Ghost Encounter

The climate is the bit of hazier side which is just like seeing the age-old television signal which can only see the logo of the reception but not all the totality of broadcast. The ghost square is nearer to me now and I could only hope that someone could be there so that I would not be feeling the fear, just like searching for a tiny feather, a drowning man in the river; a hope must have revelled. As always, in each of the hunted places, there will be the dearth of power as light always went off no matter whatever the situation was, and this was no such exception.

I was feeling the brunt of the situation here as skin seemed to be not so receptive to my emotions, whatever I tried to control but that does not go to listen to it back, it seemed like a bleakness vehicle that is ramming into here and there no such part is going to stop it.

Here even the smile seemed to be the false sense of annotation and the speech was fearful, this time also the talked of night creators ramming into my ears from nowhere, it seemed to me that some of the high definition sounds are on the run, so clear and crystal, what was happening, I could not possibly understand this but I had to be strong to cross the ghost square, be brave.

Only half a kilometre to reach ghost square, it was almost visible now, as it seemed no one was there, never know the dreadful ghost might be there. She was a young girl of seventeen, daughter of mines engineer, died two years back, here said is suicide not confirmed though, she was four years seniors to us, she went to the city for higher studies and there , loved affair and unfinished one-sided love by her , as people would say and then one day she came home and on the eve of New Year’s night, we were at officer’s club, but she stayed at home citing tirelessness and died and many said it was the suicide inside her bedroom.

She would after midnight, after death stood near the square, the left-hand side and would call strangers, she was beautiful, ours mines town is in between two cities, so plenty of passengers buses stayed there for night meal, and some strangers go allured while taking the call from the ghosts, in the side ways and then they disappeared almost twenty of them, something got to be there.

Just pretended to remember her true story, I have to cross the ghost square and then the officer’s club and then my home, this is only half a kilometre but it does seem to be more than ten miles, just like a boring daily soap, just not finishing with time.

The inevitable happened, reached the square, the slow light from the club is still the ray of hope otherwise, everywhere was darker, fear factor on the rise, and that too snowfall, it seemed that nature was also going according to emotions, what were the coincidences, never knew about it! I moved my glance, towards the left of hilly mining town, my breath stroked, she was there, I know her she was my senior, at my school, four years senior, I knew her more due to going to club , both parents are good friends and they were friends since childhood and my elder sister, who now married to a baker , she was also banker, classmates of her and very nice friends, she was there standing .

Oh, lord of the Universe save me, I just not wanted to die, I was shivering, and decided not to look her, but impossible, the attraction that stringed to her could not be broken, it is like the force of the super cyclone, sandy storm that was the really the fear factor, I could not describe, it was more than the opposite attraction, it was higher from the mortality world. Save Lord of the Universe.

It seemed the wind just dropped, the road slowly became the sea bed and I was just flowing through it with the tide up and down and moved to her, I could not stop that motion like a person not knew the swimming but entered to a sea, in the middle.

I saw her face she was two hundred meters away nearer to side of the dungeon, this was a hilly mining town, where, six months in a year had snow fall and at all the other time there was rain or clouds hovering the roads, she was beautiful no doubt about it, I saw she was crying continuously, the flow of crying and the pain she was suffering evident from her face, it seemed someone had really not respect her emotions when she was alive, then what should I do to relieve from this situation, I called her by name as she was like my elder sister , I called her , then she clanked at me , her eyes were bigger like the hill , so dread full , I feared , it seemed my heart beat just stopped, like bad radio reception and then I glanced back , I could not see the side below the waist , might be my imagination out of fear factor , did not know it , I called her by name , she looked me , then lifted her hand to me , I saw her five fingers clearly , but blood strains from her right wrist, she indirectly said to me that she had killed her all by herself and this might be the proof that she wanted to show to me !

I was there stranded two hundred meters back , still, like a floating dream to me, she smiled to me, a smile that she always gave to me when she was alive , and always she used to give me the condensed milk tin when she came home as she knew it was my favourite when I was a child , she smiled me , she was happier and suddenly disappeared , but before that she made me cry, I felt for her , she was like my elder sister, I felt the pain she was reversing , she was away I was safe ,on my way to home, I felt a lot relieved.

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