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The Blood River ରକ୍ତ ନଦୀ

Mayurbhanja is the biggest district of Orissa. It is renowned as the tribal and underdeveloped district of this eastern state of India. 80 percentages of inhabitants are here from tribal origins. Generally, tribal is cool, simple and religious people. Sometimes, due to blind beliefs and extreme rage, they cross all the limits. Commonly the Lodha clan of tribal shows these attributes. This incident is a true story.

Here owing to the advent of fanatical rage clouded with blind believers, murder within blood relatives occurred. Uncle was murdered cold blooded by some of his brother and also aunty was critically injured in this incident. The accused has no sign of shame after this incident. He was happy to perform this action.

20th April 2013. It is three pm afternoons. Morada police station of Mayurbhanja district got the news that, in Lodha Sahi (Lodha district) of Morada police station one person murdered. Husband died on the spot and his wife is crying with pain with severe injuries. Officer in charge of Morada police station informed SPDO of Betanati subdivision of Mayurbhanja district.

He went ahead with sub inspectors and two writers (constables) to the murdered spot in the early morning. He reached there within seven to eight minutes. On the concrete road of Lodha Sahi, both husband and wife lying there. Husband was hit three times on his neck by manual wood cutter and he perished on the spot. Wife had two hits one his neck by manual wood cutter and she was still alive crying heavily with pain.

The Blood river emanating from both husband and wife is running for ten meters in that concrete road. The officer in charge of Morada police station sent the lady to the nearest government hospital for treatment. The officer in charge wasted no time to send the lady to the hospital and then began primary investigation of this murder. Both husband and wife belonged to Loda Sahi. The dead Nayak was 55 years old. They had two daughters, and younger daughter who was 14 years of childhood was eye witness of this cold blooded murder.

According to her, after finishing work, her parents were returning to the village. On that time, her cousin brother was drying some nuts on the roads. In seeing this, her father asked her cousin, was this place of your father? Why were you occupying the public road? Angry words exchanged between them.

After a few minutes, her mother joined the raged conversion among them. This happens for a long time. After some time, her cousin went into his home and brings the manual woodcutter and put three strikes on the neck of his father immediately within a few seconds. Her mother tried to put bread into his evil work. She was likewise attacked by him severely and had to bear two strikes of woodcutter on his neck.

Her cousin was shouting angrily and telling loudly anyone who would be here should be stroked with his manual wood cutter. She said with fear for life no one reached near him to stop his work of evil. After stroking harshly with his wood cutter to both of his parents, her cousin thought that, both were frozen and then he ran into the nearby jungle with his manual woodcutter.

Her mother would have been extinct, if the officer in charge would not have to take prompt action to send her to the nearest hospital for urgent treatment. Then, the body of besieged was sent to district head quarter Hospital of Mayrubhanja for autopsy. First and foremost part of this investigation was to catch the murderer and for this officer in charge and his team, went to the murderer’s home and also searched few homes, where they thought the murder would be hiding there. They did not find him anywhere in these homes and locality.

They decided to search him in the nearest jungle. In the mean time, local ward member saw the officer in charge on the concrete road. He told him a different story to the officer in charge of the investigation, as he told him that, the murdered was being pursued by his father to kill him and he was on the run. In order to save his life, he was running towards the nearest jungle.

This made the scene more confusing for investigating officer, on the one hand the eye witness and her mother , who was critically attacked by cousin of eye witness , on the other hand , the word member told him that , the murder accuses was being hounded by his father to kill him. Was younger brother of murdered Nayak culprit and he wanted to kill his son so that the police would think that the murderer was killed and the case was now solved.

Nevertheless, the primary posture for investigating officer was to search the murderer, the cousin of an eye witness and for this, they decided to enter into the jungle. He constituted three teams of police and placed them at three entrance gates of the jungle, a smart move on the part of investigating officer. He returned to the police station to prepare mandatory papers for this case to take the advance route.

He found that previously there was a case against murdered Nayak, in the police station. For this, he had to face a jail term in the past. He was accused of dacoits in 2008. After proper discussions among the locals of Lodhi Sahi, he received the report that the murdered Nayak was a wicked person in that locality. He had very bad names among the community.

