How To Optimize Blogger Blog For Faster Loading?

I have been using blog spot for over seven years and more and still continuing because of it many enhancements and other set of customizations and added advantages of hosting through Google gives me an added advantage.

At one time this blog has maximum page rank of three though after shifting to custom domain its ranking starts again. The single most important factor for success of any website is the only condition for its speed and agility in which it loads its pages for visitors.

By using custom domain at its root and there is other part of website is hosted there is good opportunity for me to speed up website through application various customized hardware speed up technology that would make this website faster.

It can then makes google search indexing more prone to people than what you are actually hoping to get it off.

By enabling mod-deflate functions inside hosting provider, it not only implements Gzip module but also implements cloud flare content delivery network in a way which is hard to implement on a custom domain set up in Google blog spot.

How to implement cloud flare on google’s blogger’s blog?

It is a relevant question and many also advising not to implement it as Google uses its own Google page speed content delivery network on its own blogging system and this it is useless to implement other content delivery networks in these websites.

Google page speed module implements server side content delivery network and this works nicely but the wrong side is that it is always gives the additional difficulties of using most part of server load and for this you will notice if any other website alert service is added then you can find at some time or the other yours website is down or up. You may be surprised to find it but it is absolutely true.

The more time yours website down, then it becomes more and more less productive for you as most of times it can give you lesser amount of traffic and most of times in such scenarios during peak hours of traffic if yours website has been down for some reason or not then you could lose some of the most popularity ratings as well as you will find yours low in income generation as a result of lacking of exposure value of yours website, which is for sure absolutely not necessary.

My blog at blog spot was at its page rank three and in due course of time, I decided to shift to custom domain, but what I have done, I purchase custom domain that is and purchase hosting and build a website with it and then, I create another sub-domain of and make it as and then use it on my blog spot blog address known as http[:][//]banadurga[.]blogspot[.]com and in this way, I have the privilege to use both hosts such as host from Google as well as host which I purchase.

The principal reason for writing in detail is located in the process of conveying visitors and readers the process in which cloud flare content delivery network can be implemented easily on sub-domain of your domain.

It is important to buy a hosting which has clouded flare content delivery network embedded within it and in this way you do not have to additionally add any other CDN as this will reduce your expenditure in the highest manner.

Enable cloudflare hosting there and then it will be automatically enabled for your domain as well as the sub domain which is connected with that specific domain also gets cloudflare. Now, you have cloudflare on yours blogger’s blog spot domain as well as on yours principal domain.

In this approach, your blog is now spread towards all over internet at different regions of the world. Most of time, cached version of your website is located and this makes lesser stress on the server and this can make your website faster and always available.

Other important aspect of a content delivery network such as cloudflare is that it can make the front page of your website always available irrespective of outrages of server and this makes your website faster and most brilliant in rendering aspects.

Modern websites use large chunk of javascript, CSS and other modern web designing part which can very well make your website slower than anticipated and in this way it can severely affect loading time of website due to connection with various distant server which might make page landing time of yours website slower than anticipation.

Cloudflare’s rocket loader makes the rendering of such scripts super faster and in this way you gain the lost rendering time due to adding of additional loading scripts.

Speeding up yours website is a must for you as it can give you maximum presence and also if you use in the above manner any of such content delivery network then it will give you additional form of geo-distribution of content and provide you sufficient leverage of getting amount of traffic than any other contemporary website.

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