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The new world of collaboration

Human beings are rational animal. By nature, they cannot stay alone. They want to create proper networking to spread their awareness and test their scope of rationality. It augments power to think properly and disseminate good from bad. In the old times, especially in millennium years we have seen sprouting from desktops, wired networks, large…

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Money being money

Money supply is just an economic term. It is consolidated form of money which has been in circulation within specified legislative area of the state and it should be used for exchange of goods and commodities as well as it is used to measure and point the value of commodities in given point of time.…

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How to create on the go open-world accessible music surround system

Android is currently number one mobile operating system of the world. Many users and original equipment manufacturers have made use of these operating systems worldwide. Android provides users ubiquitous computing. It creates space for each and every modern technology. It provides room for tethering, wireless networking through Bluetooth, Wi Fi, DLNA and many more. Within

Rise of Chinese economy

‘Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world’, is attributed to Napolean Bonaparte. He was ahead of his time. But now the dragon is certainly stirring. The authority BRIC report (Brazil, Russia, India & China- the 4 leading countries in the world by 2050 A.D.) by Goldman Sachs has also forecasted…

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A nonparticipant spectator- a short story

In its entirety life never ever stops sort of thinking beyond when it comes with presentable idea to real sense of idea where the proper generation of sense comes into real prominence with the advent real life which has not only the power to create hastiness in life but also making extracting the more

Bearings of past and the burden of present- a short story

That was a spectacular evening with looming lights all over till the eyes met with sky. Climate changes suddenly without any signs of changes but still everywhere be looming large the darkest clouds here and there. Some poses serious question why suddenly within the depth of evening when the purple sun to be set its…

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Avoid Google’s blacklist by protecting your website

Creating a website has been the dream comes true to me after blogging for more than eight years. During these years, I have been busy posting some of leisure moments in my utterly busiest schedule. What starts from an utter surprise slowly it becomes one of most interesting and wonderful happening as slowly I constantly…

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Hold a review on Samsung Wave smartphones

The mobile use inflation is growing exponentially. It seems as if the users of mobile are being added through multiples and from every sector of the society. With the permanent essential requirement to stay connected for being joined in close association through sms, or through voice phones, data channels and smart phones the selecting parameter…

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