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Android security basics

Security is a comprehensive term which differs from time to time and it differs from devices to devices. In this article you will learn about how to secure your Android device and make it run virus free. First we will be talking about Android inside Samsung mobile phones.

Locating Method:

Go to settings and then privacy and safety and then go to privacy and then location and move the slider to switch it on. In the location method GPS Wi-Fi and mobile network GPS Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate your precise location. It is important for Google services to work in correct manner as it will use Wi-Fi and mobile networks good networks provide absolute security to your mobile device by connecting to Google servers all the time.

Two locating method such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks which uses Wi-Fi and mobile network to estimate your location. The last not the least is the GPS only locating method GPS to estimate your location.

lock screen and security:

Go to settings and then lock screen and security and then go to lock screen, here you have three options one is screen lock type and the second one is info an app shortcuts and the last one is notifications on lock screen. In the screen lock type there are 5 options. One is swipe, then pattern then pin then password and the last is none.

The fast screen lock type is swipe it is of no security. The second one is pattern it is of medium security and the third one I’d Pin, it is of job medium to high security. The fourth one is password it is for high security.

For better privacy inside Android devices you can enable or disable notificationson lock screen by choosing content on lock screen whether to choose or to hide. There are three options such as show content, hide content and do not show notifications. You can allow or disallow individual apps to show notification or disable them to show notification in lock screen also.

Find my mobile:

Find my mobile comes under security settings of Android device. In Samsung phones you will have to log in with your Samsung account to enable this feature. It comes in addition with Google’s find my device feature. It locate controller device remotely using your Samsung account. to protect your account and continue using this service you need to sign in with Samsung account time and again to confirm your password. Connect to internet and then sign into your Samsung account. Your internet data setting a job then automatically it will stand for Wi-Fi network. Internet setting data setting is on then it will show in progress symbol and then then it will log into your Samsung account.

Disallow installation of apps from sources other than Play stores. It will enable Google play protect inside your Android device and installation of apps from Play Store are scanned through sandboxing environment of Google Play protect. You can encrypt your device by protecting your device by encrypting its data. In this way you can encrypt accounts settings downloaded apps and their data media and other files

Encryption takes an hour or more depending on the size of your Android device. Before you starts ensure that the battery is fully charged and keep the device logged into do electric circuit until encryption is complete. Interesting encryption process may lead to the the loss of data or of the enter data that are stored inside system driver for Android device.

Encrypt your SD card to protect your SD card by encrypting its data. You can encrypt SD card. Encrypted SD cards can only be read on the device used to encrypt them. Tap encrypt SD card to start the encryption process. Encryption to take an hour or more. Before you start make sure that the battery is charged keep the device locked in until encryption is complete. During the encryption process the SD card cannot be used. Device is reset to factory default settings it will be unable to read encrypted SD card.

Other security settings includes change your father security settings such as those for security updates and credential storage. First is to set up sim card lock. Inside lock sim card you require your sim card pin to unlock and use your sim card.

Here, you can show password character briefly as you type them or make password invisible in this function. Next security setting age security policy update which increases the security of your device by updating the security policy periodically from Samsung Central server when you connect to the internet. This security policy updates are downloaded without your notice and installed with your device automatically.

It is a good idea to enable centre security reports Samsung wi-fi for free internet for live threat analysis. All the reports are encrypted to Samsung server so that year privacy of Android device stay secure. Then comes the device administrator find my device of default Android device which allowsfind my device to lock or erase the lost device.

These are some of the few options you can enable or watch out to make your device absolute secure. It is important to understand how your Android devices around and what are various hidden features that are inbuilt with it. Some of the original equipment manufacturers or of hardware manufacturers provides additional security settings so that you can find more security options to make your Android device secure and stop hackers from entering into your devices unknowingly.

