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Mohan Manohar is a blogger from India who founded Ittech back in 2007. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.

Free social media services USOCIAL for WordPress blogs

USOCIAL website has countless features and most of these features are free. Here, you can easily create your share buttons set and most of these features are free of charge. If you want more possibilities than you can go for the pro version which comes with the upgrade and fees otherwise most of the features of this website in creation of social sharing tools are free of cost. You can devise the size of the button and the shape of it and after that it should provide you with the code which needs to be inserted into the front end of website in the theme file so that it should be visible.

Android operating system compatible issues related with proprietary android apps

Only caveat is that Jio Music is only available for Android 5 and above and thus there is no chance for Android 4 users to use this. In the end there is only one initiative is to develop the app for that should be compatible with most of android so that it should cover more and more older android devices and more and more users could be taken into accounts that the aim of developing such apps should be there.

Build your site for SEO

Do not go overboard with key word research. Stress on building good contents. Mostly the contents should be in and around with key words of the landing page. While creating a post includes the key words at the beginning of the post to let not only humans but search engine bots to know about the…

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You just can’t beat the person who never gives up

While thinking about the subject line of the article and its contents, suddenly I come across the quote from ‘you just can’t beat the person who never gives up’ by Babe Ruth. Certainly it is one of the most inspiring quotes ever which always speaks volume about the best thing in life is to keep…

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Why is the crust broken into plates?

It is only after three stations the T. Nagar local railway station known as Mamallapuram is there. We reached there on Saturday and again at T. Nagar on Sundays and in this market there has been many big shops and so many people reached there that it is almost impossible to move from one distance to the other.

How To Turn Your Rough Patches Into Sparkling Diamonds?

I have seen from distance to distance there are many people with cycle repair shops and it is interesting to see how the tube of cycle is being repaired and most of times, I have seen, one could learn from these tricks and can do it at their home instead of moving towards cycle repair shop time and again for this. The cycle repair shop uses the same age old science tradition where the air takes the shape of bubbles when it comes out from water and thus catch the leak portion as with the fully pumped tube the leaked

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Android is open source. That is why I have some apprehensions about its security. With constant updates and additions of more and more layered tools in its kitty and continuous involvement of Google to improve overall android experience makes it more prone for Supercharged security environment. In this process of open source movement of mobile…

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How to Display Competence in Times of Crisis?

Here, I must mention the wonderful help from locals of Bangalore and the course of stress during those 15 minutes had been completely moderated and that makes the entire journey towards majestic station completely wonderful and that makes the movement in those times extremely relaxing.

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