How to live economically as immigrants in Canada

Indians moving into Canada for the sake of study, service are known as a immigrants. This article aims to provide information for such first time inmigrantes how to live economically while staying comfortablly in Canada. Most of Indians feel that the life of immigrants staying in Canada is is full of bed of roses but it is not that show as most of immigrants bears the brunt of financial instability due to improper financial mis management.

this article aims to help such immigrants, as well as those persons from India aims to to go to Canada must read this article so that they will find some of important information in order to update better compliance to deal with such strict financial situation comfortably.

Only those immigrants who reach to Canada in terms of job to job transfer can only have the descent financial status. This article also showcase the life of an immigrant Canadian and how they face in terms of financial and societal issues. And this article aims to provide solution to these financial problems which immigrants always face.

Reaching to Canada through work💼 permits 💳visa is comparatively comfortable in terms of ➡ living financially. Everything is also there before they reach, as house rents all the other rents are included in their packages. They also receive extra money for reaching there. Those who work permit VISA does not face any difficulties as everything is all set for them before their arrival.

If you go to Canada as immigrants with any student VISA then you are at the right place find more and more informative contents in which article. The first 2 months after arrival Canada is most important for our environment of all your essential living standards. You cannot still lazy for the first two months as it is the most precious time after you reach there with student visa. The first point is to find the rented houses so that you can study at the appropriate time without any disturbances.

While searching for monthly rent of leased houses one should see the offer for accumulation of all the utilities beginning from hydro the laundry OTG oven dishwasher broadband internet and all those needful utilities that you would be requiring while staying in the house. In Canada they call electricity as hydro. During your first two months of stay at Canada you will need Canadian dollars for all purchase. At the beginning of reaching there you must have very less amount of Canadian dollar and for this it is important to begin the process of GIC of your bank account so that the morning from India can be converted to Canadian dollar when you withdraw money from banks.


The process of GIC so be started the day you reach at Canada because this process a minimum time of 14 days to 1 or 2 months. For sure when you reach Canada you should have very less amount of Canadian dollars and if your process of GIC approval delayed then you could have been such a difficult situation where you will be bereft of Canadian dollar to spend there. So till the time your GIC is approved you should spend less should have very little and limited Canadian dollar when you reach at Canada.

Normally the approval of GIC takes minimum for 14 days can be up more time so keep the limited amount of Canadian dollar with you till your GIC is approved. After the approval of GIC you can withdraw from your bank account in fact Indian Bank account converted into Canadian dollars. In order to do marketing of essential commodities and needful you will need appropriate amount of Canadian dollar that can only be possible through approval of GIC.


Social insurance number (SIN) is very important for citizen of Canada as well as for immigrants. Reaching there do apply for SIN as it is one of most essential document you will need for every phases of life you will be living at Canada. For every transaction you will make and for every purchase you will make, for treatment of diseases at hospital you will not have to pay any penalty for this if you have social insurance number. Without this number you will not get any job at Canada, beat permanent or temporary or part time jobs.

For every treatment you will get free of cost if you have this number at the hospital and you will not have to worry about payment but you will have five star hospital treatment for every diseases your face. this means that applying for social insurance number is of most important in order to have the comfortable living standard and disease free life at Canada.

So, my suggestion is that after reaching at Canada you will be applying for GIC and social insurance number card so that for the first you will have worry free dollar transactions, social insurance number you will have absolutely free five star hospital treatment, you will get jobs beat permanent temporary jobs with ease and you comfortable lease houses with these numbers.

Behavioural aspect:

Now you have GIC and social insurance number so you can now apply for leased houses bank accounts temporary or part time jobs and leased cars. After reaching graduate school colleges do try to mix with all the students don’t be shy over it if you become shy then you will not find relevant but information from them. If you are introvert in India but you’ll have to be open here otherwise you will not be getting relevant information definitely essential for you.

