She’s Out of My League is a Mismatched Pair Romantic Comedy

She’s Out of My League is one of most underrated movie where new kinds of management of personality comes upon within movie and some of most nude comedy comes upon but from time to time this movie provides awesome levels of comedy that ties the audience into this movie to see it through out still the end of this movie. This is a movie about Kirk and Molly the mismatched pair but there romantic situations create the most visible comedy into this movie. Kirk is a lean guy working in air port where as Molly works in an event management company.

Molly is a beautiful girl and of course Kirk is no match for him but she is attracted towards her because she feels safer with him, but the friends of Kirk feels Kirk is no match for beautiful and attractive Molly but with ups and down their friendship goes on despite road block from their families and friends. There is no tension of course but still the movement of movie goes with simple process.

The situation in which Kirk was there in front of parents was most hilarious and the reason with which there is difficulties in the situation between Kirk and Molly, but when that confusion is solved then the situation becomes the most comedy situations. The roles of friends in the life of Kirk makes the situation difficult at time and makes the situation comedy movies becomes the most situation where the movies comes after, and the process of movie and the simple and kind situation from where there comes upon where the simple behavior of Kirk and their first date becomes hilarious.

In the first date unknowingly, Kirk come with the suit that is the same dress of that of the waiter of that hotel and unblinkingly people thought of him as waiter. Still the cool and modest behavior of Kirk make the Molly to like him further. At some point other person left the court, Kirk game her the court by calling her, and the other person thought that Kirk was a waiter, due to similar color of the suit and his better half offer to provide money to Kirk as he thought him as waiter but still, Kirk does not mind at all and he denied of taking the tips, and then Molly likes the simplicity of Kirk and through out this movie one can see the presence of simplicity of Kirk and the movies is all about simple management of process of all of these romantic moments.

The climax of this movie is related with similar situation with that of Hindi movie ending, and the climax is just like stopping the flight and so on and the entire process moves on and this makes the process of this movie to be seen like the Bollywood movies and entire movie is full of comedy elements, and that makes the movie rolling and the comedy elements is at its peak when all the friends of Kirk goes to play ten pins and there the comedy elements in stopping the balls to touch to ten pins is one of the most hilarious moments.

From time to time this movie has one simple element that is coming up there such as providing the number to personality and then removes the number with deficiencies that comes upon, and that is a unique part of life and this movies introduces some sort of new elements and this movie is unique in that sort way and this moves interestingly comes upon directly and that makes the running of this movie exceptional.

My Journey to AIIMS Bhubaneswar, October 2019

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Bhubaneswar AIIMS is the second oldest AIIMS of India after most reputed AIIMS Delhi. Now, there have been many people reaching to it from neighboring states such as West Bengal, and people from far and wide of the state of Odisha and enjoy the fruitfulness of cheaper medical advantages straight from central government of India. Me and daddy reach out to there but strategic advantages needs to be taken and for this prior to reaching Bhubaneswar, we have to make some strategic decision making.

Applying for Holiday Home:

In order to have well-defined reaching comfortable journey of treatment we reached to holiday home for two days so that on the first day we could be reaching there with super comfort and for this we reach to Bhubaneswar for one day, and then reach to head office where we need to reach to holiday home registration office and we provide them the letter and wait for the day of approval hence forth. We need to wait for some day to reach the letter of approval as according to the new rules only maximum three days of holiday home is there for to approve, and we apply for two days so that e could do this with ease of treatment at AIIMS.

So first construction of have two days of holiday home so that the tiredness of staying of row in AIIMS could heal for some time. We are waiting for approval letter and then the next preparation would start. When we reach to Bhubaneswar, at that day there have been incessant rain through out, and the entire route was full of water and it has becomes so much of water in the roads and walking through the road becomes extremely difficult to walk upon and it becomes very difficult to move in that water.

In the route to head office where we have to give the holiday home slip for approval, and the entire route is full of water and in the route towards AG Square there is no shared auto is there. One shared auto is there but he said he would go towards the route of Acharya Vihar in stead of AG Square. During that time for ours luck three person reach and they also want to reach to AG Square and we reach into the share auto and we reach at the entrance of head office and now it is becoming extremely difficult to move few meters towards head office.

