached school🏫 with 👦his vehicle🚲🚗⛵🚁 ➕and we return with it.

During childhood days all ➡ these seems👀 ❤like some of ➡ most festive occasuon uttar after II grew ⬆up 🙋I realised the immense impoy of ➡ this day and slowly remembering this ☀day as the most prominent and most auspicious ☀day of ➡ 🇮🇳👳Indian history📜.

While jogging at Mahatma Gandhi 🅿Park besides Puri 🌊sea 🏖beach the giant statue of ➡ father👨 of ➡ Nation and ➕ there people ➡of all religions, school🏫 children👶👧👦 and ➕ senior citizens 👷worker club and ➕ the sounds ➡ of Rsmdhoon rhe song 🎶 begins with,”Vaoshnab Jana ta” and ➕ after my walk 🔚finished I took pictures🌆🏜🌠 of ➡ 👨father of Nation and ➕ then took another picture📷 of ➡ was leading others to understand the importance of ➡ work culture and why walking is good for health.

The above mentioned encouraging to work ➕and exercising regularly. Do encourage others who 👤 are ❌not exercising regularly. Clean nearby place📍 and so that you will stay healthy all thet time. Happy😄 Gandhi Jayanti to ➡all my readers.

Peculiar Problem at Reliance Fresh Puri

It was almost ☝one PM ➕and after buying some important ingredients at Uma Shankar 💈Store nearer ➡to Gundicha Temple🕌 of ➡ Puri, I reaches to ➡ Reliance Fresh🍃💦 ➡to 💴buy Mothers👩 Diary curd.

My mummy fond of ➡ 🍴eating this brand’s curd as the thickness comes ⬆up with more taste👅 for curd. During fasting days used to ➡ take curd and ➕ mostly with small👌 cut 🔪 fried brinjals and ➕ then with some 🏡home made masalas.

The eating🍴 of ➡ curd provides two way relief. It is good to ➡ absorb scratching 🌞🌴🏄🎇summer heat 🔥 as it makes body cooler and ➕ it should be taken in the ☀day 🕒time only. As it is believed🙏 that taking curd in the night🌙⏰💤💤 is 😧bad for stomach.

That is ❓why during just after noon I 🙋 reached at Reliance Fresh🍃💦 shop at Puri which is just at the middle ➡of VIP road. I parked my two Wheeler there as the front ➡of Reliance is preoccupied with so many vehicles unattached and ➕ unattended so a set of ➡ chaos 📤out there.

At the entrance there is always a 👌small pond and ➕ the route can be 🤞crossed with the 🆘help ➡of three small👌 bricks and ➕ go 🚦 with utmost care otherwise you could wet 💦 your 👣feet. I took Mothers👩 Diary curd which costs 20 rupees and ➕ then reach ➡ to 💵cash counter. ☝One cash💵 counter is 😄open ➕and it is filled with so many customers with plenty ➡of ingredients. This means this will take an hour or so ➕and in another counter three people are there so I 🙋 reached there and ➕ 👀saw the cashier told that it is offline and ➕ transactions ✋⛔🚫cannot be done asthe results ➡of this. Then, the running🏃💨💨 counter cashier 💬told that her 👧 counter goes 🏃 off line ➖ too.

Now almost 10 customers are ✋waiting for over 20 minutes and ➕ unable ➡to pay 💰 and ➕ returns 🔙back the Mothers👩 Recipe curd and ➕ 🔙 back to 🏡home ❌not able to purchase👛💰👐 curd for mummy. Customers would 🙅never understand😉 what’s offline or online💻 but customer service is bad 😧 and ➕ now slowly moving to ➡ worse at Reliance Fresh Puri as waiting for almost 25 minutes but still ❌not able to ➡ 👛💰👐 or pay 💰 bill at 💵cash counter testifying this that it should be more prompt in dealing with such customer difficulties.

Severe Rains in the months of Septehmber

It has never ever Suchi before. So much more of rainfall and showers in this hmonthm of September at Puri. Entire day has been raining. In the morning I wake up for jogging but the entire track is full of water and there seems to be waterloo everywhere. If some one jog in that track it becomes extremely dangerous to run on those. I decided to returning back from there and then move to vegetables market for shopping. To hmy utter suprise entire vegvetable market is filled with water and simply difficult to move that market.

Thme sky is filled with black clouds hmovering here and there and everywhere and there is no suchm gurantee when there will be rain with full might and when there will be slow shower. Nevertheless, the impending famine will not be there ofcourse. Due to high level of rainfall now this water level of Puri town is on the rise and we are is better prepared for the upcoming winter and thereafter the summer.

Due to unattended development in and around area of Salabega Lane nearby to the main Government Hospital and the construction of high rise building such as Vishal Mega Mart, Shivanand Nursing Home and Shree Mandir Diagnostics the entire area is slowly bereft in the water reservoi. Now within this and the previous month’s rainfall provides adequate amount of water in and around these areas.

Otherwise good thinking citizens of these areas are thinking about imminent water crisis in this zone of Puri town. Now within these two months this high amount of rainfall makes this water level higher and we are confident that in this adventure of summer we could be good with the amount of water in this zone.

First and foremost allow of such commercial ventures in and around this areas of domestic people living should not be allowed as this distrubs people to live in a peaceful life. Then , these commercial ventures should be using water in the recycle manner so that this all important water reservation should be there of course in good amount for the domestic consumers. There should be heavy fine on those organisations who do not obey such rules. There should have been a proper auditing systems from time to time see whether these biggver organisations are obeying Suchi government rules and regulations and this should create this awareness-raising among these organisations and in the long term this should create this rule of law in maintaining this same amount interest among domestic citizens to live in a world where. there will be sufficient water in store for them.

Parking Problem at Salabega Lane, Puri

Few years back, Salabega Lane, Hospital Square, Puri, Odisha has been a narrow lane where there is no cement road in this by lane, and there are plenty of trees and this will make provide extremely wonderful place after 14 years where that place of Salabega Lane has become one of the most demanding places due to good cement road, and now establishment of Vishal Mega mart, the cost of that place is now on higher side.

My father’s home is just next to Vishal MegaMart, and then the next building to our home, is that of Shivananda Hospital, and then Shree Mandir Ultra Sound the next to Shivananda Hospital. Both Shivananda Hospital and Shree Mandir UltraSound adjacent to each other and both of these provide implementation, of government health schemes. Both of these hospitals , become the center of a large number of people coming from nearby villages, and most of these people reach with bicycles and three wheelers, then provide the accumulation of large number of vehicles and they obstruct the roads with these two and three wheelers.

Both of these above mentioned hospitals does not have their own parking location as for this they tend to stand their vehicles in front of ours and some of the other family houses and stopping entire route of ours houses and in this way disturbing family like us. The vehicle tend to come in numbers and due to no parking zones they tend to fillup entire route and even moving vehicle in those roads and passing into these roads becomes extremely difficult.

As far as norm of government is that no hospital can be allowed without its parking side and when we see both of these hospital at Salabega Lane, in front of Hospital Square, Puri Odisha,and the name of both Hospital is that of Shivananda Hospital and Shree Mandir Ultra Sound which both of these hospital does not have a parking place and the people who reach to these hospital park their vehicles in the front of my home and also some of other family homes and in this way the entire space is full of these vehicles and even moving in and out from home becomes difficult.

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