They will not be talking to you at first but after talking to them you will find that there place to help you about everything and that is why it is important to mix with them so that all the information you get will be very much helpful for you in the future. Friends friends with people neighbours landlords classmates. With due course of time you will find most of them are very much helpful and their advice and directions it’s really help you to move forward as you are alone far away from your own native country.

FreshCo Shop:

India is generally go for different shopping sir different intervals for food and clothes. In Canada the low cost shop is FreshCo which offers premium brands at low cost. Most of times the high cost brands from different shopping mall sometimes remains inside different shopping malls and those are send to FreshCo and those high cost brand products are sold up to 50% in the FreshCo shops. In in this way you can find costly products at very low cost in these outlet. This true that you will not find variety of offers in FreshCo but you will definitely you will find good product with lesser prices and in a foreign country this is what you want.

make a list of product what you want to buy and then go to nearby FreshCo shops by all the products which are premium in nature with prices reduced to half of its original price. For example if you buy milk 4 litres outside cost you about 5.5 $ and in FreshCo it will cost you 4 litres of milk about 4.5$ . This means you saved $1 for daily purchase of milk. If you reach Canada during the month of January then you will face snow storms in most places of Canada for this you require winter clothes and winter jacket from good brands. Generally the cost of good brands comes up with high prices and during this time FreshCo shops are real time and money savers.

if you go for winter jackets shopping in FredhCo you will find that premium brands winter jackets will cost you half the price and that suits your pocket most.


you can reach to Winners shopping mall which collects on unsold brand products from different shop in malls and sell it with 50% Rebate price. This two above-mentioned shops provide defect-free premium branded products with 50% rebates and that will suit with your purse and save vital money. For example a premium brand winter jacket general will cost you $300 but in the above mentioned shops you can purchase it for 150 dollar.

if you purchase a 150 dollar original price jacket then it will not good but if you purchase $300 premium branded winter jacket the price of $150 without defect then it’ll be an win win situation for you.

Part time temporary jobs:

Keep trying to get the part time job from the day one. If you have luck you will get the job in the first month. Just keep trying for convenient part time job what do you also remember is that it is not the temporary job that is important what your prime aim is to study hard how to make good marks under renew your student visa and fulfill your aim to reach for higher studies at Canada. Do try to get part time jobs but do not serious about it otherwise your prime motivation of studying very seriously to get a high salary job not be fulfilled.

Work experience in India in various sectors are not recognised in Canada and for this you will have to start all over once again. Prepare yourself for better mentally and physically experience as you get from India in terms of work-exoerience are not considered here. So you go for one month training at Canada on various temporary job related courses and get certified with it. You can go for training of for driving licences and get experiences cover such as smart serve training certificate driving licence certificate hashtag certificate security personnel certificate and it relates to private job authentication surcharge Uber and other vehicles.

So complete all of these licence and certificate authentication within the first month so that at the onset of the second month of your stay you will get private or temporary jobs to compensate year income.

Take precautions during January snow storm:

At the onset of January you will find the event of eastern and temperature all around Canada reduced to -30°. During this time will lead to cold cover such as cold jacket. As told you can buy the premium brand khol jackets in half of its price from the above mentioned shops. From the month of January you will find continuous snow storms countries next to move to the out in the open very difficult. If there is less cold then it will be from – 30 to – 19 degree Celsius which is also very difficult to survive out in the open or even one hour.

If you have no car in Canada then it is advisable not to go out in the open during week nights. Throughout Canada during weekends whether you are permanent or temporary job you will find leave during this time. If you want to go to some place with local buses then I will advise not to go with it. During Monday to Friday the bus frequency of local buses comes within two to three minutes. During weekends in Saturday and Sunday the frequency of local was converted into one hour. If you are at long distance from your home then waiting outside for 1 hour in this freezing cold winter is very difficult. So if you have no car then during weekends stay in your home be healthy and take rest so that you can work more from Monday to Friday healthy and fit than ever before.

