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Android from Google has always been easier operating system and it is known for its better compatibility with people and easy to use with splendid graphical user interface and wonderful fluid operating system.

It updates within less time than what Microsoft Windows and Apple operating system were like. It is a case in brilliant operating system which aims at making the user convenient towards better compatibility and smoothened operating system.

It has become number one operating system in the mobile sector and due to its open source in nature it is being widely perceived to be one such brilliant operating system that can have a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence of humans in terms of wit and compatibility.

This is in the making of one such gifted product which people at large love to use due to compatibility of mobile usages. Mobile or smart phone is different from laptop or desktop replacements. The primary reason for this here is one such life example where I have faced with some sort of decision making whether to take this with me or not.

Towards journey towards southern India, I have both choices of taking speed phone and laptop in the journey. This journey is meant for medical tourism and for this I have to reach one of the most brilliant hospital in India and for this I want to be staying on the line all the time without any such brake.

The primary focus will be sharing my location updates to friends of Google+ who can be from time to time will know exactly the location in which I have been reaching.

With Google map application of android, launched and inside location setting I can find GPS setting enabled as well as Google tracking will enable location of exact stations of platforms.

Due air condition railway compartment I could not find exact location of platform and for this, I have to find the location with Google map apps or from Google+ from which I can click on location and find the exact point and that can have deeper sense of understanding and in this way use of smart phone enabled devices is performed beyond certain doubt and specifications.

In case of laptop, I have to carry it to all over places to have glimpses of different designs, although I can see movies and other videos completely without any such disturbances and glitch and that gives me immense satisfaction and wonderful conviction in reaching out to masses or browsing internet but all these can have different directions and for this one has to find the real value of carrying laptop while during journey.

For this one has to find the real time value of taking a laptop during a journey or taking smart phone during medical tourism. I hoped that while reaching there at the destination where I have consult doctors for further treatment.

I will have to find different part of life and different ways of life that can give me prudent and sufficient attraction to live better and creamy life and for this I have decided to take laptop as well as smart phone inside journey so that I would not be feeling any such annoyances and other types of boring situations during my journey.

My parents and I have been going to Chenai for medical tourism once in a year for dual purposes, as the first purpose is to have proper health care as many analysts have pointed out it is better prevention than that of cure and secondly, the principal part of life.

It is to travel and experience different part of life through different aspect of life and understanding nature and natural environments fully that can be compatible with different aspect of life that would take life forward towards better management of understanding towards achieving different goals of life.

Travelling gives the real phenomena of beauty of nature that can give prominence to life and let live towards a better tomorrow that can bring forward the most beautiful aspect of life which can have different aspects towards understanding the goal of life that can have better and positive influence towards life and which will bring forwards excellent management of life towards better and excellent productivity in return.

Different environment gives different dynamics and other related actions that have much such wider convenience of health issues as the change of climate gives proper and better understanding of what the nature is and this gives productive and impulsive impact on humans in giving the proper understanding of health issues.

I have seen people from West Bengal have been travelling many times in a year irrespective of their economy class and financial constraints and it is relevant for all walks of life to estimate and find the real meaning towards achieving proper management of the life cycle.

As it is evident from the different aspect of life that our life is meant to be easier towards proper management and utilization of different aspect of nature as we are not confident of coping easily with different constituents which all can find worrisome at different point of time.

In considering all these aspects of life one can find exactly the situation where one needs to understand to travel one needs to make a complete travel plan and a complete research so as to make life easier and find out what makes the most probability of scheduling and try to gauge the different permutations and combinations in considering different aspect of life which can bring about positive and most brilliant gestures which we can surely justifies the fascinating aspect of life.

That can bring positive attitude towards life. With android as smart phone experience I can find out different entertainment mediums at a go as I can play songs from its default communicative media players even with auto setting the sound of songs has been brilliant as it gives one such aspect of situation of surrounding sounds with brilliant on the go music and while with ear phone the songs can be customize to the need of different parts of moods.

