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Android 10 game device certification

Due to the recent popularity of the Android games most off Android devices are running out creating Android gaming platforms that will boost the performances Android games. Apple mobile operating system already doing this and Google from Android 10 onwards have asked original equipment manufacturers such as Asus, black shark,razer, Nubia to get the device certified Dhruv Android 10 game device certification from Google.

Most of these above mentioned original equipment manufacturers develops mid-rsnge range Android platform mobile phones . In terms of chipsets most of these mid-rsnge devices works with chipset vendors like Qualcomm and MediaTek.

With the release of Android 10 continue Google game service certificate program which requires Android developers and OEMs to obtain additional Google mobile services requirement which should be ore- installed on this devices Raichur to release in the market. Entries to gaming device specification program which provides platform requirements internship hardware specifications a device must have to ensure registration form Google.

This means that from Android 10 onwards not every device can have gaming experience only the device when gets the gaming certification can only installed high end and mid-range games. This is other way from Google to unite hardware manufacturers to behave in a specific manner so that game developers unified platform experience developing and building the concept and the real time games.

This this makes the gaming experience to behave in a predictable manner on the high end GPU behaviour in accordance with gaming performances. This contract also says about update of GPUs to come from time to time in order to accept modern gaming behaviours.

In this document it emphasizes that for the sake of playing games Android device must have a separate 2.3 GB memory for gaming performances. From Android 10 onwards a device can declare as gaming device certification then it should support the conditions provided in the the gaming device certification rules and regulations. GPUs perform in a predictable manner for that game developers do not face any difficulties about cores distribution of central processing unit.

In this way Android gaming device certified Android devices will not go to buffer mode instead directly e loading games through GPUs. Certified devices must use correct and high performance GPU show that absolute correct frame introspection through display of APIs.

Google also constructing a team that will help and educate original equipment manufacturer who are interested in this certification program. Team also health and to review hardware manufacturers how there devices is performing with intensity parameters of Google gaming performances. Google is planning integrated security and quality updates to Android10 devices which are certified through googles gaming device certification program.

From Android 11 onwards Google will no longer investigate hardware devices as those devices which failed in this certification program will no longer have approval to receive security and community of dates from Google. What this means that those devices which are not certified from Google will become vulnerable to hackers and Google will not be responsible for it.

Another new update is better for those devices which are in accordance to Google update policy and a have Android 8.1 can only be extended to Android 9 Google go edition. What this means is that, Google slowly giving importance to the devices which adheres to Google update policies and provide quarterly update to Android 8.1 devices can only receive updates of the October 2019.

Due to recent rise of large number of Malwares apps in Google Play Store Google on able to control this due to restriction of hardwares which enable Google to revise hardwareupdate policy for better security of Android devices.

We do know that Google is facing difficulties in updating various Android device from various hardware manufacturers. The release of Android 10 Google also help hardware manufacturers the project like project main line which helps other manufacturers to maintain a uniform hardware development so that updating about Android devices could become a single unified process.

All the initiative from Google all know that slowly moving towards a definitely Google updating system and with the release of future Android versions Google definitely create Android developing platform so that Android will be as secured as other mobile operating system.

So far I don’t know that Google is not in charge of hardware development but slowly it is making hardware devices to go single standardized development process show that the update from Google I will come directly to the devices instead of getting safety assurance from Google at first before release of these by hardware manufacture.

