Get the most out of your Android Lollipop device

Android Lollipop was launched in the way back in 2014 and it continues to be there with many devices. Due to faster launching time of Android operating system updates within some years, even the latest operating system becomes older or seems older.

Google now is providing more and more ways to make your device relevant and modern. This article aims to provide exact information to readers.

This article is mostly based on Android Lollipop devices and first and foremost the principal part of the Android operating system is the presence of the home screen or desktop.

Most of the time we do see some of the original equipment manufacturers do try their hand to present a good launcher for home screen but still for some time users want some of the modern outlooks of the operating system.

The reason for this is not beyond comprehension as most of these default launcher never ever get an update from original equipment manufacturers and for this most of time, it provides one of the older looks of the operating system that always does provide some of the not so suitable with the times.

Users for this want to change this and download from Google Play Store of some launchers and sometimes users but some launchers such as Nova Prime and so on.

I purchased Nova Prime and during the time of last week of December there was the offer going on of reduced price and I bought it and it makes my android lollipop phone sports a newer and modern look and in a way it is almost similar to Google with some add-on with its dock as well as icons and others.

It is providing android nougat icon and that sport better with android 5 as well as there are many options such as gestures and other is there. But the simple problem with it is that it requires too much permission to be done and even it wants to activate device administrator settings and that does not sport well for me.

But the search for a better and more suitable launcher than that of the default launcher continues for me. I decided to try Google Now Launcher and first I downloaded it and but it is not installing on it and after researching for some time I know that it needs Google Apps to be updated to its latest version.

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I disabled that app as for some time I consider it not so worthy of it but now it seems Google Now Launcher want to install it so I install it and then download Google Now Launcher and it downloaded and installed successfully.

Google Now launcher provides the stock android look and another point of good action is that whenever the new app is installed it automatically shows in its dock chamber as well as the presence of most useful apps in the first line of dock provides meaningful and well-intimated answer for using of favorite apps.

Next is to update Google Maps so that I could find the traffic information updates and that is a huge time saver for me while I am on the move. If you want to install the lite or go version of Google Maps o android 5 you can do it so and for this, another essential is to update Google Chrome to its latest version and then install Google Maps Go for android 5.

Then install Google Photos and make it back up photos in its optimized version so that the back up quantity should be unlimited and Google should save the optimized version of images and then after uploading to Google server you can delete the local copies of it so that you gain more space on android as well as all of your images are in right and proper place and this means more you gain space for it.

For backing up video I suggest to use Jio Cloud if you have one Jio sim then you can use it with multiple devices and from time to time jio provides opportunities to increase the space of joint Cloud from 5 GB to ore GBs and by following this I now have almost 41 GB of Jio drive and upload the videos and even movies and then make it watch for offline so that without using the device space most of your favorite movies are in great place.

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In this way we are moving towards the syndrome towards understanding the phenomenon of complete cloud storages where for images we are choosing Google Photos and for videos we are choosing Jio Drive so that you can enable offline access so that watching the movies in offline without connecting to internet is possible and also only the small part of link is stored with device, not the entire video files when you enable offline access of videos with jio Drive.

For audio files you can also use Jio Drive for uploading and then remove those files from android device and then make those files available for offline and this will make these files run and Jio Drive has an inbuilt music player and you can use it so that one song after another will run one by one. For documents, it is better to use Jio Cloud and in this way, most of your essential work is covered with cloud storage and then for maintenance of space of your device, it is better to download File Go app for Google.

Files Go app is not a file manager. It suggests you delete the junk files. Files downloaded from What’s app, not so frequently used the app and in this way it makes your system drive to android 5 cleaner. If other devices have Files Go app then you can share, send and receive files with each other.

So, if you use it then you do not need to install Sharit the file sharing app, as it is occupied with too many advertisements and if your other device is less than android 5 then you can use Jio Switch the file sharing app without advertisements for this.

Google Assistant is now available with android 5 and download it and then use it while connecting to the internet and this will solve many of your problems as you will find, that most of your work now available with the commands and it is the most progressive and the next generation mobile computing as we are slowly moving away from touch-enabled system to command system and now it is also available with Android 5, download it and use it.

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The more and more you use Android Assistant the more and more you will be acquainted with the command and control system of it and it is important to start using it so that the running of a mobile device will be faster.

When you want to call then do “Call name” and the place of the name, you can provide the name of phone contact and then it will connect to that call easily.

If you want more security and have a Jio Sim then download and use Jio Security which is from Norton and this also scans entire devices as well as keep the watch of web browser links as well as you can block contact whenever you find some contacts are disturbing you time and again.

Again Google Phone app is not there with Android 5 and is. This can block these unwanted numbers and for this, it is important to download Jio Security and then use it and whenever you want to block any number do it with it.

From all of these, we learned that even if you have Android 5 still you can use it and install the latest apps and make it look modern and use most of the updated apps so that you can get most out of your Android Lollipop devices.

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