In reality it is very difficult to stand even 30 minutes outside during this cold even when there has been snow storm from time to time show do not go with local buses during weekends and stay in your house and be healthy and fit. Always remember that extreme cold and extreme Samar is very bad for human body as it is not prepared to tolerate all of these. So it is always a good idea to skip the extreme cold and extreme summer and stay with the four walls of your home.

Not getting part time job then go for volunteering:

Getting jobs in the first month house stay at Canada is very difficult. Those person who got the jobs are most luckiest people. Do not be this disheartened if you are not still successful. Till the time you got the job go for volunteering. In Canada there are many organisations provide convenience for people who wish to volunteer. They provide recognitions authenticated your performances that will going to help you to get a suitable job either full time or part time with all of these recognitions.

Snow Angel volunteership:

There is one good voluntership company name of snow Angel which provides people to perform voluntership in the form of removing ice during winter season in front of senior citizen’s house. Most of these work are unpaid job after completing the job you will get reference letter are certificate of appreciation letter. These letters are very important for future employers who sees these references and find the better humanity perspective the candidates and provide privilege for appointment to the jobs.

On another side you feel good about it and organisation make friends with others as well as with senior citizens in this way you create the network of connectivity which will for sure work for you in the future when you need their help most.

Take care of your food and health:

Health is wealth. While doing all of these part time jobs for volunteering work as well as your full time study importance to take care of your food and health. Like some part of India where the summer is at its extreme similarly in Canada from January onwards or cold at its worst. It is important to take care of your health adequate rest eat home cooked food and do not eat pizzas and do nuts regularly. Most of canadian people take a pizza do not sell their daily diet but as an immigrant you should not be taking these foods always as these can degrade your health performances.

Important for you to go for workout go for regular workout to the gym so that your body will tolerate extreme cold in the month winter by increasing your level of tolerances and increase your performances. So it’s time to say goodbye to Pizza coffee Berger doughnuts go for Indian style homemade cooked food. There are many shops which sale Indian crockery. So you can find Indian food items and bring them and cook at your home and eat those food so as to have good health condition.

It is important to study hard as this is your prime to reach to the far Canada. there are many people who spend lots of rupees to earn degrees master degrees postgraduate diploma and many more. If you study good and nice then your visa duration is extended ultimately at the end of your study you should get decent job to stay in a comfortable position economically and financially at Canada. It is important to score good in GPA so that your work permit PR should be there just after completion of your education otherwise even after completing your graduation or post graduation if you do not have good GPA score then you will not get good job or not get the work permit VISA to stay at Canada.

A Perfect Gateaway (2009) Movie Review

When 🕒❓ we think🤔 ➡of surprises😮🎁 comes ➡to the 😏mind then comes ➡to the 😏mind about 🎬 “A Perfect Getaway” released on 2009 and ➕ the storyline suggests life is never full of➡ surprise🎉. The Perfect Getaway builds up with suspense where📍❓ newly 👰married couple👫💜 🏃goes for a trekking through👉🙌👈 Hawaii🌋 Island🏝 ➕and in the process they find more and➕ more suspense and➕ meet 🆕new people most ➡of them good or 😧bad.

Sometimes some people feel like❤ they are 😛good but they still something provide the ®📧🅰🕒real 🕒time warning⚠ 📍❓where the 🚹male 👬 😵💭thinks the person👤 who 👤are with them might have been dangerous person. From time🕒 to ➡ 🕒 time the suspense over the couple👫💜 with them are more and more difficult. After passing ➡of some moments there are something that promises about the other couples that they are good.

At the same 🕒time the 🎬movie moves with two parallel thoughts🤔💭. One ☝ is that of ➡ ethics and ➕ the other is that ➡ of practical thoughts🤔💭 which makes the movie🎬 🔁rolling 📤out ➡to some practical ways to ➡ understand😉 what❓ is life. At ☝one 👉point of ➡ time 🕒 the other couple👫💜 feels like❤ they are murderers ➕and at some other 🕒time they feel like ❤ normal personality.

