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Cannot think about a day without mobile. To add to this further, a day without internet is difficult to live. The Internet is full of pieces of information. It is the source of all data. There are many forms of data therewithin internet. It might be public, or private or it can be in the sense of piracy. In a sense, everything is there for users to dig deep into it, and generate more knowledge base from it.

There is no shortcut to find out whether the information generated from the sources of the internet is absolutely correct or not. It is important to dig deeper into it and find more about it and in such manner more correctness and initiation of actual knowledge come out of it.

At some time I always think of it as to whether there is any such alternative to the internet. We can say it might have been the big library of reputed college.

But the accessibility is limited to only students and professors. What it makes the sense is that the internet is open source and it provides almost free access for everyone to find out their relevant and most preferred bit of pieces of information.

We have seen the growth of the internet when we dug deeper into our experiences. From the ages of the desktop and the laptop, then the notebook and then all mobile operating system-run devices, the internet seems moving closer to us.

With the presence of Android mobile operating system more and more smartphone also take charge of the open source mobile operating system of android to use internet for their benefits.

What it makes is that when most essential services become open-source this means that with due course of time we find everything that comes to our need and essence does come up with some sort of sub-panels of activities like YouTube and others. YouTube and other video assemble sites do provide the huge sum of videos about relevant pieces of information.

The user if happens to see those videos need to test these with their knowledge to know more pieces of information about it and update it so that these can be utilised in relation with relevant knowledge propositions. In this way understanding of information management and distributing these pieces of information incorrect way, make the absolute headway into these subjects.

What internet and the speed of internet does is to enable a faster computing and running of applications in the web browser makes it the absolute reality. Now, even most of the normal tasks are being done with applications which may or may come from offline or online resources and for this one can make most of it profusely benefits by employing internet to their fullest capacity.

With it, the computer becomes absolute an essence and its capacity increases with the presence of data related to the internet and that makes running of these instruments extremely secure and essential.

What makes to think of us that there are many possibilities of using internet power with the computer and when all of these are used with absolute essence we can find more and more output from it without a doubt.

With due course of time, people use computer and internet for their benefits. Some use to write blogs so that readers should be empowered to learn it and find out exact pieces of information which they are searching on the internet. In this way, the openings of more and more increasingly absolute powerhouse of information come to people easily.

While doing management courses sometimes back, I observer one of my co-students is using the computer but not install any third party software or applications.

He said that for each of the process one application is best and that is available in default format and for this, there is absolutely no necessity of it and for this, it is important to understand entire process management of it. That was almost a decade ago when there is the limitation to the computer as well as that of its hardware components.

There are many electronic commerce companies are opening, the customer service department for the betterment of services to customers. Recently I bought one mobile from Flipkart of Samsung brand and subsequently I found within 15 days the mobile becomes out of order.

I contacted customer care and eventually, they provide me with the address of the service centre which is actually a Samsung phone selling shop.

Then, inadvertently I moved towards the Samsung shop instead of the Samsung service centre. I found that the owner of that shop knows me and he spoke at length about why people should not buy mobile from online shopping or electronic commerce sites. He told how companies are providing refurbished phones with lesser prices and within the span of one year, these phones become out of order.

Eventually if taken note of his words he wants people to buy mobiles from his shop instead of moving to electronic commerce sites. In this situation I do find what he is telling right now might have some truths about it as my phone is out of order within some days of purchase.

Then I come home, as two smartphones of mine is currently out of order and for this, I have specifically dependent over, computer for searching of pieces of information on the internet.

What I learnt from here is that even from customer care of service centre not been able to provide exact service centrepieces of information. I searched it on the internet and the information regarding the service centre of Samsung in my locality easily found.

What it speaks about the power of the internet and the way relevant pieces of information are now easily available. This makes our task easier.

Now, in what so ever since we cannot ignore the power of the internet. In our daily life and activities we do find its power and continuously we are enjoying the benefits of it. With the presence of Google Maps and its powerful crowdsource endeavours, we do see plenty of realistic pieces of information about various places are now out.

Now, booking tickets become easier. With revamped IRCTC app booking is simpler and the digitalisation of the entire process makes it quite comfortable for users. When we purchase a phone the first task is to update its software if it is available through the internet. Most of the original equipment manufacturer does provide scope for updating of the operating system.

The first task is to update the operating system to its latest version. In this way we can use some good user interface as well as connecting to the internet and collecting pieces of information from the internet becomes easier.

In the process of the internet in the era of internet computing and where the speed of internet is on the rise and the amount of free internet we do find provide much-needed impetus to go for everything online Here, there is a small divider between whether we should go for offline music or go for online music. Most high speed internet service providers do provide scope for the almost free internet.

Most of internet service providers such as Jio, Airtel, idea and so on does provide the scope for free music and television shows with their internet buffet and this makes use of the high-speed internet with respect to speed management and enjoying of internet superlative.

In the era of fast internet and super fast computing, we do find plenty of different methods to have proper use of internet and that makes limitations of data as most of these data such as from that of cloud sources makes it data transmission stable and organised.

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