After investigating past history of murdered Nayak, the officer in charge went to the neighboring jungle, in the mean time, eight hours passed, no success for three teams stationed there. There were no signs of any trace of whereabouts of the murderer. After watching the three entrances into the jungle for a quite a bit of time, the officer in charge thought of a fresh idea. He tried to show that all the forces were removed from the jungle and the concerned vehicle came out there were now in the main roads.

On the way, the forces moved down from the vehicles and all the vehicles went away through the roads empty. Individual drivers were inside the vehicles and all the forces stayed there confined. It was 11 pm on the night. Accused considered that police dispersed from the spot. They went to from the jungle and tried to go into their villages, and caught in the middle by police forces, which were there on the road, waiting for their arrival.

The accused had no trace of worry on his face, after killing younger brother of his father. He was happy that he had done this. He perceived killing both and proud to do this grave and dangerous act of murder. The real reason for murder was not the drying of seeds on the roads, but many a times, his uncle was trying to molestation his wife and that built the rage within him and ultimately on that day from a mere argument, it conglomerated into a vast issue and then he decided to finish his uncle.

The murdered man was a hooligan. His wife and two daughters were his family. Her wife was working as a day laborer, and the murdered man was primarily doing dacoits and attacking the persons travelled through roads to get the money from them. Owing to this, the elder brother of besieged ended all relationships with them. The murder had his wife and the girl child of two years. Nayak, the besieged person, always tried to trespass the wife of the murderer.

There had been arguments among uncle and the murder many times. Sometimes, they confronted with boxing and neighbours and family mediated and solved the fight. On the incident day, the murderer was drying seeds on the government road. Earlier occasions drunken uncle used to rebuke him. On that day, he started rebuking him.

He did this for more than 30 minutes. The murderer then got angry and severely with rage, he went into his house and brought the woodcutter and stroked his uncle’s neck three times, to finish him. After seeing this mortal combat, wife of Nayak rushed to prevent the murderer, but in vain, she was similarly attacked and severely injured and fell into that spot.

What was surprising that, the cold blooded murder occurred on the broad day light, no one in that vicinity came to help them, and also no one tried to take the injured people who were crying severely with pain, lying helplessly there? Police reached there after information received within seven to eight minutes and sent the injured to a government hospital. Wife of murdered Nayak was fighting for her life in hospital. The accused of murder was in judicial custody. He was not afraid of punishment. It seemed that he was glad to end the life of his uncle. There were no signs of repenting on his face.

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Maha Shivaratri ମହା ଶିବରାତ୍ରି

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival, celebrated by Hindus all over the world. This festival celebrated in the honour of Lord Shiva. It is observed once in the year and it falls in the Hindus calendar month of Magha. It is observed as the celebration of the arrival of summer. It is observed throughout the night in the honour of Lord Shiva.

It is one of the major and important festivals of Hindus and it is observed to overcome ills of darkness, and remove all sorts of ignorance and nighten the life for better belief and performance.

People observed fast in the honour of Lord Shiva, they chant prayers and offer prayer. In this process, people observe meditation, observed values and ethics of virtuous life in order to develop real meditation does provide immensely self-constraint and provide ample opportunities for people to look back into their own source and find out what are goods and evil they face in the walks of life.

It comes up with presentations of self-restraint and does not harm and observe the life in a complete religious festival in deep concentration and proper management to find out what is good and what should lie ahead of other.

All such states of forgiveness and fasting and meditations are in the honour of Lord Shiva and people by awake throughout the night, and fasting and staying in the complete sense of medication.

This is a very ancient festival observed by Hindus, and its origin of this observance of the festival is still not known. People offer fruits, flowers, meditate and raise chants of Lord Shiva throughout the night to remove the destructive elements and create more and more perspective of creation good virtues within yourself.

According to religious belief, on this very day way back Lord Shiva drank all of the poisons, to save the world from the clutches of evil glances. In this way, the universe is protected from all sorts of negativity from around the universe to let devotees live a good life.

On this day Lord Shiva performs the holy cosmic dance, in the universe and devotees chanting the holy hymns and conduct fasting and perform meditation to observe this holy day.

According to some tradition, this is the day when Lord Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati and most of unmarried Hindu girl observe this festival, in order to have a good husband like Lord Shiva. Some feel by observing fasts so that in the next life they would be at the Lord Shiva’s origin place and to have got the life worshipping, whole of life.

In Nepal on this occasion, the national holiday is observed and this festival is shared with great pomp and galore. Hindus of Mauritius and Indo-Caribbean Hindu communities observe this auspicious festival by offering milk, curd to Lor Shiva and go onto various temples to complete festival. Devotees stay in the long row and wait anxiously to offer prayer to Lord Shiva.