Certainly at ☝one point👉 of ➡ time it feels that killers been taken into custody as other 👫💜couple 👤who asked for lift 🚀 taken into custody by provincial 👮police. 🕒❓When they asked🙋 police👮 about it 👮police said💬 they are suspect. Sometimes the next👉 couple👫💜 shows that they might 😂have been ➕and sometimes it 🏃goes the other way.

The story📖 line➖ of ➡ this movie🎬 is full of ➡ suprises. . Then the 👠💄💋👗👒💍lady of ➡ the next👉 👫💜couple 👀sees something on 🔛 the ➡ phone📱 ➕and the story moves into another direction ↔ as if the suspect is the first☝ couple👫💜. The story moves into another direction.

In fact the ®📧🅰🕒real murderers are the first☝ 👫💜couple which killed couple👫💜 and ➕ stole valuable from them. The story revolves around the prominent part is that the ®📧🅰🕒real culprit is the ☝first couple. The movie🎬 makes the dramatic🎭 turn of ➡ events which eventually provides the much needed twists ➡to it. This is the most awaited twists ➕ turn 🔃 👀sees this 🎬 ➕and further it shows the ability ➡to watch this movie🎬 more interesting😜.

The pace ➡of this movie🎬 is quite interesting😜. The advertising💁👀👂 📞call makes an interesting option and ➕ the way murder mystery 🏃goes does now move to ➡ another extreme as now murderers are now on 🔛 the haunt to ➡ eliminating the witness. The second half of ➡ this movie is more ➡of intense happening. Only you can find more with it when 🕒❓ you witness rest 😪💤 of ➡ the movie. Suddenly when🕒❓ police 🔛 on helicopter🚁 comes the partner👬 of ➡ the murderers takeaway from it ➕and recognize her 👧 and ➕ the 🎬movie’s ending 🔚 is somewhat special. This movie must be seen two times to ➡ enjoy❤ it ➕and understand😉 it completely and ➕ the last word comes from the 👠💄💋👗👒💍lady prime character is that she 🚫no longer wants to ➡ go 🚦 for 😘honeymoon🏩 again🔁.

Android 10 game device certification

Due to the recent popularity of the Android games most off Android devices are running out creating Android gaming platforms that will boost the performances Android games. Apple mobile operating system already doing this and Google from Android 10 onwards have asked original equipment manufacturers such as Asus, black shark,razer, Nubia to get the device certified Dhruv Android 10 game device certification from Google.

Most of these above mentioned original equipment manufacturers develops mid-rsnge range Android platform mobile phones . In terms of chipsets most of these mid-rsnge devices works with chipset vendors like Qualcomm and MediaTek.

With the release of Android 10 continue Google game service certificate program which requires Android developers and OEMs to obtain additional Google mobile services requirement which should be ore- installed on this devices Raichur to release in the market. Entries to gaming device specification program which provides platform requirements internship hardware specifications a device must have to ensure registration form Google.

This means that from Android 10 onwards not every device can have gaming experience only the device when gets the gaming certification can only installed high end and mid-range games. This is other way from Google to unite hardware manufacturers to behave in a specific manner so that game developers unified platform experience developing and building the concept and the real time games.

This this makes the gaming experience to behave in a predictable manner on the high end GPU behaviour in accordance with gaming performances. This contract also says about update of GPUs to come from time to time in order to accept modern gaming behaviours.

In this document it emphasizes that for the sake of playing games Android device must have a separate 2.3 GB memory for gaming performances. From Android 10 onwards a device can declare as gaming device certification then it should support the conditions provided in the the gaming device certification rules and regulations. GPUs perform in a predictable manner for that game developers do not face any difficulties about cores distribution of central processing unit.