Which is secure Android mobile or Windows Computer

In this article we will analyse about which operating system is actor. Today we will learn about whether windows computer is better than Android mobile operating system for or vice versa. After Microsoft releases its own anti-virus in the name of windows defender or Microsoft security essentials slowly the performances of windows computer becomes absolutely secure as we also found various writing systems of antiviruses and and from within the parameters of performances in terms of security off windows defender or Microsoft security essentials comes within top 2 antiviruses of the world.

before the advent of windows defender seen many third party antiviruses used to protect computer but they still lack the basic images to keep secure the kernel and the booting processes of the windows operating system and due to this most of times the viruses coms from different zones and infect computer to the larger extent. That is why Microsoft a small antivirus and then continuity research and development team those antiviruses the number one antivirus in the world.

in addition to this Microsoft religious and security updates periodically as and when it is required directly to the computer those computer are connected with internet. The regular security updates windows defender or Microsoft security essentials comes directly through windows updates and for this user does not have to worry about update from time to time manually and this reduce size zero day vulnerability is the most of windows computer 2 worldwide which has been the main problem of windows computer prior to the emergence of windows defender and Microsoft security essentials.

If your computer have Windows support and you are connected to internet then Microsoft religious security through its older job dates and definition of dates of anti malware windows defender directly through windows updates so that your computer stay protected all the time and in this most commonly known by its fruit kids are now completely removed or blocked in windows computer.

Now will talk about Android operating system and Android security. the concept of Android operating system is that there is no fixed original equipment manufacturer or in the common word the hardware manufacturers. It changes from manufacturer from one design to other and that is Joy the coaching of integrated update security and security updates is never ever been is the possibility. who is the popularity of Android operating system more and more hackers are turning it to Android devices and also Windows operating system is the evolution of Windows 7 more and most organ in terms of security point of view and that is why now most of hackers moving to words Android operating system and especially the older Android operating systems.

Since the advent of Android 8 now Google communicated to original equipment manufacturers to create a common path so that it can send periodically security and cumulative updates from time to time to make Android device secure. Google ads on play protect services which scans downloaded application from Google Play Store to sandboxing environment show that any trace of viruses inside downloader app should should be detected then those can be cleared the prices inside operating system files of Android.

All the applications which appears inside Google Play Store have to go through Google’s strict application developer policy as well as constant scanning and cleaning fruits and boxing environment so that no compromised application would be downloaded by the users from Play Store by mistake. Despite all this provision stills there has been news of more and more some of the most popular apps Google Play Store downloaded millions of times and Google of let scanning all the apps and removing the jobs as and when necessary.

Android is for Google and Google is the master of internet and that is why it is a good idea to keep your internet connectivity solutions for that at any point of time there is the advent of virus then Google can automatically detect and remove and clean your device for greater and safe for use.

it is very important to keep your prime Google account connected with your Android device secure by any setting automatic password from Google prompt include two factor authentication system so that the hardware manufacture authentication can be initiated and hackers could not steal yours personal identity and your financial details. It it is important to understand that if you secure your Google account associated with Android device then your Google privacy is also secure and better protected.

in older version of Android phones can check out the Google settings and in the new version of Android phones inside the settings of Android you can find the Google Play protect and various ways to protect the primary Google account so that the hackers and intruders could not get into ear personal accounts and steel all the details from it. inside Google setting and in the account zone you can find the Google account and corresponding to eating can find the information security and personalization. scroll down to security and touch it and then you can find the find my device which remotely locate this device in case it is lost or stolen. Touch find my device it is the ways to locate your Android device find my device you can get it on Google Play as the separate installation in the case of older Android device and in the case of newer Android devices it is inbuilt in it. There there are other options are you can access the Android find my device in case you busy to turn on the way or inside Google find my device that helps my device to locate the device remotely and also helps to keep the data secure in the case of it goes with the hand of the intruder then you can’t delete all the data from distance so that they cannot find this data at all.

in the second version of Android security you can find the Google Play protect which regularly check your apps and devices for harmful behaviour. any point of time Google find the behaviour of a device is doubtful and finds that it is affected with some Milo hours then you will be notified and automatically Google remove originate from your device and want to about that that the concerned is removed and your device is now clean.

From the setting up Play fortnite settings there are two types of security scans one is the scanned device for security threads which Google regularly check your device and preventive on about potential harm and enable it. the second option is to improve harmful of detection send unknown apps to Google for better detection and Google if found anything suspicious on it. In its dashboard you can find recently stand apps and the time of application last stand and the resultant of application scanning and then the command line comes with no harmful apps found.

