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WordPress plugins

WordPress is composed of PHP scripts with able support from MySQL of its databases. WordPress enabled sites convert php scripts to html scripts inside a web browser. Additional PHP functionalities can be finished with the help of plugins. Plugins are php scripts and generally created by third parties and most of them are free to Continue Reading »

Ethical hacking

Word related to hacking does provide various misinterpretations of thoughts and ideas. There is huge number of negative ideas associated with the term of hacking. Mostly, many such negative concept of hacking news gain prominence and people tends to similarity these thoughts with the term hacking. Hacking is related with information security as well as Continue Reading »

Information security

So far there is no shortcut from hacking. There is no single book which deals with it as well as there is no single book which implements such as it is from experience and hackers while staying at far away place and with a stronger internet connection goes on the process of hacking for years Continue Reading »

Android Improvements

All these drawbacks of android seems to be known to Google but it deliberately or compelled to stop these as per the android marketing equations, there are more power to hardware vendors and controlling various versions of android as most of these versions are of customised versions compelled them to determine and find out what Continue Reading »

Android overview

Android is major mobile operating system. It has more than 70 percentages of market shares and continues to grow day by day. Its major competitors such as Apple and Microsoft’s are well behind. It has been increasing day by day. It provides all major conveniences of making your smart phone nearer to computer use. It Continue Reading »

Wild fire

Wildfire occurs during summer time. When the town is nearer to hills and such wildfires occurs in those places. The amount of heat that generates from the wild fire multiplies the heat of summer in quadruple ways. That makes the entire atmosphere unbearable to sustain and manage. Nayagarh is a place where there are lesser Continue Reading »


I have written a few posts on the state of summer in this part of this world. It has been reported that it is one of the hottest summer in the last 136 years. Life becomes miserable and in order to stay away from these summer heat people are now more using air conditioning system Continue Reading »

Black rose

Once that nation was deeply enraged with drought and famine and its economic backbone had been ravaged for several years. Now, it has become one of the strongest and possibly most vibrant economies of their continent and slowly becoming the most illustrated examples of a developing nation among different spheres and now it is the Continue Reading »

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