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Mohan Manohar is a blogger from India who founded Ittech back in 2007. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.

A Fan Helps

Try to prepare foods that require the least amount  of cooking  as possible and use a microwave where you can . Ensure your range hood exhaust fan is switched on while cooking. Technorati Tags: earth,environment,save planet

For Long Life

Create sufficient time for your family. Manage to keep stress at the lowest possible level, avoiding irritation and intolerance. Laugh to your heart’s content, love and be loved.  Regular exercise and maintenance and monitoring of a healthy body weight. Be a vegetarian almost always treating the non-veg stuff as only secondary. (if you are not…

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Outpost Firewall Pro 2010 ~ 20 lifetime license giveaway

 This giveaway is from Samuel – PC Addons for Outpost Firewall Pro 2010+ 2009+ LIFE-TIME licenses The 2009+ tells you that from now on you can use the same license key for all the future versions of Outpost Firewall Pro software, only if you emerge as the winner of PC Addons giveaway. According to Samuel…

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$1000 Ginormous Giveaway

The "Ginormous" Giveaway is just getting started at Design Informer.There are lots of prizes  you can win. The total value of these prizes are well over $1000 dollars.There are lots of prizes to be won. Entering the contest is simple. There are 2 steps:Leave a comment about your favorite post so far  at Design Informer.…

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Free Full softwares

If you are lucky enough you can win automating software for Windows – WinAutomation v3 Professional edition! Go to Tech PP today,it is giving away 5 full licenses of this mentioned software. Ghacks giving away 10 licenses of Bulk Image Downloader an incredible program today. It works out of the box and the developer’s are making…

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