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My Android Jellybean problems

This article is all about the problems I am facing with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos which is preloaded with Android Jelly Bean, an exceptional mobile operating system and it is working seamlessly with my smartphone. Due to five inches thick playing games have been absorbing with this and for this, I am playing Temple Run2 and fruit Ninja2 in this stylish phone.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Most of the Chinese made phones try hard to profit from manufacturing costs. The exception in these regards seems to be Xiaomi, which put forward quality with pricing a kind of mixed approach. Slowly, it is moving towards trendy settings for the affordable smartphone. Its first priority is quality and then it moves towards making the price affordable to customers.

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Rourkela to Tensa

Many years have passed. Time moves on. Once school students and now is professional filed, still the memories of those instances of a nice cloud arena with clouds roaming here and there and moving and touching the shoulder while moving towards school and suddenly the weather changes and the entire atmosphere becomes darker. Even looking at the shortest possible distance becomes extremely difficult and that makes the place name Tensa.

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