Device heating and battery drain issues of Lyf Water 7

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Water 7 from Lyf have some device heating and battery drain issues for me. Water 7 comes with the additional feature. After prolonged use, I find in my phone battery is draining very fast. At times it reaches to level 10% and then shall not charge at all.

Water 7 comes with some nifty features:

  • It comes with an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor.
  • It has the 13MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera.
  • It hs 5.5 screens.
  • Full high definition resolution.
  • It comes with the LCD screen.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has the aluminium body.
  • It has Asahi Dragontrail Glass protection.
  • It comes up with Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa Core 64 bit processor.
  • It has 2 GB of RAM. !6 GB internal memory.
  • It has a 3000mAh battery. It has true 4G volte experience.
  • It comes with Android 5.1. Dual Sim slot. Both are 4G enabled but at one time only one sim will work for 4G.
  • The other sim will work for 2G.

The problem and difficulties after prolonged use of Lyf Water 7:

  • After prolonged use, I feel slowly it is making the battery drain.
  • Though at some point in time I made some network changes which currently I failed to recall. Now within just 5 minutes of web browsing, I find the battery is draining fast and it reaches within no time 10%.
  • Then, it failed to charge. Slowly battery drained completely and then it takes some hours to charge again.

How to find the JIO/Lyf service centre at your location?:

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First and foremost I decided to contact Lyf Phones servicing team and then chat with them and they provide me information about the location at my location namely Puri, Odisha, India. The location of Jio service centre at Puri, Odisha, India is:

Gopal Ballav Road, (Back side of DJ Court), Po-Puri, Dist-Puri.
Landmark: Nearby Pratidhoni Office.

Alternatively, if you had installed, LYF CARE app and register your mobile, then from mobile with the location at high accuracy and connect to the internet and open this app.

  • In its dashboard, you will find six tabs and one of the six tabs is about SERVICE CENTERS.
  • It will then identify your current location.
  • It will come up with two icons on the map. One is yellow and the other one is green.
  • The yellow icon is your location. The green icon is the location of Jio Service Center.

In my location that is Puri, Odisha, India, the location of Jio Service Center is:

Mishra Complex, Puri. Mauza: Matimandap Sahi, Plot No. 344/232 and 343/233. Khata No. 232,233 PS-Puri Town, Tehsil and Distr- Puri, 752001
Phone No. 1800-890-9999
Mon-Sat: 1030. AM-06.00PM

Before contacting them I decided to have a thorough look at the phone to understand whether there are any settings switched on so that it is taking the maximum battery.

How I solved Device heating and battery drain issues of Lyf Water 7?

  • First I removed the memory card from the phone.
  • Then go to SETTINGS.
  • Now, I reached to SUBS SETTINGS. Then I turn off DATA ROAMING.
  • Here preferred network mode was set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE.
  • Which means GSM is 2G or WCDMA is 3G or LTE is 4G.
  • I change these to the only LTE which is the third column of NETWORK MODE.
  • Then I reach back to SUBS SETTINGS.
  • Here I reach to NETWORK OPERATORS.
  • Here, I choose CHOOSE AUTOMATICALLY instead of MANUALLY.
  • Which means now SIM will automatically choose preferred networks.
  • Then I close the SETTINGS.
  • Then go to LOCATION and turned it off.
  • Then go to SETTINGS and then BATTERY and turned on BATTERY SAVER.
  • It reduces the performance of the phone as well as stop background services to act.
  • Then, I bought a GREENIFY App and install it and set it to AUTO HIBERNATION.
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After of about charging for one hour, I found the increasing speed of charging out there and slowly after charging Water 7 phone for some time I found that it is now showing charging state and it is now slowly going to full charge cycle.

The reason behind going for checking out settings of Water 7 to reduce battery drain out:

  1. What I learnt here that the state of the battery of the phone is good, only some settings which might have been switched on at any point in time is eating out batteries.
  2. 4G phone means it will work LTE so there should not be other networks to be allowed here.
  3. SIM knowns what it is meant for so I allowed automatic detection of the network.
  4. Battery saver of Android 5 is better than what it is for Android 4.4 As it not only downgrade some performance but also it stops background connections to stop.
  5. Still, with these settings, Google Play Store will work.
  6. There is no need to switched on location when you are at home so I turned it off and then turned on when I am out from home.
  7. Then, I buy GREENIFY App from Google Play Rewards credits which are almost 225 rupees for me now.
  8. In this way, I stopped background apps with auto hibernation of Greenify. It not only speeds up Water 7 but also preserves battery to work for longer hours.

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