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Reflection in Character Profile leaving in units of Dreams

While watching the movie โ€œThe Thirteenth Floorโ€ released in the year 1999 the movie brought forward some interesting concept of digital time machine which provides some of weirdest concept of overtaking of mind of others and move into another world.

can ours life and the present time is the past incidents of future events. Can people from future reach here in order to find out what changes comes upon now. Is it possible that some of people who are living with us can there be the possibility that they are electronically programmed so that their replica of past is present.

We cannot justify how the movement of time is workingout. We are living in the world of three dimensions. Where we cannot think of what will be the fourth dimension that is all about. If at all we move into the world measurable in terms of dimension we still cannot find the relevance of presentpast and the future.

When some mad scientists if at all they modify the provisions of time machine and then through digital electric conditioning transfer from onperson to that other at last can move to different zones to reach to another life and escape from situation to that of others.

The above mentioned movie depicts similar picturesque of thought process whete conditioning of one mind overcome of the other and then changing time zones from future the past and create the most confusion within mind so that ยฎreal entities cannot ever be recognized. This movie showcases the most importance destruction of science which if not controlled properly can go towards absolutely wrong.

What we learn from this movie is that when we know about forth dimension which should be time as and when we know about it we should be conscious of these intimidation of facts and depersonalization of everything. After we solve this mystery of dimension then we can alter time and move from one time zone to other with equal ease and that can bring about changes as well as confusion where possibility of collision course of one time zone with others and may be confusion over past, present will continue to create more and more problems.

This movie portrait what will Or can be futurewhen we deal with time zones and swapping of brains from one to the other. This movie shows the futuristic event of moving from one mind to the other and simultaneously moving from one time zone to the other. This movie shows how to be immortal by changing from futureto the past.

How to manage and reduce stress

Human has complex brain and it continues to provide directions for humans as they think and manage different directions. When such array of multiple connectivity to the brain and when this comes to the large number of unsolved questions then it comes about difficult situations all at once and then brain did not find all of these. Then it comes to the stress when brain finds it difficult to find, the real solutions and then it moves from one puzzle from situation to another.

Stress is the accumulation of thoughts and situations which seems to be unresolved, from time to time, and that relates to us in closely and that means in the long terms this accumulates to its begin the process where we could find the situation, which can seems to overflow of such incident.

First one need to understand that ours brains needs some rest. As when we take rest but still one can find that one needs to find the better alternative to take some rest. Only brain takes rest when we go to deep sleep and this means that we need to take more and more time to take rest so that brain also takes rest and during those times we need to find that brain works in such situation when they delete unwanted files from brain so that thinking parameters will reconstitute again and this means that brain will find time to reorganize its files and thought process.

Our mind or brain is the single most important element where we are able to think and find reasoning for each and everything what we do and what we aimed to perform and manage to organist ours thought processes. In this way we can get rid of all of these and that proper management of each and everything goes into solving many unsolved situations of life in total.

Next one can go for treatment such as psychotic disorder so that with some discussion and advice one can find the real situation and deal with stresses so that we can find the real time situation in which discussion of everything comes forward and removal of stresses comes towards understanding of each and every situation.

They can provide medicines in order to cooler your mind and brain so that, one can find the real-time situation where one can find the real thinking performances so that one can easily find the situations where solving of each and every stresses find the real-time situation of solving mysteries of life. One is doing exercise and the other is good sleep and taking rest from it and then if necessary go for medication so that ultimately it will take care of your brain to provide suitable level of reasoning towards going for a balanced state of life.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 failed to run Windows Explorer

I have a Windows 7 laptop and it has been running smoothly still this a date of end of support ending to haunt me and then this a recurring problem of reaching to this windows explorer begins. From now and then this problem of failed opening of windows explorer which causes not being able to do work within windows operating system environment.

So, for this last few days I unattended my blog from windows computer as I wrote earlier I wrote ir from my back up option which is from tablets and connecting this wireless Bluetooth module display from wireless keyboard. Though writing becomes difficult but I Ahmed happy that I able to write articles and update posts and plugins from tablets through at times doing work from tablets is difficult than doing comfortable work from laptop.

Most of times it would say there is problem with memory dump and then it will scan for memory dump saying whether there is any problem of hardware or software recently used or not and then it will restart again and then show recovery option such as booting with safe mode, booting with networking and then booting with normal and there is 30 seconds for automatically selection of such features.

Then, it will go for system restore and then restart to move into the windows but failed to run windows explorer and it comes up with time and again and then at last I choose for safe mode with networking. After moving to safe mode with networking and then go to control panel and then go to system and security and then all control panel options and then go to performance information and tools then adjust the appearance and performance of windows and then go to performance options.

Then go to performance options and then go to visual effects, then go for adjust for best performance and save it. Then go to advance ย and then go to virtual memory. In virtual memory the parts of hardware, is allocated as the RAM so that each every time more files is substituted as RAM in order to speeds up progress of operating system files. This is known as paging file and then go to total paging file size of all drives and then go to change.

Here, disable automatically allocation of paging file size of windows and then click on C drive considering that system is installed on system drive, At it go for custom size, and then in initial size write down the minimum default allocation and in the maximum size, provide the maximum size which is written on the highest size, of hard drive and remove the tick mark from system managed size to custom size, and then put in the initial size and maximum size as in the initial size put the earlier maximum size of system managed size from to initial size of custom size.

Then in the maximum size put the highest size put the recommended size from total paging size for all drives.ย  Then, set it to and then put it on the apply and then it will ask you to restart windows and then after restart you will find that after booting and then enter into operating system files and then go to windows and this time windows explorer works and then I work nicely with windows and my working with writing of articles with windows becomes a smarter and I can work nicely,

Online Pharmacy vs Offline Pharmacy

In this world of internet and digital revolution we could see everything is slowly going online and as the result of it we can order everything and anything online so that we can receive medicines or order anything from online without moving to different medicines shops from here and there.

With favorable government at the center now people are slowly moving towards using the conditions of purchasing of medicines online and get huge cut and rebate which normally they do not find with the normal offline medicine shops. Generally, offline medicine shops provides very less rebate to medicines as the result of it,

When you buy or purchase medicines from online shops such as netmeds or any other online medicine shops then the rebate you get it begins from 25 percentages to 30 or more percentages. When we go to offline shops some now provide 10 percentages of rebate after seeing their order drop due to presence and use of large scale online order of medicines.

Online medicine pharmacy such as netmeds provides upto 30 percentages of rebate on medicines and most of these reach at your doorsteps and you do not have to move from here and there to search for different medicines as the result of it we find that we find medicines in much lesser costs. One can also find alternative low cost medicines from one is prescribed and as the result of it we do find the cost of medicines going at lower or lower and due to this offline medicines shops also find their selling capacity going lower and lower.

That is why some time back offline pharmacy shops went for strike against online shops and government policies of encouragement of online pharmacies as they provide more rebates due to leser establishment costs. Here, we do find, that, due to business to customer direct interactions, the cost of medicines goes towards lower side.

Most of offline shops, doe not provide huge amount of rebate despite they can afford to as we know in the medicine business there is huge margin but offline shops for many years does not pass on to these customers and as due to modern policies of central government more and more, people are moving towards online shopping.

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