Now, we cannot run with high speed towards few meters of the head office, as the rain is pouring with high speed and the cement structure and when we reach out with high speed we can slip on to it so we have to move with definitely care and precision. So, it has been we have to work with in these difficult times, but we are glad that we provide holiday home slip to actual person so that, we anticipate, the approval in the days to come.

Time spending tips at Bhubaneswar:

Now, the train to Puri is at 4 pm and we have over 3 hours to spend. So, rain has stopped and at the head office one cannot stay for more time if you have no work at there. So, we decide to move to Big Bazar for some time so that we can stay there for at least for an hour and then we can stay there with air condition for some time. After reaching there we find that the place of seating arrangement inside Big Bazar is not there and now there is handful of seats and that were occupied. So, we move towards lift and then we move to first floor and then there are few seats there just nearer to life and we wait for there for sometime.

After completing one hour we move to Saheed Nagar and there two malls are there one is Central Mall and we move into there and it is of three to four floor and each of items are there of higher costs and most of these are branded products and then we move here and there for over 45 minutes, and in another mall nearer to central shopping mall and then time is to eat food and while moving here and there, we see there are Biriyani but eating biriyani while on tour is not a good option as one can find the digestive problems if we eat those and for this we search for good valued vegetarian food especially that of boiled rice meal.

Due to the proximity of Utkal University and Rama Devi Women’s college most of these shops are of low cost shop but the quality of foods might not suit for ours age and for this we decide to search for a better shop for foods. In that nearby arena of of Shaheed Nagar and Durga Mandap we do find one temple of Goddess where the prasad is there and for 60 rupees we find good food and that suit ours daily diet the most and with 60 rupees one additional 10 rupees we do get one additional curry and the entire food is very nice and the presence of boiled rice and nicely cooked food do provide some of the most required and nice diet so that we can get back to our home at appropriate time when the time of the train is 4 pm.

Now to Bhubaneswar Railway Station:

The rain has stopped now and the water deposited on the road is now completely gone due to good drainage system in capital. We reached at Bhubaneswar railway station to have the train at 4 pm. I reached to customer inquiry counter and asked about Puri train and sadly due to heavy rain the train are late for more than two hours and this means we have to wait for more than two hours and then reaching at home could be up to ten pm and still we are not sure whether the train will come at two hours late or more than that. Nearer to railway station there is master canteen city bus stand and the buses run nearer towns of capital such as Puri, Khurda and Bhubaneswar and the reasons inside capital.

Earlier times two types of buses were running from master canteen bus stand to Puri the one is of non-ac bus and the other ones are air conditioned buses. In non ac bus the fare to Puri is that of 45 rupees and in ac bus the fare to Puri is that of 110 rupees and the entire route is non stop and the route goes through new Bhubaneswar to Puri route. So, one air condition bus was standing there and it was half full. We seat at the half way seats and wait for bus to begin its journey to Puri. The ac was working good and with outside cool it was more cooler inside and the speed of the bus is nice and good and we reached at Puri less than two hours.

The bus reached at Puri bus stand situated at Gundicha Temple and then we took shared auto to reach at home and the first phase of journey is now over. Now we have to wait for the receipt of holiday home to reach at ours address and then move to AIIMs on that day. We can walk across the road to reach at home from Puri bus stand but the road was full of water and it is almost impossible to go across and reach to the point where we could walk with ease through these roads and for this daddy told the auto driver that he would pay twenty rupees more to move through the road which reached to ours house and he obliged and we just bunked large water which was deposited in the hospital square as the result of heavy rain.

Ultimately we find that this is the difference between Puri and Bhubaneswar, where at the later the water removes as soon as the rain stopped and in the former the water stays after rain and it has to be manually moved out and removed with the help of machines. Now, we have to wait for the correspondence of hoiliday home to reach to us and then we will plan to go to AIIMS in accordance with it.

