Google says the Chrome ad filtering will evaluate websites for violations

Last year in the month of June Google promised to introduce ad blocking features of its chrome for android as well as desktop versions. So, far some other popular internet web browsers in their desktop and android versions have already installed ad blocking features and with due course of time Google is also feeling the pressure about it but it continues to provide another way of observatory information of how websites uses advertisements in their website and if they violate as such then there is provisions for it to face the penalties for it.

Google introduced better advertisement standards, as such it urges website owners who are putting advertisements in their website to show case the ads.txt and it urge them to declare which ads are using on their website. It provides a way of transformed as well as let viewers to understand what the ads people are using on their website are.

As such in the next version of android updates, and desktop updates Chrome web browsers will remove the ads that are not obeying better advertisement standards and as such not declaring what are ads that are included inside their website and if they do not follow such standards then Chrome will continue t block such ads on these websites and in the direct way it does affect the income of websites that are not obeying these better ad standards.

Many users from Europe and America have participated for better advertisement standards where most of these says the ads that block entire web page is the most difficult for them and in those surveys there are many views come upon and Google while observing these result implemented the better ad standards.

Not all ad standards are the problem of users or web administrators but few of the advertisements also providing some of the ads that are not so interesting for viewers to and for this Google urges everyone to show case the ads.txt file on root of their domain in order to let people know as well as crawl engines to understand what are the ads that have been in use in the website.
From now on Chrome will evaluate for better ad-standards for each and every website that shows ads and then let users know about it and block those ads which are not in compliance with the perspectives of better ad-standards. It also let the web administrators know which ads are making the running of this site difficult and let them rectify it so that ads should be shows to users which are relevant for them as well as should not be so intrusive to say that it blocks user’s time and precious bandwidth.

Some of the bad ads that are considered as not so inclusive for better ad standards are the presence of pop-up ads, ads with counter down, automatic run video ads, large sticky ads covering the locations of entire website and if these ads are inside of sites and most of these ads are not included in ads. Txt then for sure Google will block those ads in chrome and let the webmaster know about it and rectify it otherwise those ads will not be shown in website and that will put a drastic drop of income of users.

Google will from time to time provide ad experience report and site expertise report so that web master will understand what are the ads and its standards they need to use and then subsequently if all goes well and ads shown in website are in compilation with better ads standards then hence those website will begin to show ads with Chrome.

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