This very day is very significant as this day we observe the union of Lord Shiva and Shakti the two of the greatest forces of the universe. In another reason behind observe this festival, is that after drinking the ocean of poison in order to save humanity of universe, it is natural that Lord Shiva could fall asleep and people observe fast, in order to give company to Lord Shiva and devotees stay awake all the night with the greatest respect.

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Cash-On-Cash Return and Real Estate Marketing

During the regime of Margaret Thacher in the UK pioneered the concept of disinvestment in real estate. Then this concept spreads through America than to China Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and now to India. The new economy of Canada and Mexico as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), has opened up new revenues and avenues for real business there as well.

A rate of return often used in real estate transactions. The calculation determines the cash income on the cash invested. Cash-on-cash return would measure the annual return you made on the property in relation to the down payment.

Cash-On-Cash Return= Annual Dollar Income/Total Dollar Investment:

When a decision is made to involve the private sector in the provisioning of housing and infrastructure, there are various options and procurement rules there to be followed. It is important for the private sector because the procurement route defined will be responsible for various crucial aspects. Housing is the basic need for humanity and the challenges embedded within it can be through housing research. Cash on cash return in real estate investing in the real estate industry can be aptly classified basically three broad categories. Mega privatization, macro privatization, and micro privatization. Mega privatization brings the catalytic influence to the life of the citizens which ultimately helps the other two categories.

Cash on cash return in real estate investing is must for the investor and its success depends upon de-bureaucratization , internal privatization contracting out, Greenfield privatization, franchising, cold privatization corporation, divestiture, re-privatization , liberalization, deregulation, rolling privatization and distressed privatization. Cash on cash return in real estate investing depends upon the above-described factor. Cash on cash return in real estate investing depends upon various market forms and then the investor can take advantages with it by following some prescribed customs and traditions.

Observe the changing of the competitive private market from absolute state monopolies. Change to private production run from purely government production run. Change to consumer payment from government subsidy. Change to unviable form viable category of items. Change to non-merit from merit categories of items. Change to profit making from loss-making. Cash on cash return in real estate investing can take advantage of investing in this market scenario.

Look for the organization or public entity where quick decision making, carrot and the stick method, government bars the competitive advantages, incentives from the government and the real estate, hire and fire method, shareholders and investors must be the partners of the business ,and the motivation factor and good communication to investors is available.

Cash on cash return in real estate investing can be used to one’s advantage by following some procedures like avoid imperfect communication and outdated information from the organization , observe the frequency of transactions in housing by individuals, asses the every unit of the real estate organization separately as need-based , observe the variance of pricing ,the purchasing opportunities , minimize use of subsidies ,leverage financial resources , scope for innovations , a provided target safety net for the investors ,tax incentive to housing and urban link investments , mass media for public opinion, privatization in administrative control and procedures , consultancy services and special court for dispute redressal and settlement then decide whether to invest it or not. If you already have invested in the real estate organization then these points can be examined if you want to know the real health of the organization.

No single modalities of cash on cash return in real estate investing are free from fault. Since the individual investor can play a significant role so the emergence of stronger individual investment should be supported.

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How to Groom and Shave Your Beard

Shaving is a daily habit of men. Millions of males start up their morning with shaves. Many shave daily, some shave in two days and some have once a week. Some shave twice a day. Beards are hairs on the face. Common hairs grow 0.0381 millimetres daily. Hairs are visible when it grows in 0.672 millimetres. Hairs make face uglier. For this man shaves daily in order to get a good appearance.

Why men shave beards?

Why men shave beards? What is the reason behind daily shavings? Sometimes face receives scars while grooming or shaving of beard. Still, men resort to shaving daily. Why this is happening? There are two reasons for this. The basic answer is to have civilized and good look men shave. With a clean shave posture, the thought process becomes refine with a good positive outlook.

It gives a neat personal look. It is not yet clear, whether men benefit psychologically from shaving or not. This is a debatable question. Generally, psychologists prefer a clean shaved face. They give importance to health rather than personality. According to their various hair, related insects like lice will stay inside beards. Some other theorists believe that shaving the beard is not good for health.

According to their presence of beards increase memory power and improve eye-sight. In the olden times, Saints keep elongated beards and moustaches. But this theory has no scientific backing. It is not sounding any realistic description.