Which is secure Android mobile or Windows Computer

In this article we will analyse about which operating system is actor. Today we will learn about whether windows computer is better than Android mobile operating system for or vice versa. After Microsoft releases its own anti-virus in the name of windows defender or Microsoft security essentials slowly the performances of windows computer becomes absolutely secure as we also found various writing systems of antiviruses and and from within the parameters of performances in terms of security off windows defender or Microsoft security essentials comes within top 2 antiviruses of the world.

before the advent of windows defender seen many third party antiviruses used to protect computer but they still lack the basic images to keep secure the kernel and the booting processes of the windows operating system and due to this most of times the viruses coms from different zones and infect computer to the larger extent. That is why Microsoft a small antivirus and then continuity research and development team those antiviruses the number one antivirus in the world.

in addition to this Microsoft religious and security updates periodically as and when it is required directly to the computer those computer are connected with internet. The regular security updates windows defender or Microsoft security essentials comes directly through windows updates and for this user does not have to worry about update from time to time manually and this reduce size zero day vulnerability is the most of windows computer 2 worldwide which has been the main problem of windows computer prior to the emergence of windows defender and Microsoft security essentials.

If your computer have Windows support and you are connected to internet then Microsoft religious security through its older job dates and definition of dates of anti malware windows defender directly through windows updates so that your computer stay protected all the time and in this most commonly known by its fruit kids are now completely removed or blocked in windows computer.

Now will talk about Android operating system and Android security. the concept of Android operating system is that there is no fixed original equipment manufacturer or in the common word the hardware manufacturers. It changes from manufacturer from one design to other and that is Joy the coaching of integrated update security and security updates is never ever been is the possibility. who is the popularity of Android operating system more and more hackers are turning it to Android devices and also Windows operating system is the evolution of Windows 7 more and most organ in terms of security point of view and that is why now most of hackers moving to words Android operating system and especially the older Android operating systems.

Since the advent of Android 8 now Google communicated to original equipment manufacturers to create a common path so that it can send periodically security and cumulative updates from time to time to make Android device secure. Google ads on play protect services which scans downloaded application from Google Play Store to sandboxing environment show that any trace of viruses inside downloader app should should be detected then those can be cleared the prices inside operating system files of Android.

All the applications which appears inside Google Play Store have to go through Google’s strict application developer policy as well as constant scanning and cleaning fruits and boxing environment so that no compromised application would be downloaded by the users from Play Store by mistake. Despite all this provision stills there has been news of more and more some of the most popular apps Google Play Store downloaded millions of times and Google of let scanning all the apps and removing the jobs as and when necessary.

Android is for Google and Google is the master of internet and that is why it is a good idea to keep your internet connectivity solutions for that at any point of time there is the advent of virus then Google can automatically detect and remove and clean your device for greater and safe for use.

it is very important to keep your prime Google account connected with your Android device secure by any setting automatic password from Google prompt include two factor authentication system so that the hardware manufacture authentication can be initiated and hackers could not steal yours personal identity and your financial details. It it is important to understand that if you secure your Google account associated with Android device then your Google privacy is also secure and better protected.

in older version of Android phones can check out the Google settings and in the new version of Android phones inside the settings of Android you can find the Google Play protect and various ways to protect the primary Google account so that the hackers and intruders could not get into ear personal accounts and steel all the details from it. inside Google setting and in the account zone you can find the Google account and corresponding to eating can find the information security and personalization. scroll down to security and touch it and then you can find the find my device which remotely locate this device in case it is lost or stolen. Touch find my device it is the ways to locate your Android device find my device you can get it on Google Play as the separate installation in the case of older Android device and in the case of newer Android devices it is inbuilt in it. There there are other options are you can access the Android find my device in case you busy to turn on the way or inside Google find my device that helps my device to locate the device remotely and also helps to keep the data secure in the case of it goes with the hand of the intruder then you can’t delete all the data from distance so that they cannot find this data at all.

in the second version of Android security you can find the Google Play protect which regularly check your apps and devices for harmful behaviour. any point of time Google find the behaviour of a device is doubtful and finds that it is affected with some Milo hours then you will be notified and automatically Google remove originate from your device and want to about that that the concerned is removed and your device is now clean.

From the setting up Play fortnite settings there are two types of security scans one is the scanned device for security threads which Google regularly check your device and preventive on about potential harm and enable it. the second option is to improve harmful of detection send unknown apps to Google for better detection and Google if found anything suspicious on it. In its dashboard you can find recently stand apps and the time of application last stand and the resultant of application scanning and then the command line comes with no harmful apps found.

