Tips for staying safe with android devices

Android is open source. That is why I have some apprehensions about its security. With constant updates and additions of more and more layered tools in its kitty and continuous involvement of Google to improve overall android experience makes it more prone for Supercharged security environment.

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

In this process of open source movement of mobile operating system Android, one could find Google from learning may such tricks and tips in this process that eventually it learns from original equipment manufacturers that ultimately sets the tune for more and more safer android operating system that it has been a while back. It is a question of peace of your mind in the palm of your hand.

Due to the user-friendliness of Android devices more and more data are slowly integrated into clouds and the distance between cloud and users are slowly vanishing and there has been competence improvement of removing offline and online of pages and that makes the performance improvement of all of these cloud services at its best.

This makes its performance as well as the accumulation of data from user courtesy, camera, docs, and other related apps that continuously live synchronisation of all of these all across devices.

Google Photos offers unlimited data storage of optimised images scanned from cameras and from other sources and that makes the improvement as well as the collection of data from using more and more wide and with it comes the security of Android devices which continuously continue its endeavours to amass large number of data and that continuously processed within each and every android devices which connects to internet.

Google provides ‘Google Play Protect’ to keep your device safe and secure. It continuously scans for malicious apps and if found it then reports it and it then removed from your device. With it over billion devices are scanned daily for any signs of malware and it becomes a continuous process.

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That is more than 50 billion apps verified in a single day. It is a continuous process and it stays in the background and apps are continuously scanned for any security vulnerabilities.

It compares the application behaviour of particular apps across all devices to know any such vulnerabilities exists and if so then it immediately drops down those apps as well as sandboxes the devices which might have infected upon and with this, the application and its infections are completely removed from the device.

All of these apps go into a machine learning system of Google to know and understand its behaviour and with these millions of devices becomes secure.

It looks for any signs of application providing unusual behaviour and it sees the application behaviour all across devices and then it scans with its machine learning system and if it finds it unusual then that application blocked all across devices and shut down by Google Play store.

Google Play Protect also helps users to spot their phone in the case they lost it. It is in continuous development and all across the times, the location of the devices is also being kept with secure hand and in the case you lost it. It can help you to delete all of your data and locked the device completely.

Google Play Protect provides you with a security blanket for your devices and it stays with the cloud and helps you secure your device completely. It is one of the live access security system or on an access security system that works with your devices and never sleeps and always secures you from prying eyes.

Around the clock, your devices are automatically scanned and it protects you always. If you accidentally lose your device then just go to ‘My Device’ and then call it after logging with your google account and you could find the exact location of the device. If someone known finds it then he or she could receive the call and then you can get back to the device.

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If you are convinced that it is lost then you can wipe all of your data from there easily without any difficulties and then you are rest assures that the trespasser could not find any trace of your data due to excellent work of Google Play Protect.

It is also important to install and update with the latest version of chrome as it has safe browsing protection enabled to stop malicious sites from appearing into your mobile and take control of it through the installation of malicious apps and scripts.

If you visit an out of sight website then you will be warned not to venture into such sites. It is important not to download any apps from further than Google Play Store to secure your device completely. It is important to activate ‘Google Play Protect’ from ‘Google Play Store’. From its settings enable ‘Google Play Protect’.

It is important to set up a screen lock so that other than you should not be able to venture into your phone without your permission. It is important to add a Google Account and enable ‘Device Administrator’ through installing of ‘Find My Device’ App of Google Inc. from ‘Google Play Store’.

From the security settings of your device, you can go for a screen lock for encryption so that ultimately your data remains extremely secure even if it is lost or hacked. Android security system comes with built-in application security which comes with the update of Android with Google and this provides ‘verify apps’ to manage and provide more and more sophisticated application management and security of your Android devices.

It stays within Google settings which can be accessed while connecting to the internet. It scans apps on devices and whenever any such signs of harmful applications are found it immediately disable those apps and then remove it and make your devices secure.

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With the introduction of Google fingerprint API more and more devices are now easily integrating the hardware fingerprint lock so that even many security-related apps and mobile payment are integrating this feature.

The latest Android security feature is the android bot which by turning on the device it checks for it and then it automatically know whether device is insecure condition or not through usages of known security bot inserted into android-kernel in some devices which original equipment manufacturer supports, and it is available with android kit kat and later devices.

It helps android to secure devices after booting and the entrance of the rootkit and related malware is completely blocked with this hardware level next-generation security performances of android. It is futuristic and it can only be expected that more and more original equipment manufacturers should adopt this and equip the devices with it.

In addition to it, every android apps from Google Play store are well secured as they run with sandboxes environment and that stops any chance of application to be inserted into the stage of being infected but with the closing of the app the entire apps stops due to the presence of alternative operating environment.

Sandboxing also done with Google Photos app which secures all of the data such as images and videos of the user in a secure environment so that at any cost of time trespasser could not venture into it and this makes all of your data extremely secure.

There are many such features with android which empowers users to provide more and more security for their data so that ultimately even if the device is lost and stole the cloud-enabled data management stays there always for the sake and convenience of users.

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