If this theory is the basis, then women should not have unlimited memory power and also decent eyesight. In fact, research has shown and proved that women are always significant in multi-tasking. This shows that memory and eyesight do not depend upon growing of beards only. It is now an accepted principle that a neat shaved person is healthier than a person with a beard.

Shaving instruments:

Daily shaving is the habit of most males in the world. Day by day numerous experiments are there for the smart razor that can bring huge relief and benefit to the user. The prime factor in detecting this is that of usability and how razors need to be comfortable for the user. In the past barbers roamed home to home and attended people on a daily basis. They used to carry shaving instruments with themselves. They take these mobile shaving instruments with a wooden bat.

They are being paid annually by households. They came once or twice a week to shave the beard and hairs. Slowly, new saloons opened in the streets of towns. People come out from their home and reach saloons for shaving or grooming of beards and hairs. Now, modern parlours are opened to shave beards and perform face washes. These modern saloons perform hair colours, face washes and massages.

All these changes are being carried out according to the changes and want from customers and these modern saloons are the testimonials to the fact of changing of times and the people’s prerogative is always at the highest level of satisfaction index.

In the ancient barber creates razors from iron and steel. These are manual razors. Many a time, it is difficult to perform clean shave with it. Manual razors used to lose sharpness in minimal time. Many times there are wounded face due to uneven razors. Barbers try to bring different razors. They introduce a new class of razors which will hold the iron blade inside it. In this way, there is no worry of keeping a razor to save its sharpness.

There is the minimization of wounds inside of the face. Barbers use separate blades for every customer. In this manner skin and other forms of transmitted diseases controlled. Now, barbers are giving options for customized solutions to clients. They offer numerous intuitive solutions to customers. In contemporary times, humans need to practice regular shaves. Sometimes, the concerned organization they have been working makes it conditional and also sometimes there are voluminous recalled rules like in the hospitality industry where the person needs to be presentable and nice.

Now the need arises for regular shaving and they do not want to waste one or two hours by going and waiting at saloons. Now, the need arises in the diverse form of razors, where amateur persons can perform shaving operations manually. In this approach, incompetent people can save their time, while performing regular shavings all by themselves.

K.G. Gillette in 1895 invented dual edged safety razor. This is an instrument which shapes like an English word “T”. After inserting one blade inside a razor, both edges of the blades will pop out from the razor. It makes the sharing of the blade easier and comfortable. Then, multi-piece blade with steel and plastic reaches to market. Then reaches the twin blade safety razor which reaches to market to attract about safety measures that have been there for the shaving of beards.

Then, reaches the market is the twin blade with revolving cartridges. This razor becomes popular among masses. It becomes easier for the user to share with revolving razors. There are two revolving cartridges involving the razor. The first blade will remove visible beards and the second blade cuts hairs from the hair follicles. Thus for a few days, the growth of beards is minimizing, but there are some dangers attached to this type are of razors.

First, the benefit is that one will not have to shave daily with it. It will give your face a clean look at it. These twin revolving cartridges are working best under hard beards. When the twin blades could not shave the beard and follicle, then there is the heavy chance of beards could go inside skins. There is a heavy chance of hair cells goes into skins and that can create a severe skin reaction. These can have heavy skin related issues in later part of life.

Inventions are done whenever there is a necessity to feel room for improvements. Then, reaches the ultra contemporary twin blade is in revolving cartridge with a spring attached to it. The razor covers the distinctive curves of the face with ease and without wounds. It works automatically revolving around the face and covers each corner with equal comfort. One will get easy and unwounded save as a result of this. Now, there are three blades with revolving cartridges attached with a springboard.

There are electric razors available inside market. It has two types of machine, one is for completion and a clean shave and the other are for trimming of beards and moustaches.


Finally, one important thing is to remember that it is a personalized choice to utilize whatever razor one is like to be. There is no second mind on it. Some people want trimming rather than shaving, they can use electronic razors for their convenience, some want to shave regularly and they can find the choices and can have the latest razor for smooth shaving and also with it the persons do not have to shave daily.

As with contemporary shaving razors, the daily shavings problems can be eliminated within no time. Many a time, the delicate skin needs to be properly taken care of in order to avoid scarring and wounds. Individuals of those who have the habit of shaving twice in a day, the second time they should utilize electronic razor.

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