There are various ways you can secure your Android device and Google accounts by initiating better privacy and personalization. From there go to secure your account connect to internet automatically Google scan for security of your devices and it any user found that it will let you know about it. It comes of with various security events such as sign in and security. In sign in and security there are four verification methods through phone number second one through recovery email advanced through security questions and the last one through trusted mobile devices.

you can check the privacy checkup it is a step-by-step guide that will help you to choose the adequate and your personalization privacy that will be right for you for your Google Account. N you can say sev whether you want to turn on web and application activity and you can manage the web and application activity location history boys and audio recording YouTube search history YouTube watch history and your Google account profiles in this way you can secure your account from hackers and third party intruders.

Android is open source and there are various ways you can secure and accounts or if you do not know how to do it then it can open all of your financial details and depersonalization of your accounts. it is important to know in which we can secure and return so that I can use the safest and secure mobile operating system without worrying about third parties intruders and hackers.

Windows operating system is also highly secure desktop laptop and notebook environment can work with really use the genuine operating system from Microsoft. it is important not to use the pirated version so that you will not be eligible to receive the periodic and security updates from Microsoft. Most of time do you find that duty or negligence or intentional non purchase of genuine operating system most of fluids and other includes hackers reach to add devices easily due to non visible off updates from Microsoft or from Google. Use use of genuine and real softwares enable you to receive Android and Windows updates to secure your account from hackers and you can’t really work with their financial and other professional work without interruption.

Google Play Pass will provide users ad-free android games and apps

Android from google is now present everywhere except Apple devices. Android provides most of these games and apps which are there inside Play Store comes with ads. Most of these apps and games works fully with internet connectivity. Now, with 4G internet most of these apps and games in between shows advertisements and thus stopping the interest of playing games or using apps altogether. Now, Google ses this as misery for users and introduces Google Play Pass with a minimise small monthly fee one can use most of apps and games without seeing advertisements.

Google Play Passbe a will be available in US first and slowly it will be available in the rest of the countries where Google’s Android users reside. In the US it will cost $4.99 per month. The purchaser will be called as family man and utmost 6 users can use it with one single family man account of Google Play Pass. International Pricing of Google Play Pass will be announced soon as and when the scope and spread of it move from one nation to another.

Google Play Pass will run with android device only. This means android devices which are there with mobiles, televisions and tablets. The minimum level of android operating system should have been android 4.4 which means android kitkat and the version of Google Play Store will be 16.6.25 and above. For android developers of apps and games if you want your app to be involved with Google Play Pass, then you can fill out the form and then express your interest and then google will communicate with you.

This is a good form of monetisation for developers as so far we do not know either they opt for in app advertisements or go for Google Play Pass and which one is better will time tell or it can form of another way to provide seamless app and gaming experience to users with the small fee and that too be used with six members of the family. You can have seamless gaming and application viewing experience and with it Google will control the show case so many advertisements inside apps and games.

Of late we see there are many apps which provides too many adverts and within adverts there comes malicious ads and in this way app developer will not worry about their app or game monetisation as google will see this and provide another alternative way to increase the prominence of monetization of app or games and in the future there will be no chance further for banning these apps from Play Store.

Google Docs, Cloud Word Processor | ଗୁଗଲ ଡ଼କ୍ସ , କ୍ଲାଉଡ଼ ୱାର୍ଡ ପ୍ରୋସେସସର

Exploring many possibilities of working with cloud. At one point of time the author thinks of working with a cloud in his beloved blog is still to date. He is writing his works offline and then send it to blogger through Windows Live writer.

It is one such blogger app from Microsoft which is very easy to work with and many additions to post options can easily be done with it without any such stretch of imagination. Of late, I thought was there any possibility of writing blogger articles in the cloud.

For this, I need online cloud document management software. Google Docs is a fantastic option and with it I can at best perform excellent task management and can write down articles with ease without any such difficulties.

