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Worst Samsung India after Sales Service

Samsung India does provide so many electronic appliances, and its productivity are on good side so that one can use these products with peace of mind. I heard it from hearsay and that is why daddy purchased most of Samsung electronics. Few years back daddy purchased Samsung dual door fridge and within two years the problem begins and this article is about me and daddy’s personal experience with the service factors of Samsung.

Within two years of fridge usages, it begins to provide problems. The lower side of door keeps it open despite closing it. This means that entire lower side of windows of fridge unable to have clear cool as the lower side of door keep it open always. This means the bigger side, of the fridge is not working. First we create service compliant in Samsung India website and within two to three days the local service operator from Puri, India, Odisha and they came with two persons; they examine the fridge for some time.

Then they found that the door of the lower side is not working properly due to its rubber holdings, but they told my daddy to go to local welding shops to rectify it. In reality it is the problem with fridge and the Samsung needs to rectify it but in reality they said that they will not do it. Then, after they go from that place and after two to three days another complaint was done to Samsung India, and then after two to three days they came and said that similar speech again.

Daddy said to them this time that he will not going to welding shop as service department has to do it as this is the problem of Samsung fridge and they will have to do it. Then they go back and after that Samsung ask for the evaluation of service and daddy told them that service people just visit and said the same thing again and again.

Then, after two to three days those service people came back and they took pictures of fridge and its number and then picture of fridge door which is not working and before they take pictures they took permissions from daddy to take pictures. So after ten to twelve days of the second complaint as the first complaint is still not resolved.

I do hope as at the sometime after wards the problem of services, do will be resolved and the Samsung fridge will work at normal and the lower side and the upper side of the dual fridge work at normalcy. It is one of most difficult times as fridge is not working and still the service department is not working to make the fridge work.

Beware of Fake Jio 4G/5G Tower Installation Phone Scam

Reliance improved its subscriber but now due to large number of internet subscriber and leser amount of towers in the region the speed of Jio 4G fails beyond expected limit. As comparision speed of Airtel 4G is superlative and that means that Jio needs more tower otherwise in the long term people will not like 4G speed to run like 2G Jio speed and that is why Jio decided to install more towers to provide fater internet and this decision makes the fraudsters to involve the so called fake Jio 4G or 5G scam.

When we contact Jio about speed they responded that within some days new tower will come to your location. This makes room for fraudsters to provide a new way to allure people about their lands and make the fraud. Yesterday I received a call in my Jio number about installation of 5G towers in my location and they knew my father’s home is at prime location and understandably they will find it suitable to install tower.

They called me and I handed back the number to my daddy and they told him that, they are from Jio and want to establish and plant a tower of 5G and they said to come with valid documents of land and they will provide a one time fee of 15 Lakhs to us and then from each month one member of my family will act as watch man and they will paid 5000 to 6000 rupees to him per month and they want to establish a mobile communication tower.

Daddy told them to send details of their in sms and then met him personally and then he will see in detail about offer and whether it is authentic or not. They did not send anything in sms and we did not think about it after that.

After two days in another number one lady phone to us and asked for whether we have prepared the documents or not and she also said to prepare 2000 rupees for registration and their agent would come and receive and then they will within a month pay 15 lac rupees to us as the result of installation of Jio tower in my father’s home.

Daddy told them you have not send any sms about details and after you send your details and then authenticate those details I will contact you as my land is at prime location in poach area I will not be allowing persons without knowing them absiolutely.

In short be aware of these fraudsters as after listening this fraudster ended the phone abruptly. This means that this is another fraudster but my daddy is the SBI executive and he can recognize these persons absolutely and he knew it and that is why asked for authenticity and after hearing this the fraudster cut the lone and I wrote this article to let know other people about these fraudsters and beaware of these fraudsters and do not get lured by their offer and do no provide money to them before knowing exact details about them.

Following are the details of phone call to my number and here are the details of it.

  • Fraudster no: +913341820500
  • First Phone No. September 10 at 1.27 pm for the duration of 5 mins and 15 seconds and the second phone of fraudsters came at September 11 at 11.19 am for the duration of 1 minute and 39 seconds.

Beware of this above mentioned numbers as they are asking to install fake Jio Tower and asking for some installation one to provide sum of 15 to 30 lacs considering the location and the bigness of city so it is better to prevent than suffer. On my phone the location of fraudster number shows Kolkata of the state of West Bengal.

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