Detecting and removing unknown malware on Android Lollipop

Android is an open source operating system. It empowers users with various tweaks and its related settings where users could find many similar functionalities with complete ease. It is up to users to find out more about it and continue to have more surprises in store for it. Android is securest of operating system considering threatening parameters of users.

Android is a complete package and most of the computing functionality could be easily done with it. It is that sort of unawareness needed for the users and for this one should understand how to handle android in correct manners.

During one of my handling of android, I could find that some sort of unknown malware comes crippling into one of mobile of one of my friend and despite reaching to many android repair shops as well as the showroom of mobile the malware could not be removed at all.

The default antivirus continue to ask the user to remove the malware but that could not be removed by default and considering this the vitality of that antivirus installed on the system could be questioned.

The friend of mine continues to feel so frustrated as that unknown installed malware continue to grow inside of the android system and day by day continue to be larger in size and dimension and the performance of android system continues to be on the downside.

That unknown malware which was initial size of less than five MB continues to grow till-to-date of five GB and continue to keep the place of the system drive and that makes running of android slower due to continua lesser size of system drive of android.

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Due to the growing size of that malware the system drive has inbuilt 16 GB of storage and continues to shrink further there and that slows down the Android device despite its two GB of RAM. The friend of mine was very disappointed with the performance of the android device and more so he preached to me for help.

First and foremost, I run the default antivirus to see what is the malware and then after scanning it shows the state of malware and then I see the root of installed malware and it was installed on the downloads folder but not visible out there.

That was the problem earlier for most technical shops where friends were there and the continue not to find the solutions for it and this time I have known the root and in order to make it visible, I had to create some sort of smaller detected application in order to find it. I wrote down a small application to detect that malware out there.

I installed it on that said android device and then run that to remove its invisibility and then easily I delete it from its system drive.

The main problem of it is the functions it carries on to it in order to keep it invisible and luckily I caught hold that and create the application to remove it obstruction to visibility and then delete that said apk files which had been there on downloads folder of system drive and continue to eat out internet and download contents without user’s agreement and continue to bulk system drive further.

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Despite not detected by showrooms and other technical shops I found it and found the crux of the problem to remove the malware completely out there without any difficulties.

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