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Mohan Manohar is a blogger from India who founded Ittech back in 2007. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. Subscribe to by Email

How to put your speakers to maximize your listening experience?

First and foremost it is important to fully understand and learn about the art and science involving with computer or laptop speakers. Sound is not about listening high volume or in the state of a completely wild state. It is all about the complete listening experience which most of the time indeed difficult to fix Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java: “do-while” loop

Now, after learning in depth about while statement, in previous article let us learn about do-while statement.  Let us create a class name ExampleDoWhile in Eclipse. The procedure is same and if you want to learn about it then you should see this tutorial in order to create class name or please go through my Continue Reading »

Encode audio with Microsoft Expression Encoder

Expression Encoder 4 with SP1 is an advanced audio and video editing application from Microsoft. It is a freemium product. It provides Window Media Audio Pro for free. It is the short form of Windows Media Audio Professional audio format from Microsoft. It is a lossless audio format. Some types of media files are known Continue Reading »

Passengers (2016) Movie Review and Film Summary

Passengers movie is produced by Columbia a Sony company. This movie is all about space journey and futuristic impact on it. Name of the space ship was Starship Avalon. They aim to reach to other planets which are way ahead and a long space journey and 5000 passengers aim to settle in the homestead of Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java:: Relational operators and if else statements

So far in the series of Java articles we learnt about the first program ‘Hello World’. Then, we learn about integer, shortcuts to write system.out.println and then we see the result function of integer and then we learn more about,  mod function which is the remainder of division and then we learn about if statement. Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java:: Arithmetic operator and if statements

In the previous articles we learnt about data variables integer and the arithmetic operator of addition(+). Apart from addition there are some other arithmetic operator such as subtraction (-), for multiplication (*), for division (/),for modulus (%).  The modulus sign is used to find the remainder. In short it is called as mod. Here is Continue Reading »

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