Finally the letter reached and plan to go to AIIMS begins:

Some days passed and then the post man rings the calling bell and provide the envelope and it was of approval of holiday home which we have been waiting anxiously to reach so that we can have comfortable AIIMS treatment. As we are about to reach to Bhubaneswar from Puri we need to take some rest time and that is why we have two days of holiday home approval and in the first day we would be reaching there and take rest and from the second day onward we can go for treatment. We go with Dhaulli Express and daddy have senior citizen concession and this concession on railway ticket comes up with express and super fast train. The amount of concession is higher of senior citizen female as compared with senior citizen male counterpart in railway tickets.

While doing ticket do tell at the counter that you will have one senior citizen concession ticket and it does not work with passenger tickets as it only works with express and super fast ticket, as this is the most important part one need to remember. So ticket is done and now move to Dhaulli train which runs from Puri to Howrah daily and it is a super-fast train and for this we both have in total 95 rupees after concession.

We reached at the railway station, and the train was standing and we seat at the seat and the train runs within its stipulated time and within one hour we reach at Bhubaneswar railway station. Dhaulli express stops at Khurda Road, and the speed of the train is quite fast. Due to high cost of this train the number of passenger going to reduce and the journey is comfortable and super fast. Mummy had given foods so after reaching there is no need to go for lunch so that w can take appropriate resting so that afterwards we can rejuventate ourselves for AIIMS journey.

After reaching at capital we go to the local bus stand at master canteen and we need to get down at Delta square and for this we need to ride into local bus stand and we get on it with master canteen bust stand and then at the government bus which is known as Mo Bus, and that is government bus and here there is discount for senior citizen and the cost of ticket is of half but if you go with private bus then you will not have senior citizen concession ticket. Generally, the bus en-route to AIIMS goes through the route of Delta and we climbed down from the bus. In the square there is hardly any distance and at that square one auto driver touched daddy to stop him, and daddy was angry at him for touching him and many a times the auto drivers used to touch passengers and irritate them.

With the advent of large number of autos and with the advent of government buses the prices of autos comes into bare minimum and they are now desperate for passengers which for sure they are not getting in large numbers. That is why they are desperate for passengers. From Delta square to holiday home is a walk able distance. We reached at the holiday home and aftermath of Fani cyclone the hoarding of holiday home fly and then it was restored to the garage and still it was not placed at the hoarding and the new persons reaching to holiday home can have difficult times as the hoarding was not there. We have been there for number of times so we reached at the holiday home on-time.

Holiday Home after Fani Super-Cyclone:

It was room number 6 at the first floor and have the attached bath room and air condition was working perfect. After Fani the cable connectivity in all over these affected areas have gone array and this also affects holiday home too and the television is not working I mean the cable connectivity is not there. That is no issue at all considering that, in today’s time we are living in the world of faster internet and 4G connectivity and speed of internet is nice and that can run internet television and that is why television channels not working is not an issue at all.

In today’s changing circumstances now the charge of holiday home is not in the hands of award staffs instead it is now privatized and one event management company is taking the responsibility of it and for this there are some changes to it as the exhaust fan inside bath room is not there and the geyser is not working and the shower tap is stubborn but it is still not working but still thank Lord the air condition is working and that is the most precious part of it.

Mummy had given the food so eating supper and dinner is not a problem at all and we will reach to AIIMS tomorrow and have to be have the appointment with Dentist and Eye doctors. In the evening we move out to outside to see what are changes still to date as we are reaching holiday home after two to three years. We saw, there are some shops and the two tiffin shops at the left side of road has been removed and now they are not there but at the right side we see plenty of small shops which are selling foods.

Now, there are three shops which provides meals and then at the footpaths chat shop, soup shops, gupchup shops, small tiffin shops, shops with sweet stall which is selling cheese cakes, cheese and other milk items. Notable is that cost of 250 grams of cheese is 45 rupees where as in my native city the cost of 250 gram is 25 rupees and there is vast difference of price of cheese is there. But daddy said the quality of cheese here is of exceptional one as there is no water inside cheese here.

We walk by the side of road and move with care and now there is the path for manual cycles and there is foot path but most of spaces of footpath is overtaken by smaller shops so it is very difficult to walk within foot paths. We reached at the market but it was Thurs day and the market was closed and we that is why came back empty handed from there. We reached at the holiday home and I charged both of ours phone so that it will be fully charged after it and tomorrow will be the hectic day I know for sure. We have to stay in the row and then wait for the doctors and so on and I will write in detail about my experience to let you know and have the clear cut idea about it.

