Why is all new Moto E?

Friends are always saying me, how much they enjoy smartphone experiences to start the first phone with the new Moto E. I want optimum level of smartphone experience from Moto E. I want a complete engineering marvel and a spectacular product which would be with me for every second, be it during my long tours, or during my long layoff. I wanted a smartphone that would provide me with sufficient signal even in the remotest places when I would be resigning from daily activities and going to drive bolero for a long and lonely enjoyment.

The all new Moto E provides and empowers me to choose whatever I would like to as almost all these functions are at my fingertips. I would love a dual SIM phone and all new Moto E provides me with the exact same aspect of networking.

I would like to own a premium smartphone at reasonable pricing and my search ends at all new Moto E. This phone would be most beneficial for people who would not like to spend a hell lot of money in buying a smartphone. Moto E is the most affordable phone with premium smart phone experience comes with signature software advancement from Motorola.

Definitely, I would want my first smartphone experience to be the most memorable ones and I would want the latest Android builds smartphone I would want the smartphone that would present me stock android.

All new Moto E provides all these ingredients to me to buy such a phone. I would want a smartphone with a quad-core processor. That would be able to run at least third generation internet as well as run for completing a day.

The nature of my job is to stay outside for almost ten hours for four days of a week and during those four times, my only friend would be Moto E which would be lasting for an all-day battery with a nice front facing the camera for a perfect selfie at workplaces.

Moto E provides qHD technology at an affordable price. Its screen size is 4.5 inches and that would be sufficient to hold on my hands all day without dropping. Its weight is almost 142 grams and that would not give pain to palms.

The mark of a great relationship is of genuine feeling. So as the mark of a greatly designed phone is that it feels great to hand. It’s ergonomically designed curved back holds on the deeper side of the central palm and stay attached and lessen chances of falling the smartphone into the ground.

I liked this feature as with this phone becomes almost attached with palm just like the pocket with the shirt. The beautifully designed phone gives perfect ambience when it is kept inside the back pocket as it would not be binding there.

I had seen phones which are in either black or of white colour. Some years back I remember. Titan designed a phone with different changeable colours. Similar changeable back cases of phones would be nice as it would be showing that some different phones I am using but in actually all the time the same Moto E but with different back covers.

Moto E comes with customizable colourful brands and grip shells so that all these would be easily swapped out to present all new phones all the time. All these grip shells provide the unique rigid pattern to hold the phone and that would provide a second firewall to prevent phone drop.

Changeable Motorola brands and grip shells are a new concept in smartphone technology and definitely, all these concepts would attract more and more users and this would be one of my favourite widgets to use a smartphone. This feature not only provides added protection to the phone but also its unique colourful grip shell provides added colour to Moto E.

I would like a good industrial phone that would bear all sunshine, clouds of dust and vagaries of realities which I would be facing while at work. I would like my smartphone consists of tiniest design details with authentic materials and elegant spin finish. Moto E complements all these aspects as well as it focuses on the tiniest details such as camera bezel and texture buttons.

All these industrial ideas provide me sufficient fillip to go for my first smartphone experience with Moto E. Motorola is famous for innovating smarter new technologies capable of adding smarter experiences. It never diluted stock android from Google, but it adds all the other functions from hardware innovations as well as from applications for installation from Google Play.

Its new innovative hardware gives perfect Moto Display which Moto E wills stay dark until you nudge or get the notification. In this way, it would be helpful for me while driving as I no longer had to unlock the phone each time in order to read notification or work with the phone. This is the most brilliant hardware in actions which not only guarantee users to click on a hardware button to reactivate the phone.

While I am at a meeting, I want a meeting mode, which is not there in Samsung Galaxy phones. But Moto E provides me with just what I would like to see in my first smartphone. Sleep mode also stops me bothering from unwanted calls and other sorts of disturbing elements.

I want a smartphone with a better camera and zero lagging time. Moto E gives me same as with twisting of the wrist while at the phone, camera application activated and twisting wrist again activates the front-facing camera and in this way with the perfect combination of hardware with Android software, phone works seamlessly.

Apart from basic camera experience of Android, the advent of in-house Motorola inventions such as ‘quick capture’ gives premium camera experience without spending a single pie. I wish my first smartphone to be one of the best cameras capturing device and Moto E provides sufficient fillip to this.

As far as my knowledge on the price front Moto E second-generation smartphone which would be my first smartphone experience as it is filling all of my wishes with full marks costs around 6,999 Indian rupees in India. It has the latest stock android known as Android 5.02 Lollipop. It is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor with 1 GB of RAM.

It had an inbuilt 8 GB of ROM and expandable memory up to 32 GB. It has 2,390 mAh batteries which would sufficiently run a day. Moto E’s biggest power over its rival is its pure Android Lollipop 5.02 OS. Moto E offers a good and relevant smartphone experience. It is a good smartphone for regular work and a good battery life. It is a good budget Android Lollipop smartphone.

With my long list of Facebook friends and most of the friends like to share various moments with other friends and I would be doing the same the most proficient use of smartphone would be taking the selfie and most of the time while taking selfie the camera application button takes time and that creates movement or flicker.

With Moto E, I am at complete peace of mind as with just a twist of my wrist, I would take great selfies on the front as well as a great screenshot on a black camera and share with my friends. All these options are available with Moto E. Second generations of Moto E has a bigger battery and it provides avenues for real-time navigation. It has some more premiums Motorola function attached to it which were not there in the first generation of Moto E phones.

Look and feel of Moto E is pleasing and beautiful. It is colourful and elegant. It has balanced weight and clean design. The depression on the back provides the perfectly premium look to the phone. Motorola logo is attached in that depression. Incidentally, my name also starts with ’M’ and I could associate a lot with this phone and Motorola’s logo on it.

I would suggest Moto E at all as it is a marvellous machine with spectacular engineering experiences. It would be your choice to use it on an everyday basis. No needs to spend over 30,000 Indian rupees. As for the best part, almost all such feature is there here. Moto E would be people’s smartphone which would make all the other smartphones stupid in front of it. Moto E is a confident and affordable smartphone.

It provides complete peace of mind. In brief, my endless run for the search of my first smartphone ends after Moto E. It connects me with anyone and anywhere. I would do faster work. It’s all day long battery keeps going longer. At the low price, I would be enjoying the latest Android OS. So, I chose to start my Smartphone journey with all new Moto E!

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