Android phone security in the age of rise of Malwares in Google Play Store

in this age of mobile computing more and more people begin to use Android devices as the full-pledged computing system. Even Google in its Google App provides information about over 100 application that are inside Play Store provides millions of Malwares into so many of Android devices.

what this means is that now we have to install third party antiviruses in addition to googles play protect the online antivirus from Google and it is pre-installed Google Play services updated to its latest version. Despite this protection from Google now find more and more apps from Google Play Store are infected with large number of malwares which are infecting millions of Android devices worldwide.

in this situation xiaomi devices have there phone antivirus free installed with original equipment manufacturer and this removed plenty of mallwates and advertisements from devices. Now Samsung mobile phones comes free installed with a security system which has McAfee full antivirus installed and it is installed in its kernel version so that complete secure scanning app mobile device can take place without any difficulties.

Due to large scale use up 4G network more and more phones are getting infected with viruses due to high speed internet connectivity. Google Play Store and play services failing to stop these viruses many popular apps. We need to install third party antivirus so that the second level of security inside your phone security complete.

Generally mobile antivirus cost about 500 to 800 rupees per annum. If you purchase antivirus for your computer windows system then it’s mobile was free. If you have Jio or Airtel 4 G sim then they have collaboration with Norton antivirus to provide full antivirus version free to their customers. Use both antiviruses that is one from Google Play services and the other one either from original equipment manufacturers or from yours 4G sim provider so that your phone uses both antivirus simultaneously check hackers from taking over your phone completely.

The difference between Microsoft windows computer and Google’s Android mobile phone is that in Microsoft windows computer only one antivirus on accesss protection should be there. With Android operating system one pre-installed antivirus Google play protect is there in addition to it other anti- Malwares can be used simultaneously.

So hurry up it is time to install an additional antivirus in your Android mobile operating system to secure mobile from Advertisements and viruses. I hope at some time Google fix so called popular apps which are in the guise of their popularity sending advertisements and melvis directly into your mobile devices. before that it is your duty to secure your phone completely by adding additional level of protection which we can find most of times free with 4G sim provider or you can find with some of the original equipment manufacturers xiaomi Samsung mobile phones.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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