I prefer Google Docs, more than any other document management software only because, it’s Google drive apps is working excellently with smart phones and it gives always on connectivity. In this way, each work and every aspect of learning can be done simultaneously at the same time when while with mobile as well as with computers.

While writing with Google Docs, I feel the same intensity of writing as that with Microsoft Word documents. It has a cleaner interface and the response of words from the keyboard is similar as that of the offline mode. I have heard that it can work seamlessly with Google chrome in offline mode. With Internet Explorer 10, it is working fine while you are online. The process and the type are very easy and hassle free, nothing to worry about at all.

The approach lay functions are working seemingly justified with keen sense of addition that one can easily work with. Thrilling white background can blurry your eyes if you are not working with skilled, but still it gives any sense of relief as you will able to justify your potential and it gives you added benefit of fantastic time management. Here, there is no tab such as save, as this is done automatically and you do not worry about it at all.

This will give you added benefits and perfect attractions to try out a document while you are online. It by default save all the documents in Google drive and then you can see those documents with your smartphone app, and in this way you are always connected and any time you can retrieve those and can see and observe those of definite movements. Now, you can even update the same document while you are outside and away from your computer.

It is a perfect combination of all actions which can definitely save your precious time and amount of work, the article which you have started from home. One subtle advantage while working with Google Docs, is that it has an exceptional spelling software and it does work efficiently. Of late Google has removed the option for automatic suggestions of articles. That was a nice concept and has been working with wonders, but felt to understand why Google has removed that feature altogether from its blogger editor?

It is always a nice idea to check your internet connectivity reliability so that one can work with wonders while dealing with online cloud services. These services work wonders while at a decent connection and for this one should always be careful with choosing your internet providers. It is working in the similar lines as that of Google+ as with it one can find an excellent and easier way to rename the heading and the star beside it shows if you want to add this document to your favorite.

Favorites are easily accessible while searching for documents. There are very few tabs but all of them are very well documented and users can easily comprehend and find information about all these tabs without any such difficulties. All these are properly coordinated and work in tandem and you do not have to worry about it.

In the earlier time, Google had made provisions for direct publishing to blogger but surprisingly this aspects has been removed and for this one can write article with Google Docs in order to save it in cloud so that it can be accessible from multiple platforms as well as all the documents are stored and maintained if yours computer hard drive goes out of order.

Time, to time Google will try to save your document and the word saving will be shown next to sub menus. This will give you indications about a completely transparent document management software is working here. I do not find any expressions and cookies as I desperately want it to add to my blogger posts.

In Windows Live Writer, I can find huge collections of these expressions and these expression stays as picture post and for this when the blog is viewing in terms of mobile applications, one can find the summaries of all posts and these are there at the left side of post as a symbol of cookies. After writing some sentences, you can watch that space just subsequent to tabs to find the saving parameters. If you have paused for some moments, then it will show “All changes saved in drive” and if you keep writing it will show “Saving…”. So. It works live and Google has been trying to make it a complete word-processor.

The privacy provisions are on higher side, as at the top left corner, just below yours account name you can find “share” a blue button and from there one can find a lock sign which signifies about, the document is protected and you do not need to worry about it. There are some negative sides attached with it which definitely the author wishes Google would like to step into there and correct it for some time. Many a times, when there is slow internet connectivity, the Docs failed to save some texts and as a result of it, if the connection is not possible for a longer time it fails to load from there and this wipes away the sentences which are not being saved there and this creates work-loss. I would like to see more and more features incorporated with Google Docs and especially some provisions that can work seamlessly with Blogger.

So, it is high time, to think beyond, as one of my colleagues is doing another form of usages with Google Docs, he is writing on offline word processor and then copy pasting all these to online Google Docs so that it is preserved. I prefer to save offline documents to Google drive instead and in this way, with a smart phone all formats are visible and compatible and there are no such worries about it at all.

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