A Perfect Gateaway (2009) Movie Review

When we thinkof surprises comes to the mind then comes to the mind about โ€œA Perfect Getawayโ€ released on 2009 and the storyline suggests life is never full of surprise. The Perfect Getaway builds up with suspense where newly married couplegoes for a trekking through Hawaii Islandand in the process they find more and more suspense and meet new people most of them good or bad.

Sometimes some people feel like they are good but they still something provide the ยฎreal time warningwhere the male thinks the person who are with them might have been dangerous person. From time to time the suspense over the couple with them are more and more difficult. After passing of some moments there are something that promises about the other couples that they are good.

At the same time the movie moves with two parallel thoughts. One is that of ethics and the other is that of practical thoughts which makes the movierolling out to some practical ways to understand what is life. At one point of time the other couple feels like they are murderers and at some other time they feel like normal personality.

Certainly at one point of time it feels that killers been taken into custody as other couple who asked for lift taken into custody by provincial police. When they asked police about it police said they are suspect. Sometimes the next couple shows that they might have been and sometimes it goes the other way.

The story line of this movie is full of suprises. . Then the lady of the nextcouple sees something on the phoneand the story moves into another direction as if the suspect is the first couple. The story moves into another direction.

In fact the ยฎreal murderers are the firstcouple which killed couple and stole valuable from them. The story revolves around the prominent part is that the ยฎreal culprit is the first couple. The movie makes the dramatic turn of events which eventually provides the much needed twists to it. This is the most awaited twists turn sees this and further it shows the ability to watch this movie more interesting.

The pace of this movie is quite interesting. The advertisingcall makes an interesting option and the way murder mystery goes does now move to another extreme as now murderers are now on the haunt to eliminating the witness. The second half of this movie is more of intense happening. Only you can find more with it when you witness rest of the movie. Suddenly when police on helicopter comes the partner of the murderers takeaway from it and recognize her and the movieโ€™s ending is somewhat special. This movie must be seen two times to enjoy it and understand it completely and the last word comes from the lady prime character is that she no longer wants to go for honeymoon again.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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