In the mean time at one side of footpath, there is the installation of e-toilet with automatic waste management and the cost of using it zero paise and with it comes up the one side of India where it is evident that we are progressing and moving towards the state of rich and developed countries where many such freebies or nearer freebies we can find from the front of government all over at each facets of life. The five rupees meal of rice, dalma and achar given at different locations is the testimony of how India is slowly changing towards absolute growth proves just worth of it.

The beginning of the day at AIIMS:

We set the mobile alarm to five am and I got up first and finish chores and then at 6 am I woke up daddy and he finished chores within minutes and daddy generally very fast in finishing his chores and at about 6.30 am we come out and take an auto to AIIMS which costs about 100 rupees from Delta square. Generally, by reaching to Delta square one can easily get the government bus without any difficulties but we want to reach earlier at AIIMS and that is why we do not want to waste any minute and that is why we took auto and go straight to Delta Square.

We reached at AIIMS after three to four years. The en route to AIIMS is now full of houses and now the locality does not feel like an isolated place as there are many houses and office in and around in these location. Now, there are permanent government local bus stand and some distance away the private bus stand and one need not have to wait forever for bus to reach as there is at least one bus is there for always. In the year 2014, there is difficulties of getting town bus in return to Bhubaneswar, and now in this time, the town bus is there in plenty and to and fro from Bhubaneswar is there so now there is no communication problem from Bhubaneswar to AIIMS.

Now, we enter into AIIMS first we search for whether old patients can go directly to doctors or need to stand in the row in order to have in ticket which costs 10 rupees and need to have Adhar card so that registration to be complete. Now, there is a law, that every patient is new, and only one ticket costs for 10 rupees, and it goes for seven days and after seven days one need to buy a new ticket and for this one stays in the row, and those rows are of long rows and it starts from 8am. If you register with online then yours row starts from 7.30 am but from ours location, after many times, still we could not register one line so we had to stand in the row.

The trespasser:

Thankfully, there is one senior citizen row and that is shorter and with due course of time, daddy reached at the ticket main counter within some minutes. In that row there are people standing those who are not senior citizens and when they reach at the beginning of the row the person in the counter asked them to move out from it as they are not senior citizens and they cannot stand in those locations. Stupidly those people requesting the person inside counter to do this but he denied.

In the mean time at another row where I was standing it was a long row and we have to stand for longer hours due to magnitude of the row. One person from no where come and try to stand just before me forcibly but I could not allow him and then in front of me one person was standing and he stood in front of him and that person told him to move out from there but he does not and keep arguing him and keep scolding him as it was his strategy to stand in the middle of the ques.

Then, I call the security person who was standing at the some distance and he reached and then he asked the nearby persons whether that person was standing in the row or not and all denied about it and ultimately security moved him out of the row and entire matter is now completely resolved.

The row for getting tickets into appointment was huge and one need to stand with absolute patience as sometimes one would find it an non-ending trail but ultimately you will find it and yours turn will come at some point of time. Be aware of trespassers who tried hard to intrude into row and go for short cut so stand in coherent with each other so that no one would wish to enter into row by jumping from nowhere.

The eye department was at the first floor and I have to reach there and then gave the ticket to the attendant there. Attendant gave it to the security and then he put 51 number on my ticket and then asked me to stay at the waiting hall which is just beside the eye department and then wait for the call as well as in the glass door from time to time he is providing the number and the patient then goes to him and then he provides the ticket and the room number to reach to doctor.
On one side a separate department for eyes and on the other side of the big room another separate department for ENT. The number calling of eye department was good but suddenly after the calling of number of 25 then for about one hour no calling and I have to wait for longer hours and it was a bit irritating but still I do find that it is worth waiting for considering the status of hospital and this should make some comfortable.
On the other hand, the other side of the room where the office of the ENT there the number calling is faster enough but due to advent of almost 11 persons at eye segment where they would be admitted into hospital, and for this for general patient have to wait for over one hour and the entire room is filled with chairs and I have to wait for some time, as then the counting begins again. Then number calling begins again, and after almost one hour the number calling began and then the security said to go to one room number and from there the row begins.

