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Mohan Manohar is a blogger from India who founded Ittech back in 2007. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.

Getting familiar with Java: “do-while” loop

Now, after learning in depth about while statement, in previous article let us learn about do-while statement.  Let us create a class name ExampleDoWhile in Eclipse. The procedure is same and if you want to learn about it then you should see this tutorial in order to create class name or please go through my…

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Encode audio with Microsoft Expression Encoder

Expression Encoder 4 with SP1 is an advanced audio and video editing application from Microsoft. It is a freemium product. It provides Window Media Audio Pro for free. It is the short form of Windows Media Audio Professional audio format from Microsoft. It is a lossless audio format. Some types of media files are known…

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Passengers (2016) Movie Review and Film Summary

Passengers movie is produced by Columbia a Sony company. This movie is all about space journey and futuristic impact on it. Name of the space ship was Starship Avalon. They aim to reach to other planets which are way ahead and a long space journey and 5000 passengers aim to settle in the homestead of…

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Getting familiar with Java: “for” loop

In this tutorial let us learn about how “for” loop works. First we have to create a new class called as “ExampleFor” and the creation of new class within eclipse is same as before. From Eclipse go to FILE and then NEW and then CLASS and then it will open another window namely NEW JAVA…

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