8 Best Android Apps of 2018

Within the span of last some years, the growth of Android as the mobile operating system has been phenomenal. It is there in low priced phones as well as high-end devices. Google continues to develop Android and new versions of the Android operating system from time to time. Original equipment manufacturer has been adopting these changes and Google constantly evolving itself with plenty of Android apps to suit the basic needs of users.

Android’s application repository or application environment is known as Google Play Store and here we do find plenty of apps to suit our needs and there have been many alternatives to a particular app and that makes use of Android as the versatile operating system. Apart from all of these, you will find factory installs essential apps such as Google Photos, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and so on.

The best photography back up the application: Google photos

Google Photos are simply the best lot of other. It provides unlimited storage space and removal of photos from devices after these are backed up and this means your devices remain clutter-free and all of your photos stays with this device.

You will never ever run out of storage space again. It has smarter album suggestions as well as brilliant suggestions to provide smart automatic albums, send photos in seconds to other accounts, shared libraries of other accounts, rediscover this day to keep you reminded of your past events.

This is the choice of most Android users where they find one of better apps with inbuilt editing systems and proper management of space and stay with all of these photos for all of the time. The close second could be Jio Drive if you are using Jio Sim.

2-Step Verification Code on your phone: Google Authenticator:

It is from Google and this tool secures each and every account that can have 2-step verification which means even if passwords are known by hackers still they cannot use your account as it needs to have a 2-step verification code on it. It generates verification codes without a data connection.

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It works with many accounts including Facebook. It supports android wear but not android auto. Scanning through QR code for automatic set up is there. It has a choice of dark theme and automatic set up of accounts via QR code.

It is an awesome app for extra security. It has added to experimental security key support to Chrome. It has in its setting time correction for the code to be synchronized and when connecting to the internet it checks for internal clock of it whether it is adjusted or not with Google servers.

Best mobile data-saving and WiFi app by Google: Datally

Datally controls mobile data usage, blocks data in real time, track your data usage. It controls app to use data in the background, and provide control to users to control specific apps from connecting to the internet and still provide the ability to use data with some other pass. It provides data saver bubble while you use the specific app and let you know how much of data particular app is using.

It prompts you the presence of public Wi-Fi hotspots and lets you remind of you and secure your connection with it. It has built-in Wi-Fi finder to provide your suggestions of public WiFi. Data usages bubble can be disabled through its settings. It reminds you about the presence of use of data and thus helps you to save it.

Best privacy-focused and automatically block ads web browser for Android: Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus blocks ads and other web trackers. It launches in a splash. Due to the complete removal of trackers, web page rendering time goes super fast. It has a smaller download footprint. When you finish your browsing sessions,

it automatically, removes history, passwords, cookies so that unwanted ads should not customize and track your locations with it. It is like the private browsing with Chrome. It is an automated privacy sensitive web browser.

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Best app to frees up space in your android phone: Files Go by Google

Due to continuous use of Android and installing and uninstallation of too many of Android apps with due course of the tie we do find that there are many leftovers of files in it and that makes running of android slower due to less space in its system drives.

Files Go by Google is the new store manager that helps you to find free space on your phone. You can easily delete old photos, memes from chat apps, duplicate files, clear of the cache so that you can find your phone super fast and run. It provides smart suggestions regarding low resolutions Media and memes, other versions of duplicate files.

If you have not opened the apps for the last four weeks, then it will advise you to uninstall that app. It will advise you to delete temporary app files such as user applications and this way it makes your phone cleaner. It will provide you suggestions about the removal of large files, and move files to the SD card so that inbuilt application storage space is well kept and the applications run smoothly.

Last not the least is to transfer files without internet connectivity. You can transfer files to another device installed this app such as audios, videos, documents. It is a completely brilliant app to make your system drive well coordinated and well managed.

Best Smart Driving companion app for Android: Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging & Voice:

I remember that in Samsung JellyBean phones there is the settings mode known as car mode and exactly works like that of Android Auto. It is from Google, it has a simplified interface and it does provide the clearer and brighter looks of android. It helps you while you are on the road.

It works with Google Maps to provide you with real-time navigation details and traffic alerts. You can use call and voice actions with it and play audios with it. There are many apps that work with Android Auto in its optimized version.

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It provides a simplified Android interface and when you connect your phone with data and while you are on the road. It provides precise and clearer information to you. It provides compatible with 300 or more cars.

Best Photo scanner app: PhotoScan by Google Photos

It works with Google Photos. It lets you scan and then print photos by using your camera. It provides enhanced digital scan of your photos. It provides four step capture flow to have the glare-free scans of your photos. It provides automatic edge detection and automatic cropping of images. It backs up scans with Google Photos and sharing and editing this comes easily. It is providing improving corner editor.

Best Android device locator: Find My Device from Google

It works nicely with android device manager. It helps you to easily track your device and its location in the case you misplaced it or lost it.

It plays the sound so that you can easily track this device. When the device is in nearby and you are not finding then the sound of the device helps you to find it.

In the case of a lost device, it helps you secure your device from the distance with the help of locking, erasing and showing the message. It is from Google and it works seamlessly with Android devices.


These are some of the suggestions of good and dynamic apps and mostly from Google to enhance your habit of using, cleaner android interfaces and making mobile computing work to suit your need for perfection.

Datally, Files Go is some of the notable mentions which are brilliant apps from Google and in the future, it is expected to be improved with plenty of additional features.

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