What is the Android Oreo (Go edition)?

Google’s mission to create an android is to make it one of the most versatile mediums for common masses so that it ultimately provides the most user convenient experience for them. Due to the extreme form of conveniences, we have seen the growth and development of Android as such that now it is used by two million active users around the world-wide.

The rise of Android and mobile handset users all over the world:

  • Due to the spread of mobile computing and the choice of handsets, we have seen and reached the stage where our Android users in India is now fifth in the world.
  • With the newer versions of Android, we have seen it does require the higher degree of hardware specifications.
  • That makes the running of apps slower and this also the prime focus of Google when they announced that they will be releasing android Oreo version which will be very much faster to use for lighter devices.
  • Google released on December 06, 2017 as promised in its Google I/O previous year, the Android Oreo (Go edition) to provide faster and most customized software experience on low-end devices.
  • Google tried exactly this just after the release of Android Jelly Bean and then it released the optimal version known as Android Kit Kat.
  • This time the entire coding architecture with Android Go edition is being overhauled and completely newer coding, as well as optimized apps, are released with it.
  • Android Oreo Go edition is for devices that have 512 Mb or 1 GB of RAM.
  • It can run with faster computing experience on those devices.
  • This edition has three principal components namely, operating system, Google Apps and Google Play Store.

Android Oreo (Go edition) with the release of Android 8.1

  • In the coding infrastructure of the operating system, we do see higher performance improvements as well as storage improvements to provide faster computing.
  • With built-in security establishments in its operating system to provide entire security cover.
  • In its Google Apps, there is a completely newer set up by Google Apps for users and most of these apps are the lite versions or go version of main apps.
  • These apps do provide the most pertinent and relevant information to users and most of these are well suited for people who are using the internet for the first time.
  • In the Google Go version of Android Oreo, there is the tuned version of Google Play Store.
  • That will provide information to users about the similar apps that are lite enough for users to use.
  • It recommends those apps to use and let the user download this on their android device.
  • Apart from this user can download the normal apps but in order to use Android Oreo Go edition in its complete optimization state, the use of Go or lite version of the app is always the best recommendation.
  • What it makes is that it makes and run the operating system to run faster.
  • It provides the higher amount of storage as the footprint of the operating system becomes lighter comparison to the normal android version of operating system.
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The installation footprints of Android Oreo Go edition is minimal:

  • With this edition of the operating system, the performance, speed and running of apps are becoming 15 percentages faster than the normal operating system environment for mobile devices.
  • Apart from this, there is the presence of a large number of such optimizations which makes running of this android Oreo Go Edition operating system faster and do save a plenty of time for users.
  • All of these preinstalled Google Apps in this edition runs with optimized speed and installed with 50 percentages of lesser space occupation.
  • The net result is that the amount of space that left after installation of the operating system is double than that of the other Android operating system versions.
  • Devices that have Android Oreo Go editions do come up with data saver feature turned on by default.
  • You have a greater capacity for management of apps that are running in the background, where the built-in data saver feature does work nicely.
  • It is estimated that the people who are using the built-in data saver of Google Chrome for android do save more than 600MB data on average per year.
  • This is huge considering the amount of data loss comes up due to the advent of background data connectivity.
  • It has been found that Android Oreo is the most secure version of Android and with the advent of its lite version namely Android Oreo Google Go edition.
  • It has been found that more and more security feature couple with the presence of speed and reliability and covering of most of the low-end devices.
  • Does make it a better option for original equipment manufacturers to move out towards receiving these updates.
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Security features of Android Oreo Go editions:

  • All of these devices do have Google Play Protect built into it and this makes the devices to provide superlative security performances.
  • It keeps your device and data safe and secure.
  • It works relentlessly I in the background and scans your devices even if you are online or going to provide a superior and secure application environment for your device and make it keep secure.
  • Most of pre-installed Android Oreo Go edition apps are super optimized to suit your daily needs such as Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome, Files Go and so on.
  • Google continues to build superlative apps in its super optimized form in order to suit the optimized device to work in the most convenient and faster manner.
  • Google Go is super optimized and it is 40 percentages faster and does take 40 percentages less of data.
  • It has the option to use it web lite version to provide faster and superlative computing experience.
  • The presence of super-optimized Google Assistant Go edition helps you to perform most of the task such as calling, sending messages, sending apps and search internet faster without touching the screen.
  • Files Go app from Google helps you to clean your storage space and makes it fast and super optimized and it is in built-in with Android Oreo Go edition.
  • Google Play Store in Go edition is Go Play and it is super optimized and you can download any apps for sure.
  • There is one segment known as popular apps that suggest the optimized apps that are best suited for your Android Oreo Go edition.
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  • What it makes is that more and more original equipment manufacturers have their choice of building their entry-level devices with Android Oreo Go edition.
  • So that they could provide and present super optimized devices and the reaching towards millions of mobile operating system.
  • Best convenient comes with another greater form of security and smarter space management and speed of loading of the operating system.

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