Consumer Buying Decisions: Cost vs Durability

We are living together in the world of smartphones. Day by day we have seen the emergence of a large number of smartphones which continuously present one of the most widely accepted phenomena for complete and stubborn excellence in getting the most out of in every field of mobile telephony.

Basel frame work impact on the banks

In addition to the work on capital standards, particular supervisory questions which the Committee has addressed include the supervision of bank’s foreign exchange positions, the management of banks international lending (i.e. country risk ), the management of bank’s off-balance –sheet exposures, the prevention of criminal use of the banking system, the supervision of large exposures, … Continue reading “Basel frame work impact on the banks”

Decisions on Second Glance

Management: It was a busy day, having to prepare most of the summarized work and also annual inspection is due and it may come at any point of time without a glitch. He is a smart worker and also honest and for this though he was working at the advance division as executive still there … Continue reading “Decisions on Second Glance”