Though it has limitations to songs that have mp3 format to have setting of moods but it can play many parts of songs which no one can ever imagine of and with Google photos, the videos are played certainly with louder sounds and it gives me some sort of wonderful development planning of Google to make its own player sounds higher even at low sounds videos and this is the most brilliant aspect of making android better.

Android is a gold mine field the more you dig deeper into its setting the more you will find easier to more and more beautiful settings and more and more settings which will cater your need for the betterment of your own convenience.

Now, with YouTube apps of android which is default apps and it cannot be reinstated and it is one of the better managed and wonderful application where one can view videos at its wish without any such stopping of videos abruptly in between.

It has better compatibility and a side of view it can be viewed with wider scene and the sound pattern of videos is surprisingly higher and in this way one can find and see a complete movie with ease. The more you see video with YouTube; it becomes more and more compatible and easier for an android.

One can find extremely heartening to reach out the most managed and spectacular aspect of understanding what android operating system is. Google wants some of yours privacy information and it is better to give those to Google as it is guaranteed that it will not divulge all those details to any one and you can with complete ease share your some of yours privacy setting such as location and other aspect of sharing to different people with Google+.

As it has becomes slowly the most pleasant and surprisingly the most revered operating system to use it its own convenience. With newly introduced Vodafone music, one can download this application from Google Play Store, the versatile application environment.

The precondition to use Vodafone Music is that you should be using Vodafone seems to the internet and you should have decent internet connectivity. As usual Vodafone music is versatile and its latest update in last week of February empowers users to hear music even in slow Vodafone internet connection.

One can hear songs for free; of course one needs to have an internet connection to listen to songs and if one subscribed to different subscription pattern then one can download numerous songs from its collection.

Day by day, it is adding newer songs and this is resulting in becoming more and more songs to the list.

If you have synchronization switched on from the top bar, and internet connection is on then from time to time you can find from notification panel of newer songs and if you are subscribed to songs or can download specified songs for price of three or five songs for ten or of monthly subscriptions with a decent internet package adding numerous songs to smart phone and the prominent part of it all these songs are free and all these songs are original and this gives your device a newer recognition which any one can find this as enviable and indifferent.

Even Vodafone internet is not charging with internet connectivity while roaming. One has to go to connectivity setting to enable internet while charging and this gives an additional dimension to the journey and this is one such major attraction of using a deeper setting and this gives internet connectivity even while inside journey.

This completely gives me proper satisfaction and deeper sense of relief during the journey. My journey inside of air condition compartment has become a great relief with parents have been busy with seeing movies with laptop and I am busy with smart phone experience while sending clicked pictures inside of train and then send it to my sister who is at her in laws home and she is watching all these screen shots of ours journey through face book.

There has been many ways to send and receive all these photos but my sister has Nokia Asha smart phone and for this, she is more comfortable with face book and the pictures that has been send by me from Face book has been immediately seen by her.

Originally, she has to reach the railway station, but brother-in-law has deeper work and unable to reach the station in time and for this she has been slightly worried that she could not meet us at railway platforms.

The smart phone experience gives many outstanding possibilities which no one can deny and all these enable to connect with near and dear one even during the journey.

This makes the connectivity issues with unique dynamics and this usher well for all aspects of life and this can make the entire travel experience better and well coordinated.

For the time being while at journey, I have deliberately switched off Daydream feature of updated jelly bean android operating system. Google has incorporated this feature by seeing one application which has been great demand after initiating this concept.

That application won best innovative application in Google Play Store by Google and thus gives added advantage and in the next version of android this application introduced by Google and one can place favorite photos and images while the phone is locked or the phone is in charge from electricity.

This is a case of an application which is taking additional battery resources and it can drain batteries even when your phone is under sleep condition and for this I have switched off this feature while at journey. It reduces the amount of battery drain and keeps phone alive for more times.

Though while in journey, there is no such worry as inside air condition compartment with charger facilities are available. So, there are numerous possibilities with android one can explore into.

Possibly, I missed some matches of ICC T-20 world cup due to journey, no with advent of Google Now, scores are visible in definite intervals, and also with You Tube Star Sports channel, with good Internet connection. I am able to view live telecast of match without any such hurdle and this does not provide any sort of dissatisfaction even while at journey.

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