In that room there are two doctors and they are treating patients one by one and then after some time my turn come and after seeing and examining my eye they told me to go to another room where comprehensive machine investigation to be taken into and there also we have to stand in the row and from time to time someone is trying hard to go at the start of the row. Within few minutes such as 20 to 30 minutes my turn came up. Inside that room there is one big machine and two doctors are there.

One doctor show me the number plate where the letters are written are there and the doctor asked me to read those letters, and then asked me to read with one device in front of eyes and then asked me to read and then asked me to seat in front of one machine where another row on need to stand in front of it, and then my turn came and then in the machine inside it one need to see the long standing image inside of it and then doctor see it from another side and then I have to place my chin on it and then the eye-doctor from another side of the machine and then the doctor asked me to go to the first room where the first investigation was done and after it I have to stand in the row and then the turn of mine came.

It was almost half past one hour and it is almost lunch time but the doctor was kind enough to see my report and then provide the recommendations of it, and then after almost five hours, my journey towards eye test ends and it is time to return to holiday home. At the other side of the AIIMS now there is canteen and there are two types of canteen one is for small breakfast and the other is for lunches. At the breakfast side the vegetarian petties which costs 24 rupees which is of big quantity and the size of the petties for the first time I saw the size is of rectangular which normally that of triangular shape.

The amount of food stuffs that are inside of it is of high quality and plenty of food stuffs are inside it and it provides almost full bowl and this makes increase of respect for AIIMS and for central government and then it is time for us to move to lunch and in it for the non-vegetarian we have to pay for 60 rupees and for the vegetarians it is 40 or 50 rupees as I could not remember it correctly. And both of these meals are of delicious quality and to ours utter surprise we could also get the vegetarian curry even after eating non-vegetarian curry.

The hotel is of self-service, and it is one of best place to ear. Five years back the hotels are outside AIIMS the locals opened these shops but those are of not so good food and those are for compulsions one of those foods, but now we could see presence of AIIMS food and now the food items are good and it is not so difficult to find it.

Daddy, showed his teeth to dentist inside AIIMS and the dentist told daddy that only removal of tooth is possible, not strengthening of teeth is possible at AIIMS so we decided to move to Sum Hospital so that strengthening of teeth especially the from teeth could be possible as at AIIMS only removal of teeth is given an option which is not right according to us.

So, teeth management is not possible at AIIMS only removal of teeth is there so we decided to find out that in the next time we would go to Sum hospital for treatment of front teeth and in order to bind those teeth and make it stronger.

No glass or spectacles measurement is there, at AIIMS and they only go for treatment of eye-diseases and they do not go for spectacle recommendations. So eye patients who go for treatment of eyes can go to AIIMS but patient who wish for spectacles should not go for, as doctors do not recommend spectacles.

Similarly, at dentist also for teeth strengthening, AIIMS Bhubaneswar is not a good idea as they only removed teeth and one should know all of these before, reaching for treatment at AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

If you want to reach to AIIMS for spectacle of eye then you should not go there and it is for treatment of eye and its related diseases and so for it you should go if you have such related diseases of eyes. Similarly, for treatment of teeth you should not go there as they can remove teeth and instead go to other hospital where you can treat teeth instead of removing teeth all total.

One thing to remember is that once teeth is removed it cannot grow so it is important to treat teeth with due care so that you should not remove teeth for the sake of removing pain out of it and for this it is important to treat teeth and not remove all at once and that is why you should choose hospital appropriately.

it is important to remember that no hospital is self-sufficient how much the reputation of the reputation of the hospital is. It is important to choose your hospital and its related treatment carefully and then goes for the treatment about it. It is important to learn about the treatment, and then goes with it.

After completion of treatment, we moved out from AIIMS, and at the entrance now on one side government bus stand and shade of government bus stand, and one bus stays and after another bus comes the resting bus then goes from it and then and it is a complete change from the times of four to five years where one need to stand for some time and even for one hour under the scotching heat and during those times, one bus came after another hour or so and now everything is changed.

There is also private bus stand and in this way reaching out from AIIMS is not a problem at all. In this article I tried to write what I observe from such changes as well as the procedure I personally see and observe about it and when some one reach to AIIMS Bhubaneswar then he should observe such developments and one need to remember is that is is a continuous development project and one can observe after one or more years more and more development can continue to happen.