In this way Android gaming device certified Android devices will not go to buffer mode instead directly e loading games through GPUs. Certified devices must use correct and high performance GPU show that absolute correct frame introspection through display of APIs.

Google also constructing a team that will help and educate original equipment manufacturer who are interested in this certification program. Team also health and to review hardware manufacturers how there devices is performing with intensity parameters of Google gaming performances. Google is planning integrated security and quality updates to Android10 devices which are certified through googles gaming device certification program.

From Android 11 onwards Google will no longer investigate hardware devices as those devices which failed in this certification program will no longer have approval to receive security and community of dates from Google. What this means that those devices which are not certified from Google will become vulnerable to hackers and Google will not be responsible for it.

Another new update is better for those devices which are in accordance to Google update policy and a have Android 8.1 can only be extended to Android 9 Google go edition. What this means is that, Google slowly giving importance to the devices which adheres to Google update policies and provide quarterly update to Android 8.1 devices can only receive updates of the October 2019.

Due to recent rise of large number of Malwares apps in Google Play Store Google on able to control this due to restriction of hardwares which enable Google to revise hardwareupdate policy for better security of Android devices.

We do know that Google is facing difficulties in updating various Android device from various hardware manufacturers. The release of Android 10 Google also help hardware manufacturers the project like project main line which helps other manufacturers to maintain a uniform hardware development so that updating about Android devices could become a single unified process.

All the initiative from Google all know that slowly moving towards a definitely Google updating system and with the release of future Android versions Google definitely create Android developing platform so that Android will be as secured as other mobile operating system.

So far I don’t know that Google is not in charge of hardware development but slowly it is making hardware devices to go single standardized development process show that the update from Google I will come directly to the devices instead of getting safety assurance from Google at first before release of these by hardware manufacture.

Happiness is the best medicine

For a person dealing with the health in terms of taking medicine as well as other co-curricular activities is absolutely a necessity. When a person have severe illness, only the family members can cure him or her from this difficult times. As the popular proverb close relative can only cure the patient as and when good person the similar situation in those instances reach to the same position as the patient would have been.

Apart from taking medicines one important external factor such as of reducing up stress doing exercises regularly and be active always speeds up the healing process quickly and also the working of medicines becomes hyperactive in such stupendous situations. It is important to wake up early and sleep early so that the adequate time of sleeping cures the health and patient goats towards healing process positively.

Doing exercise when a person is recuperating from serious is a good idea. the person might not do the severe exercise but can do the light form of exercise so as to keep the entire process of the body active. After exercise the whole body become super responsive to the medicines and especially if the person do the morning walk at least walk it terrace if unable to go outside due to illness.

The behaviour of close relative should be good and better towards patient and the environment inside home should be a happier one so that the healing process should be expediated and patient feel at home close relatives. What what we have learnt so far is the good and the friendly conditions such as congenial behaviour and congenital activities can increase the chances of recovery for illness of patient.

Happiness is the great medicine. The people all around create this environment of happiness then the recovery of the patient get expediated. Keep the patient away from all worries and do not let it affect him or her. And should see that life is full of opportunity due course of time after getting healed from severe illness. Hope is there and it is important to capture it and forget what has been in the past elephant picture and you can see the future and that is the hope which we can find it in times to come.

Do not be disheartening what has been happening so far be courageous and fight the diseases with happy minds and stay happy always show that in the future the good times will come. Take medicines regularly be active always do exercise frequently and stay away from all stresses and the situation which erupts stresses. Also remember efforts made by your close relatives during this difficult Times you will find who are your real relatives and who are not.

Remember that Earth is round and when the day comes so as the night and Earth revolves around Sun and its own axis. This means that nothing is permanent so slowly your worries and diseases definitely will go away amd you will stand with your own leg and wait for situation to happen and that will be the brightest part of your life. In those circumstances to do not have to worry about replying to any other person as slowly enter recovery process begins after it.

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