Nova Launcher Prime Review

The best thing you can do with Android is that most apps and settings can be customized and can be optionally used. Launcher app or native desktop environment can be customized equally.

Android Launcher:

  • Most of their original equipment manufacturers provide the device launcher.
  • Most of these launchers are basic and more to do.
  • So but you cannot do this because there is no provision for it.
  • There are many options for you, like in the Google Play Store, you can see more options such as the launcher and the day.
  • We’ll be in-depth discussions about such a launcher, which can perform very good activities and are suitable for your purposes.
  • One such launcher is Nova launcher and it is available in a Play store.
  • It is available in two formats, free and a primary or paid version.
  • Most assets are free and have some advanced properties that can be applied after they are purchased from the Play store.
  • Check from time to time, the price of Nova launcher-Prime is a few offers of reaching the actual minimum.
  • Then you can buy it from there.
  • Whichever is your Android interface, Nova Launcher makes it the most modern interface.

Nova Launcher Prime:

  • You’ll get lots of gestures to make your Android user experience better.
  • You want to swipe through. pinch, tap twice to provide some customized tasks.
  • In applications, drawers You can create new tabs and folders so that the integration of similar applications stay in one place.
  • Count unread messages from messaging, hangouts, SMS, Gmail, and similar your favorite messaging apps.
  • You can now show how many unread messages it contains and how it can be done in different ways using the free Tesla unread plugins.
  • If you want to hide some apps, from your desktop’s app environment, you can do that.
  • It is to make the pattern of the presence of tools and apps appropriate.
  • It offers different and modern icon themes as well as you can download more and more icons suitable for your purpose.
  • For better purposes you can configure the desktop grid to fit it you can put all your favorite apps on the dock.
  • Then remove some apps, so you can hide these apps from there. You can first configure Nova Launcher to support and restore.
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Customise Icons:

  • You can find more actions within the icon by simply long press on the icon and you’ll get different gestures and animation from it.
  • Some of these functions mentioned above are in Nova Prime and some of these are free to use.
  • Nova launcher requires tools that run on Android 4 or later.
  • It has a number of different transitions and animations.
  • If you don’t want to make these changes, you can disable these.
  • One of the better battery capability is possible for the performance of this versatile launcher.

Customise Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Nova Launcher is similar to an Android stock Home screen.
  • In the latest updates of this launcher you can find new additions which are located in the icon theme for the direct adaptive Android 8. Oreo style.
  • This way your old operating system works like the latest Android build.
  • An option which is to normalize the size of the icon and when it is enabled, there are standardized icon sizes.
  • It will create all the icons in all shapes and sizes.
  • Nova Launcher’s speed of scrolling and animation speeds up apps.
  • If you want to load the mouse faster, this setting can be for you and the icon can be launched faster.
  • For the past few years, the use of Android devices is almost the demand for night mode, which requires an intuitive viewing experience, and provides nightly mode for Android.
  • This Nova Launcher Prime¬† for the first time when you install the app, provides the option to use.
  • Wen it is enabled, or it can be set according to your preferences, where you can use this darker color in some places and have some specific location.
  • Where you do not want to use it darker subject then you can also leave those places.
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Nova Launcher Prime provides comfortable android desktop experience:

  • You can turn off these darker effects on such individual slider fields for search bars, drawers, drawer icons or folders.
  • In the Look and feel section and in its icon theme, you can choose to have the system styling icons or Marshmallow icon size and then in the field of adaptive style icon you can choose the Oreo styling icon.
  • Then the legacy icons you can make in the subdivision of the adaptive style icon.
  • ¬†Choose to recreate where it connects to the background to match all the icons style.
  • Then selects adaptive icon animations to drag and choose for widget icons during the drop.
  • That way, you can create icons to look like the latest creation of Android devices.
  • Look and feel that an option is known as the icon-shaped standard and it will be scaled down to the larger icons to match the content guidelines.
  • This way, your Android desktop offers the most comfortable viewing angle for users.

Screen orientations, scrolling speed and notification bar:

  • There are one and two options known as screen orientation and scrolling speed.
  • In which you can choose from a variety of animations and it will launch various animations with different styling to beautify the Android launcher
  • I choose Auto-rotation option in screen orientation and enjoy beautiful animations like Sailing in speed.
  • I choose the smoothest speed to scroll between transition animation.
  • To access to show the notification bar you have the option to hide the notification bar.
  • You can also enable a transparent notification bar if you want to show a notification bar transparent to the recently opened window.
  • Now in the folder options, you have the Icon Sub menu folder in the preview.
  • The stack has four other options like Android version, grid, fan, and line and with it, you can see other apps present in the folder without opening itself in the folder.
  • Then another option such as the folder comes back to the field, and here you have any folder background option.
  • In order to show the stock folder experience has not been initialized to any custom and other such as pixel launcher.
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In-depth gesture services:

  • The gesture and input buttons can now work out what you do to the Home hardware button.
  • Such as you can choose from Nova Display, app, and shortcut, and then provide command and control with the command and sub-tabs with it and shortcuts.
  • Select Activities so you can easily provide the location of the installation of Google services even if you have Android 5 and the following versions.
  • Plus their entirety are many such options and you can choose from many such options and then in-depth gestures such settings can use.


  • Users with Nova Launcher prime can be customizable and during deep digging, you will find that most of these functions exist.
  • Do not have much impact on any part of the Android process and are even better for Android batteries.
  • There are many customizations to meet all your needs and it is high time for which you can try.
  • Then if you want to buy it or can use your free version according to your will.

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