How to live economically as immigrants in Canada

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Indians moving into Canada for the sake of study, service are known as a immigrants. This article aims to provide information for such first time inmigrantes how to live economically while staying comfortablly in Canada. Most of Indians feel that the life of immigrants staying in Canada is is full of bed of roses but it is not that show as most of immigrants bears the brunt of financial instability due to improper financial mis management.

this article aims to help such immigrants, as well as those persons from India aims to to go to Canada must read this article so that they will find some of important information in order to update better compliance to deal with such strict financial situation comfortably.

Only those immigrants who reach to Canada in terms of job to job transfer can only have the descent financial status. This article also showcase the life of an immigrant Canadian and how they face in terms of financial and societal issues. And this article aims to provide solution to these financial problems which immigrants always face.

Reaching to Canada through work permits visa is comparatively comfortable in terms of living financially. Everything is also there before they reach, as house rents all the other rents are included in their packages. They also receive extra money for reaching there. Those who work permit VISA does not face any difficulties as everything is all set for them before their arrival.

If you go to Canada as immigrants with any student VISA then you are at the right place find more and more informative contents in which article. The first 2 months after arrival Canada is most important for our environment of all your essential living standards. You cannot still lazy for the first two months as it is the most precious time after you reach there with student visa. The first point is to find the rented houses so that you can study at the appropriate time without any disturbances.

While searching for monthly rent of leased houses one should see the offer for accumulation of all the utilities beginning from hydro the laundry OTG oven dishwasher broadband internet and all those needful utilities that you would be requiring while staying in the house. In Canada they call electricity as hydro. During your first two months of stay at Canada you will need Canadian dollars for all purchase. At the beginning of reaching there you must have very less amount of Canadian dollar and for this it is important to begin the process of GIC of your bank account so that the morning from India can be converted to Canadian dollar when you withdraw money from banks.


The process of GIC so be started the day you reach at Canada because this process a minimum time of 14 days to 1 or 2 months. For sure when you reach Canada you should have very less amount of Canadian dollars and if your process of GIC approval delayed then you could have been such a difficult situation where you will be bereft of Canadian dollar to spend there. So till the time your GIC is approved you should spend less should have very little and limited Canadian dollar when you reach at Canada.

Normally the approval of GIC takes minimum for 14 days can be up more time so keep the limited amount of Canadian dollar with you till your GIC is approved. After the approval of GIC you can withdraw from your bank account in fact Indian Bank account converted into Canadian dollars. In order to do marketing of essential commodities and needful you will need appropriate amount of Canadian dollar that can only be possible through approval of GIC.


Social insurance number (SIN) is very important for citizen of Canada as well as for immigrants. Reaching there do apply for SIN as it is one of most essential document you will need for every phases of life you will be living at Canada. For every transaction you will make and for every purchase you will make, for treatment of diseases at hospital you will not have to pay any penalty for this if you have social insurance number. Without this number you will not get any job at Canada, beat permanent or temporary or part time jobs.

For every treatment you will get free of cost if you have this number at the hospital and you will not have to worry about payment but you will have five star hospital treatment for every diseases your face. this means that applying for social insurance number is of most important in order to have the comfortable living standard and disease free life at Canada.

So, my suggestion is that after reaching at Canada you will be applying for GIC and social insurance number card so that for the first you will have worry free dollar transactions, social insurance number you will have absolutely free five star hospital treatment, you will get jobs beat permanent temporary jobs with ease and you comfortable lease houses with these numbers.

Behavioural aspect:

Now you have GIC and social insurance number so you can now apply for leased houses bank accounts temporary or part time jobs and leased cars. After reaching graduate school colleges do try to mix with all the students don’t be shy over it if you become shy then you will not find relevant but information from them. If you are introvert in India but you’ll have to be open here otherwise you will not be getting relevant information definitely essential for you.

They will not be talking to you at first but after talking to them you will find that there place to help you about everything and that is why it is important to mix with them so that all the information you get will be very much helpful for you in the future. Friends friends with people neighbours landlords classmates. With due course of time you will find most of them are very much helpful and their advice and directions it’s really help you to move forward as you are alone far away from your own native country.

