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How to setup automatic WordPress backup with CodeGuard

CodeGuard is a comprehensive back-up solution for website, providing daily and incremental back ups so that whenever, your site see outrage ultimately, it install website again and your website is up and running fresh again.

Most of times you update and add various provisions to your website, but sometimes, as most of times, and most website come up with shared hosting due to the presence of less cost, this can ultimately, shut down and delete whole of yours works if any of other site in shared hosting got infected with malwares.

In this case and if your website has back up solution with online cloud back up such as codeguard then you can restart and retrieve whole of your website, within seconds.

For WordPress powered website, codegaurd has specialised wordpress plugin, which updates from time to time as well as, it does provide, extreme, determined solution for backing up wordpress site and its database and then unite both options in more convenient ways.

When your website is constantly monitored with codeguard, then, many a times, you could easily find the download issues, and it will decrease page-load times and the root causes of website downtime could be detected with complete ease.

Most of times, some user without knowing, could delete any of files and that can turned down entire website to c complete extent and then, with such back up solution one can easily, retrieve the best solution, and best times when your website was up and running.

In such manner this also reduces the cost of down time of your website and this makes it more convenient to use it as well as does provide extreme and handful solution for you to have proper safeguard for your website.

It provides, constantly, monitored website, and a simple change could intent and inform you and in this way, any malwares entering your site could provide and inform you about it and you could all together know about this in complete and clear-cut manner without a doubt as well as it constantly scan your website and discover it and help you to remove it or install it on the best available back up retrieve.

All back-up solutions, are done with secure connectivity so that each data those are backed up are properly encrypted and stops hackers from lurking into yours database and data of customers. CodeGuard was started in the year 2010 and still to date there is no signs of data breaches.

Back ups done through CodeGuard are backup through Amazon Web Services storage system. Backups are done and completed through server-side encryption system so that there is no way any chance of leakage of data and thus it safeguards website data and informations.

Most of hosting providers does present back up solutions but those back ups are store inside the same hosting and when there is the chance of data breach, then the present of the back up at that locations also goes away with it. It is important to stored these back up at some other locations so that the parts of back ups are not lost.

How to back up your WordPress website with CodeGuard back up solution:

  1. You should have self-hosted WordPress. Self-hosted WordPress means, you should have hosting as well as domain.
  2. Your hosting provider should provide website’s FTP/SFTP credentials.
  3. In order to back up website and its data, your website must use MYSQL or MY-SQL databases, and most of WordPress website, does include these darabases.
  4. Whitelist codegaurd IPs inside, hosting. During installation of codegaurd into your website, in between this will ask you to whitelise some IP addresses of codeguard so that this will not be blocked by hosting provider.
  5. Then, first back up begins and the first back up is complete back up and in the subsequent time only the incremental back ups such as those parts and parcel of back ups are completed which are with due course of time changes and in this way, entire time line of incremental back ups comes to the forefront.
  6. That is why during the course of backs up only small portions of back ups initiated and in this way, which is good for memory management, less stress on CPU and input and output server needs.
  7. In short you will need, website URL, hostname or IP Address, SFTP/FTP password, port number and root directory permissions.

Restoration of WordPress website with CodeGuard:

When user wants restoration of website to a previous state, then first it checks the website whether it is on live and if it is then what should be its position or if the website is not on live then it checks which is the best possible live situation and check it with incremental back ups. Then, it compares both version of website and checks it out what is the real situation that your website is down.

For example, if codegaurd sees that due to subtle change of .htaccess file, then codegaurd will simply replace .htaccess file with the best possible error free file. So, this becomes one of the outstanding part of simple but effective change of files that could provide all possible management of sites with best possible effort.

Essential Database Credentials for CodeGuard back up:

  1. Names of Databases
  2. Hostname or IP address of databases
  3. MySQL user name
  4. MYSQL password
  5. MYSQL port
  6. SSH username
  7. SSH password
  8. SSH port

Essential WordPress website back up credentials for CodeGuard back up:

  1. Main URL of website
  2. Website Hostname or IP address
  3. SFTP/FTP username
  4. SFTP/FTP password
  5. Port number
  6. Root Directory of WordPress installation.

