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Failure rethink

Many fears about failures. It is natural phenomena. It occurs to everyone. Some take it in a positive manner and some not. Failures provide the single path to success. It is the sheer grit and stamina in times of adversity that create a stronger and positive personality. Failures provide awesome ways to move ahead in Continue Reading »

Clean bold

In this era of extreme political consciousness we have seen presence of emerging leaders from other than developed nations which goes on to show how there are differential developments in areas that are treated to be one of not so extreme in terms of development in a decade back. There is India, Russia, China and Continue Reading »

The new world of collaboration

Human beings are rational animal. By nature, they cannot stay alone. They want to create proper networking to spread their awareness and test their scope of rationality. It augments power to think properly and disseminate good from bad. In the old times, especially in millennium years we have seen sprouting from desktops, wired networks, large Continue Reading »

Money being money

Money supply is just an economic term. It is consolidated form of money which has been in circulation within specified legislative area of the state and it should be used for exchange of goods and commodities as well as it is used to measure and point the value of commodities in given point of time. Continue Reading »

How to create on the go open-world accessible music surround system

Android is currently number one mobile operating system of the world. Many users and original equipment manufacturers have made use of these operating systems worldwide. Android provides users ubiquitous computing. It creates space for each and every modern technology. It provides room for tethering, wireless networking through Bluetooth, Wi Fi, DLNA and many more. Within

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