Brave Browser for Android Review

Brave browser is super fast android web browser. It is built considering the security as principal factor. It has built-in ad block, tracking and security protection. On ad free web, you can now have seamless and faster website viewing. Unlike Samsung Internet Browser, this browser does not require any additional plugins to stop ads.

That is why it becomes faster and more secure. No additional pop ups and it is designed for faster user experience with stopping all forms of malwares and unwanted annoyances while browsing website.

Due to extreme security measures as well as faster page loading times, most of website that are infected with too many of ads loads quickly, and that is why in term of performance enhancements brave produces faster loading times and super fast execution of website and that keeps batteries in good shape as well as keep yours data secure and reduce spending of too many of data while browsing for website.

This browser comes preinstalled with brave shields which are the blocking monitor consisting of stopping of ads and trackers, https upgrades, scripts blocked and fingerprint methods. In the URL bar of brave browser there is one line icon and then, touching that lion icon you can access blocking monitors of brave web browser. It also blocks nasty malwares that used to come forward with some sites and block these annoyances completely.

There are some mild gestures are available with this browser such as hand swipes and updated menu items. Tab management through address bar makes it the most sought after android web browser as you can browse between open tabs via the address bar. Even if you are not sure which tab to use still you can do this by swiping down to address bar and then see all the preview of all opened tabs out there.

Brave is made with open source chromium projects. The three dots menu can be used to save pages for offline reading. You can change the default search engines by going to settings and then search engines. It has over 22 options and perhaps this is the highest for any web browser. In the first instance, the look of the browser reminds me of the Apple Safari web browser.

There is for the geeks the brave stats and it implies how much of times you have checked as the result of presence of Brave shield and it provides accumulation of trackers blocked, ads blocked, https upgrades and the estimated times saved as the result of these optimizations. This will provide you with information about how much of the data you have saved so far.

In short this web browser provides you with built in ad block, blocks pop ups, provides comprehensive battery optimization, data optimization, tracking protection. https everywhere for extreme security. Script blocking, third party cookie blocking, bookmarks, history, stats for nerds, private tabs, recent tabs and swipe gestures tab management.

While using this browser, you will find solace about what amount of data you are currently saving and this way this makes you the most comfortable web browser with perfection of built in security in it and it is fast and provides optimized battery performances.

Download Brave Web browser (Ref feral Link)

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