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Online Pharmacy vs Offline Pharmacy

In this world of internet and digital revolution we could see everything is slowly going online and as the result of it we can order everything and anything online so that we can receive medicines or order anything from online without moving to different medicines shops from here and there.

With favorable government at the center now people are slowly moving towards using the conditions of purchasing of medicines online and get huge cut and rebate which normally they do not find with the normal offline medicine shops. Generally, offline medicine shops provides very less rebate to medicines as the result of it,

When you buy or purchase medicines from online shops such as netmeds or any other online medicine shops then the rebate you get it begins from 25 percentages to 30 or more percentages. When we go to offline shops some now provide 10 percentages of rebate after seeing their order drop due to presence and use of large scale online order of medicines.

Online medicine pharmacy such as netmeds provides upto 30 percentages of rebate on medicines and most of these reach at your doorsteps and you do not have to move from here and there to search for different medicines as the result of it we find that we find medicines in much lesser costs. One can also find alternative low cost medicines from one is prescribed and as the result of it we do find the cost of medicines going at lower or lower and due to this offline medicines shops also find their selling capacity going lower and lower.

That is why some time back offline pharmacy shops went for strike against online shops and government policies of encouragement of online pharmacies as they provide more rebates due to leser establishment costs. Here, we do find, that, due to business to customer direct interactions, the cost of medicines goes towards lower side.

Most of offline shops, doe not provide huge amount of rebate despite they can afford to as we know in the medicine business there is huge margin but offline shops for many years does not pass on to these customers and as due to modern policies of central government more and more, people are moving towards online shopping.

Basel frame work impact on the banks

In addition to the work on capital standards, particular supervisory questions which the Committee has addressed include the supervision of bank’s foreign exchange positions, the management of banks international lending (i.e. country risk ), the management of bank’s off-balance –sheet exposures, the prevention of criminal use of the banking system, the supervision of large exposures, risk management guidelines for derivatives and the management of interest rate risk .

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