How do you become a Blogger and get paid?

First, start a blog. Then make it run. Make it live on the internet. It is important to get self-hosted WordPress website. This means you buy domain and hosting. Get a good theme.

It is a good idea to make a theme for yourself from free WordPress theme. Take for example the “Twenty Twelve” theme. It is a simple theme. it. Learn from Google and other search engines.

You will have to start a blog in which both hosting and domain needs to be yours in order to bring about blog monetization. Next is to create useful content. As the familiar term, we do know is that content is king. So, you have to write content that should attract viewers to the time and again move into your website to see the results.

It is a good idea to go about writing on specific subjects. Such as WordPress, Android and so on. Write some really useful articles. Those should be in detail and should provide the exact bit of pieces of information for readers. If you have the plan to start the travel blog then you should go for exact personalized experiences in your writing as well as some stunning photographs and also some of the most realistic advice of the places you are writing upon.

Writing articles on WordPress subject can be interesting one side that while writing on it you will learn more about it and with due course of time, you will be learning about it more and more. It is important to create useful content. Useful content means those contents that should provide value propositions to users.

Search engines also search for these types of articles which will help users while they search for indexes of such articles. In this way, more and more of your articles come in the prime search results. In this way, the value of your website increases. This enhances page rank of your website. In this way by observing increasing page rank of your website your web page comes in the prime locations of search.

The visitor that comes from such search engines are real visitors and this means you get more and more organized visitors to count. In the internet search, there would be so many articles about the presence of how to enhance search engine rankings and get a good page rank for your website.

In reality, for every occasion, it is the quality of content that matters and with the presence of good quality content, you get a better page rank for this.

Then comes the building up good rapport and relationships between co-bloggers and audiences so that there would be a better relationship among your audiences and ultimately, this would provide and enhance a better online presence for yourself as well as for your blog.

These are the processes of creating and the establishment of stronger platforms within social media networking around the web so that better and stronger partnerships in each sphere with the good amount of feedback can make your blog creating and the establishment of stronger partnerships as the building up brand could come about.

Sharing to different social media networking and then creating a large group of followers and building up relationships with them so that constant feedback and other information sharing could make your blog writing and establishing the content in the proper manner. Slowly with different social media platforms, you could build your reputations and that will make you run your blog a success.

This might take some years to establish and during those periods it is important to continuously write quality content so that your blog should have a similar or higher number of followers.

After you are convinced that now you have constantly a good or vast number of followers then you can move towards, building up and choosing up a good income stream.

When a blogger goes through all of these processes and then move towards an ultimate goal of attending towards ultimate goal towards, achieving ultimate propositions of moving towards earning for a blog then it is a better a better idea towards making ultimate income generations.

Before that, it is a good idea to make the security of blog paramount.
First go for a good hosting server, as some server have the practice of curtailing of viewers in high traffic time and that is why it should be a good idea to investigate about good servers and the buy it out. Choose a good domain name.

A domain name is like the name of your website and it should be easily identifiable so that the new and returning viewers could find your website without any difficulties.

When a large number of people browse your website mostly the hosting location and nearby location find loading of the website faster and the location distant to your hosting server makes the viewers and visitors waiting for a website to load for some more seconds. That is why it is important to go for content delivery networks such as CloudFlare and others.

I particularly mentioned the name of CloudFlare because it is free and most of hosting providers have tied up with it so that you get additional feature benefits in addition to free options.

Content delivery networks take your content and distribute to all over the world data so that when the browser of visitors requested the page, content delivery networks provide the web page from the nearest data and this makes loading of webpage faster and smarter.

Then go for another options such as image hosting solutions and there are two good free options available for personalized bloggers such as Foton of through JetPack and then Cloudinary which also provides decent space for personal bloggers and in this way the loads on server or hosting in the times of high traffic times goes minimal on hosting and that makes your page live on the internet in most of these times.

Inside of Cpanel hosting which is the Linux hosting which most of WordPress website owners use there is various security plugin which should be enabled so that these will secure your website.

There is inbuilt web accelerator such as Varnish should be enabled so that it should speeds up your website by caching static and dynamic content. It should speed up three times on your website and this means it should fetch better ranking for search engine indexing.

Insecurity enables Hotlink Protection to prevent other websites such as Facebook, Pinterest from direct linking to your website and thus it preserves precious bandwidth limits.

Then enable Optimize Website so that it should enhance and optimize the performance of your website by tweaking the way Apache handles the requests. It optimisms MIME types such as text, HTML text, plain text and XML files.

All of these should provide some of the better and markedly some of the remarkable ways to speeds up your website and this will make loading of the website faster and make it more secure.

While moving with WordPress you will learn more and more about it, and ultimately make your website more and more suitable for the development of better-monetized options.

Some of the significant monetize options are that of Ad Sense,, Infolinks and so on and if your website has good traffics then by utilizing these or in the combination of these you can get a good and satisfiable income generation from your WordPress website.

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