FreshCo Shop:

India is generally go for different shopping sir different intervals for food and clothes. In Canada the low cost shop is FreshCo which offers premium brands at low cost. Most of times the high cost brands from different shopping mall sometimes remains inside different shopping malls and those are send to FreshCo and those high cost brand products are sold up to 50% in the FreshCo shops. In in this way you can find costly products at very low cost in these outlet. This true that you will not find variety of offers in FreshCo but you will definitely you will find good product with lesser prices and in a foreign country this is what you want.

make a list of product what you want to buy and then go to nearby FreshCo shops by all the products which are premium in nature with prices reduced to half of its original price. For example if you buy milk 4 litres outside cost you about 5.5 $ and in FreshCo it will cost you 4 litres of milk about 4.5$ . This means you saved $1 for daily purchase of milk. If you reach Canada during the month of January then you will face snow storms in most places of Canada for this you require winter clothes and winter jacket from good brands. Generally the cost of good brands comes up with high prices and during this time FreshCo shops are real time and money savers.

if you go for winter jackets shopping in FredhCo you will find that premium brands winter jackets will cost you half the price and that suits your pocket most.


you can reach to Winners shopping mall which collects on unsold brand products from different shop in malls and sell it with 50% Rebate price. This two above-mentioned shops provide defect-free premium branded products with 50% rebates and that will suit with your purse and save vital money. For example a premium brand winter jacket general will cost you $300 but in the above mentioned shops you can purchase it for 150 dollar.

if you purchase a 150 dollar original price jacket then it will not good but if you purchase $300 premium branded winter jacket the price of $150 without defect then it’ll be an win win situation for you.

Part time temporary jobs:

Keep trying to get the part time job from the day one. If you have luck you will get the job in the first month. Just keep trying for convenient part time job what do you also remember is that it is not the temporary job that is important what your prime aim is to study hard how to make good marks under renew your student visa and fulfill your aim to reach for higher studies at Canada. Do try to get part time jobs but do not serious about it otherwise your prime motivation of studying very seriously to get a high salary job not be fulfilled.

Work experience in India in various sectors are not recognised in Canada and for this you will have to start all over once again. Prepare yourself for better mentally and physically experience as you get from India in terms of work-exoerience are not considered here. So you go for one month training at Canada on various temporary job related courses and get certified with it. You can go for training of for driving licences and get experiences cover such as smart serve training certificate driving licence certificate hashtag certificate security personnel certificate and it relates to private job authentication surcharge Uber and other vehicles.

So complete all of these licence and certificate authentication within the first month so that at the onset of the second month of your stay you will get private or temporary jobs to compensate year income.

Take precautions during January snow storm:

At the onset of January you will find the event of eastern and temperature all around Canada reduced to -30°. During this time will lead to cold cover such as cold jacket. As told you can buy the premium brand khol jackets in half of its price from the above mentioned shops. From the month of January you will find continuous snow storms countries next to move to the out in the open very difficult. If there is less cold then it will be from – 30 to – 19 degree Celsius which is also very difficult to survive out in the open or even one hour.

If you have no car in Canada then it is advisable not to go out in the open during week nights. Throughout Canada during weekends whether you are permanent or temporary job you will find leave during this time. If you want to go to some place with local buses then I will advise not to go with it. During Monday to Friday the bus frequency of local buses comes within two to three minutes. During weekends in Saturday and Sunday the frequency of local was converted into one hour. If you are at long distance from your home then waiting outside for 1 hour in this freezing cold winter is very difficult. So if you have no car then during weekends stay in your home be healthy and take rest so that you can work more from Monday to Friday healthy and fit than ever before.

In reality it is very difficult to stand even 30 minutes outside during this cold even when there has been snow storm from time to time show do not go with local buses during weekends and stay in your house and be healthy and fit. Always remember that extreme cold and extreme Samar is very bad for human body as it is not prepared to tolerate all of these. So it is always a good idea to skip the extreme cold and extreme summer and stay with the four walls of your home.

