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Feeling the beautyful difference with Dove

In the sphere of nature to the beautiful embodiment of life are Dove and women. Both links to each other in disparate spheres of life and they complement each other. Like the images of Dove Bird, the dove soap gives perfect complexion without hurting skins. For women to look stunning is a principal analysis which one should seriously consider while using soaps.

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder begetting defused thoughts and feelings often with delusions and resignation from social life. What its broader connotations are is not my subject matter. My writing on it is based on my a decade-long horrifying experience with one of my nephews who was in my care and custody for so long and I thank God that my labour and sacrifice ably supported by dedicated doctors bore fruit finally and the patient is now one of the most widely read and intelligent persons that many people have ever come across.

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