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How to write a good article?

There is no hard and fast rule as and when to proceed and what time intended to write a suitable post that should be good not only for visitors but also good in terms of search engine optimisations. Still, in this article, you will find some of the most interesting facts and directives and guidelines through which it can be very much understandable to make it how to write a good blog post.

Also, all these guidelines are suggestive in nature so you can understand and then make it on your own to implement it so here the disclaimer is all these are for the suggestive intention only and nothing more than that. First and the foremost suggestion is the title and the designing part of your blog and this reflects the first and the foremost impression and this can give the clear cut formulations how your blog is going to run it and how it can perform in the longer run.

Take for example you should not have the hate or critical appreciative blog with some flowers and laughable similes inside the background as that could provide some of most enormous bit of understanding about intended topics you are going to write on. If your blog the technology related blog that is of red and rose colour as normally the technology related blog must have a white or light blue and simple background.

In this segment, you can place your blog as Spartan with possibly one or utmost two related pictures inside your blog post suggestive your blog direction, aims and objectives. In many cases, the webmasters manage it all by their own and go it to show their real class in designing part and that can have a various stimulating effect on some of the best of the web we have seen so far and also e it experience in this manner.

The colour of the background whether it is transparent or make it to the background situations and also the fonts chosen and the size of the fonts, then the specified side bar all these specific parameters should be decided by you in choosing articles and the characteristics of your blog, these immensely insightful in determining the emotional force of throughout website.

Then comes the related impact where the most easier parameter to choose from and most probably through the books and from people who meet mostly ofter to get back the real feedback. Keep writing blog posts at regular intervals and post it to website and then will come through and with the better Google page rank people will know from your writings the subject you are slowly being expert in and that can prove milestone to prosper your blog in the times to come.

In this process of input, output and throughput one day you will reach the realm of success which no one could ever think that of. While walking or moving look at the nameplates of shops and from there you could find some extra-ordinary ideas that could pull back your thoughts of creating one of the most outstanding articles in the times to come.

Apart from this, you could use renowned search engines, social media accounts to search for unique and niche information and that could be utilised inside your contents and resources. Always think just like that and in this manner, you could be making some rarest of rare moves in reaching your destination of making your blog successful.

It is important to choose a unique name of your blog that could match the contents of the theme which mostly you would like to write on inside your website. You can write some normal information in the sense of some unique wits to empower it for the sake of knowledge enhancements.

In this process, it is important to take screenshots at various points of time so that you could make your blog more prone to some of the most scenic understanding that users need it to be. With mobile phones, you have the potent weapon to take screenshots at the right time and while looking at those screenshots you could most possibly write some of the most standardised contents that could probably inspire generations to come.

You do not know at any point of time, any article could be the best amongst the lot and that should empower your blog to grow further and deeper into the minds of people in times to come. Do not think while writing anything that you are writing the best seller but you should think that it is the process and in the long run, you do not know the least expected article could be the best seller.

Like Lord Krishna said in Holy book of Gita, do yours works continuously do not wait out for the results as this will come in the process and in the situation least expected but that will come at you at any point of time. There are various ways you can devise and find the absolute results and there are blogs which says that they are going to provide some of the most unique and standardised ways to find out success but that is not the case to be as there is no such longer or shorter formats as you should go for whatever unique style of writing of yours and if that suits people who visit your website then that will be sure shot ways for absolute success.

In this, the semantics may be complex or easy and the sentence structure may be long or short, do not imitate try to go for your own unique style of writings. It can be a better idea to set up a private blog for some time and add some of your friends and get their opinions and suggestions and how to make it more and more concerning towards the audience and get their genuine suggestions and with due course of time make it public and then you will not feel the pressure and in this way all the writings and interactions with audiences will be easier and smoother.

As we know each person have the style so as you and it is imperative to stick with your style and go on with it, it is better to go for some of the most outstanding forms of creation of emotions while writing contents inside websites that would provide the real ethics and fundamental parametric intuition about your article writing.

It is important to provide emotional writings that should bring about real emotions to the readers and make them feel at home and observe all these possibilities in real-time situations that would match each and every situation with equal might. One has to remember that style creates the identity and that identity needs to be protected and go with it.

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