Not getting part time job then go for volunteering:

Getting jobs in the first month house stay at Canada is very difficult. Those person who got the jobs are most luckiest people. Do not be this disheartened if you are not still successful. Till the time you got the job go for volunteering. In Canada there are many organisations provide convenience for people who wish to volunteer. They provide recognitions authenticated your performances that will going to help you to get a suitable job either full time or part time with all of these recognitions.

Snow Angel volunteership:

There is one good voluntership company name of snow Angel which provides people to perform voluntership in the form of removing ice during winter season in front of senior citizen’s house. Most of these work are unpaid job after completing the job you will get reference letter are certificate of appreciation letter. These letters are very important for future employers who sees these references and find the better humanity perspective the candidates and provide privilege for appointment to the jobs.

On another side you feel good about it and organisation make friends with others as well as with senior citizens in this way you create the network of connectivity which will for sure work for you in the future when you need their help most.

Take care of your food and health:

Health is wealth. While doing all of these part time jobs for volunteering work as well as your full time study importance to take care of your food and health. Like some part of India where the summer is at its extreme similarly in Canada from January onwards or cold at its worst. It is important to take care of your health adequate rest eat home cooked food and do not eat pizzas and do nuts regularly. Most of canadian people take a pizza do not sell their daily diet but as an immigrant you should not be taking these foods always as these can degrade your health performances.

Important for you to go for workout go for regular workout to the gym so that your body will tolerate extreme cold in the month winter by increasing your level of tolerances and increase your performances. So it’s time to say goodbye to Pizza coffee Berger doughnuts go for Indian style homemade cooked food. There are many shops which sale Indian crockery. So you can find Indian food items and bring them and cook at your home and eat those food so as to have good health condition.

It is important to study hard as this is your prime to reach to the far Canada. there are many people who spend lots of rupees to earn degrees master degrees postgraduate diploma and many more. If you study good and nice then your visa duration is extended ultimately at the end of your study you should get decent job to stay in a comfortable position economically and financially at Canada. It is important to score good in GPA so that your work permit PR should be there just after completion of your education otherwise even after completing your graduation or post graduation if you do not have good GPA score then you will not get good job or not get the work permit VISA to stay at Canada.

A Perfect Gateaway (2009) Movie Review

Last updated on November 13th, 2019 at 09:24 am

When we thinkof surprises comes to the mind then comes to the mind about “A Perfect Getaway” released on 2009 and the storyline suggests life is never full of surprise. The Perfect Getaway builds up with suspense where newly married couplegoes for a trekking through Hawaii Islandand in the process they find more and more suspense and meet new people most of them good or bad.

Sometimes some people feel like they are good but they still something provide the ®real time warningwhere the male thinks the person who are with them might have been dangerous person. From time to time the suspense over the couple with them are more and more difficult. After passing of some moments there are something that promises about the other couples that they are good.

At the same time the movie moves with two parallel thoughts. One is that of ethics and the other is that of practical thoughts which makes the movierolling out to some practical ways to understand what is life. At one point of time the other couple feels like they are murderers and at some other time they feel like normal personality.

Certainly at one point of time it feels that killers been taken into custody as other couple who asked for lift taken into custody by provincial police. When they asked police about it police said they are suspect. Sometimes the next couple shows that they might have been and sometimes it goes the other way.

The story line of this movie is full of suprises. . Then the lady of the nextcouple sees something on the phoneand the story moves into another direction as if the suspect is the first couple. The story moves into another direction.

In fact the ®real murderers are the firstcouple which killed couple and stole valuable from them. The story revolves around the prominent part is that the ®real culprit is the first couple. The movie makes the dramatic turn of events which eventually provides the much needed twists to it. This is the most awaited twists turn sees this and further it shows the ability to watch this movie more interesting.

The pace of this movie is quite interesting. The advertisingcall makes an interesting option and the way murder mystery goes does now move to another extreme as now murderers are now on the haunt to eliminating the witness. The second half of this movie is more of intense happening. Only you can find more with it when you witness rest of the movie. Suddenly when police on helicopter comes the partner of the murderers takeaway from it and recognize her and the movie’s ending is somewhat special. This movie must be seen two times to enjoy it and understand it completely and the last word comes from the lady prime character is that she no longer wants to go for honeymoon again.

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