There are various ways you can secure your Android device and Google accounts by initiating better privacy and personalization. From there go to secure your account connect to internet automatically Google scan for security of your devices and it any user found that it will let you know about it. It comes of with various security events such as sign in and security. In sign in and security there are four verification methods through phone number second one through recovery email advanced through security questions and the last one through trusted mobile devices.

you can check the privacy checkup it is a step-by-step guide that will help you to choose the adequate and your personalization privacy that will be right for you for your Google Account. N you can say sev whether you want to turn on web and application activity and you can manage the web and application activity location history boys and audio recording YouTube search history YouTube watch history and your Google account profiles in this way you can secure your account from hackers and third party intruders.

Android is open source and there are various ways you can secure and accounts or if you do not know how to do it then it can open all of your financial details and depersonalization of your accounts. it is important to know in which we can secure and return so that I can use the safest and secure mobile operating system without worrying about third parties intruders and hackers.

Windows operating system is also highly secure desktop laptop and notebook environment can work with really use the genuine operating system from Microsoft. it is important not to use the pirated version so that you will not be eligible to receive the periodic and security updates from Microsoft. Most of time do you find that duty or negligence or intentional non purchase of genuine operating system most of fluids and other includes hackers reach to add devices easily due to non visible off updates from Microsoft or from Google. Use use of genuine and real softwares enable you to receive Android and Windows updates to secure your account from hackers and you can’t really work with their financial and other professional work without interruption.

Android phone security in the age of rise of Malwares in Google Play Store

in this age of mobile computing more and more people begin to use Android devices as the full-pledged computing system. Even Google in its Google App provides information about over 100 application that are inside Play Store provides millions of Malwares into so many of Android devices.

what this means is that now we have to install third party antiviruses in addition to googles play protect the online antivirus from Google and it is pre-installed Google Play services updated to its latest version. Despite this protection from Google now find more and more apps from Google Play Store are infected with large number of malwares which are infecting millions of Android devices worldwide.

in this situation xiaomi devices have there phone antivirus free installed with original equipment manufacturer and this removed plenty of mallwates and advertisements from devices. Now Samsung mobile phones comes free installed with a security system which has McAfee full antivirus installed and it is installed in its kernel version so that complete secure scanning app mobile device can take place without any difficulties.

Due to large scale use up 4G network more and more phones are getting infected with viruses due to high speed internet connectivity. Google Play Store and play services failing to stop these viruses many popular apps. We need to install third party antivirus so that the second level of security inside your phone security complete.

Generally mobile antivirus cost about 500 to 800 rupees per annum. If you purchase antivirus for your computer windows system then it’s mobile was free. If you have Jio or Airtel 4 G sim then they have collaboration with Norton antivirus to provide full antivirus version free to their customers. Use both antiviruses that is one from Google Play services and the other one either from original equipment manufacturers or from yours 4G sim provider so that your phone uses both antivirus simultaneously check hackers from taking over your phone completely.

The difference between Microsoft windows computer and Google’s Android mobile phone is that in Microsoft windows computer only one antivirus on accesss protection should be there. With Android operating system one pre-installed antivirus Google play protect is there in addition to it other anti- Malwares can be used simultaneously.

So hurry up it is time to install an additional antivirus in your Android mobile operating system to secure mobile from Advertisements and viruses. I hope at some time Google fix so called popular apps which are in the guise of their popularity sending advertisements and melvis directly into your mobile devices. before that it is your duty to secure your phone completely by adding additional level of protection which we can find most of times free with 4G sim provider or you can find with some of the original equipment manufacturers xiaomi Samsung mobile phones.

Install the latest Samsung software and updates with ease

Just been into administrative option of Windows 8 after a long gap and here the prime reason to reach to this is to find out what are the new introductions of this attest version of Windows which I have been critical in the first instance but with due course of time there has been a completely change of thinking of this as with due course of time I am able to understand and comprehend about how good it is as with due course of time its versatility and ease of use has been phenomenal and the way it is performing is simply wonderful to start on with.

This writes up is from a person who has been using Windows 8 for the last three months and it is phenomenal to see that all the functions have been working on succeeding nice and brilliant in these circumstances.

At first there are some reverse happenings about this Windows version from internet from various websites as there are some positive thoughts and plenty of negativity about its pseudo operating system in action is what is true to oneself on one hand and on the other hand it is also true that you have the presentation of two completely new operating system where from charms menu one can switch from one sections to the other with ease.

Samsung Software Reviewed:

It gives smiles and comprehending the beauty of web where one has to find the relative comparison of same set of conventional operating system the new and friendly a brilliant conceptualized operating system where the ease of use with presentation which gives a brilliant agile and excitement to watch and perform operating system at its peak.

It is always said that one has to see in his own eyes to have the glimpse of a perfect operating system at its work and for this it is worth to watch it in between eyes to feel the best of operating system in action and for this the first and the foremost is to find out the updating pattern as with this OS Microsoft has introduced the concept of partnership with hardware manufacturers and for this the prime point is that this operating system loads faster due to Samsung added advantage of adding some brilliant hardware tweaking where one can find the instant start up which reduces the booting time to a considerable extent and this creates extra points for the user as he can feel the real instrument of brilliant performance of OS at its best.

Samsung has introduced the software update and it is installed on the OS as a program directory and for this from time to time it will ask you to update it and after update, of about 30 MB it will time and again give the complete list of all updates including the drivers and other enhancements, one such is it’s a startup menu like function from where the user can reach to various functions and it is must like start menu of Windows XP and this software is of extreme use when one use the Windows as standard account and there one can find only one instance of file explorer, and from here, one should find the different instances of file explorer and from there one can work seamlessly and this is what the change comes when you use Samsung laptop where you should find this essential software for your use.

It will then show you a list of software to you and from there you can download the drivers and updated software for your use, and in this manner your computer will always stay alert and up to date and you do not have to think beyond it as your computer will perform smoothness with each and every update delivered to you.

In these segments you will find about, one link where you can offline all the drivers and other utilities in one package which will be of a much help to you in case you want to reinstall Windows from a scratch and in this manner after operating system installation worries are gone forever. From save setting up files you can gain access to all programs and can store for offline use. This software updates program of Samsung will remind you from time to time to update specific software, and at the end of a month you can download these software from Windows store so that in this manner your computer remains updated with installation of latest patches and updates.

From the find model menu, a complete list of computer and its model and from helping a crystal list of all the software to install there. Windows needs a continuous update of its many programs from Windows store and from there one can find various tools and applications which will fit right into your Windows 8 charm menu and from there you should be finding about all applications, a few months back there are not so much number of apps out there with due course of time the number of apps is on the higher side and from time to time new apps are added and you can check there out, I have not checked these for over a month but with due course of time the number of new entrants is on the rise and this gives a proud feeling when using Windows, as it also gives the sense of mobility as new smartphones do have all such app in order to make it a completely functional operating system.

After prolonged use, user will feel about this as it will soon be confused about such and such OS where one can find the complete mixture of mobile operating system with that of a complete comprehensive laptop replacement entity where you will find the amalgamation of all forms of cloud computing at its best with complete performance enhancement of all aspect of brilliant computing. It is a new feeling of a completely new era of computer making where OS seems not to be typical with that of conventional forms of use but it is now going beyond and the proper use of it seems to be making it more and more functional with proper and instant-solutions. It is a mixture of dazzling with innovation when innovation at its peak, one can try this out and understand it fully before making any such negative comments about it.

One thing I would definitely want from software update is to find about the continuous unbroken downloads links, means suppose I want to download a heavy software, as per today, I have downloaded, 20% and then for tomorrow the download should start from there not from the beginning, and sometimes after a long haul of download and the computer stays for some time, it would then go to sleep mode if you are out of computer for some times and then the connection to the internet breaks and also entire download goes waste for you. All these come to one such solution which is to make the download such that the strings of will be there even after . So, in Samsung update should come to a complete set up of a download manager where one can retire from the irritation feeling of downloading the software again and again.

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