The Dark Knight (2008) Movie shows sacrifice of Batman

The Dark night is a superb batman movie. It is one of most popular batman movie. This article is first hand movie review of The Dark Night. In the imaginary city of Gothic, due to Batman peace prevails everywhere. This is not going to stay for longer duration. A psychotic criminal named “Joker” who created havoc by doing extremely deeper crimes. Stole banks and killed person and his only demand is that the mask of Batman to be unraveled and the real person behind batman must come forward.

Batman never divulge his secrets of who is batman and he continues to work with masks and make a safer place for people living inside the imaginary city of Gothic. Now, he is facing his real test. People now wants real face of batman to be revealed so that the criminal joker will not create crime again. This is a catch 22 situation for batman.

Joker’s aim is not to steal money. He loot banks and then burn all the notes. His only motive to unravel concept of batman such as de-masked him so that he will not come out again. He continue to kill one by one and ask Batman to reveal his identity so that he will not kill the next person. The hero of Gothic city is slowly becoming the villain. On one point there is a choice to save for batman of his former girlfriend and the other courageous officer.

New Shuttle Train memu
New Shuttle Train Memu

Batman chooses the later but ultimately he will become the main villain in the next series of The Dark Night which is The Dark Night Rises. Batman regrets of no saving his former girl friend. His former girl friend had given a letter to associate of Batman, and after her death Batman read that letter which contents that after there is peace in the city of Gotham, Batman will not do that savior and she would want a happy life with him.

Batman regrets this and this stays with him for the rest of life. In the middle of movie, joker was caught by Batman and given to police head and he was sent to prison. This was the plan of joker to reach to prison. Batman earlier caught the main don tycoon of China and this was the plan of joker to release him. During the main course of this movie police and batman are confused with the joker’s action and most of time reach in catch 22 situations.

Unlike other superheroes such as spider man and avengers, batman does not have super powers. He works everything with science and technology. This makes watching him on his mission more human friendly and genuine. Batman works with superior technology and most of times he is a normal human comes to the forefront. This makes watching batman movie excellent. This is a must watch movie and with continual action and never stop excitement. Batman can jump from one skyscraper to another but it comes with science.

This little bit of nearer to reality make watching batman as career praise worth. It is important to watch The Dark Night and then its next version The Dark Night Rises in order to understand what the stories and the series of connection with these two movies had.

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Without ticket village passengers risk their life by not using foot over bridge while crossing railway lines

While travelling in passenger trains which runs from Puri Terminus to Bhubaneswar junction, there are many passengers who go towards mid railway stations. Those can be called as in local Odia language as ‘bata pasenger’ or in English mid route passenger. These mid-route passengers are daily commuting passengers who go to capital city of Bhubaneswar for daily wage works and then returns. They are very low-paid workers and that is why they want to go without ticket in order to save their earning money.

Most of these daily passengers come from Delang, Kannash or from Sakhi Gopal. These three routes comes in between Puri Terminus to Bhubaneswar Junction. In these three mentioned train stations there is no barricade on the left side of platform. These are village platforms and only on the right side of the platform ticket checking is done. So, people in order to avoid caught by ticket checker, go down on the left side of Puri terminus bound train.

There are three other railway lines in the left side of the platform. During the time Shuttle train reaches in these village stations, either Falkhnama or Nilachall super fast crosses these platforms with super fast speed. Most of times during such moments people crosses railway lines. They do not take foot over bridge because that is on the right side of platform. If they go towards it those without ticket passenger can be caught by ticket collector. This means they will have to give heavy penalties.

Most of these passengers go some more distance after reaching village stations. Their villages are mostly five to ten kilometres after reaching platform. Some have villages at the right side of platform and some are at the left side of platform. Those have villages at the left side off the platforms in order to reach their villages on time, by pass foot over bridge and then go directly crossing railway lines. Most of times the super fast trains which crosses these village stations at the same time of Shuttle Memu fast passenger train, and people caught in the crossfire of running of superfast trains during that peak of time.

These are two prime reasons why people die in these village train stations. These stations are for passenger train stoppages. Superfast trains do not have halting in these platforms. These super fast trains crosses these platforms at their peak speed. These commuters must adhere to rules and regulations of railways. First they must adhere to rules of purchasing tickets and thus become the legal passenger.

Then move to foot over bridge and with comfort cross the railway line and then carefully reach to their respective homes. One must adhere to security as one must listen to respective hearts to understand that if another half an hour late is not going to delay reaching home. If any untoward happen they forever one cannot reach home and forever the delay reaching will continue.

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Bengaluru Kempegowda (Majestic) BMTC Bus Stand

It has been more than 15 years since reaching to this place and during in these years there has been whole some changes all over and everywhere we go though the conditions of roads seems to be in slightly dilapidated conditions but still there has been development everywhere and the order of removing of slum shops in and around majestic areas are comprehensive. In fact after all these years it has been difficult to recognize this place but still the glory of past and the memories of past still lurking in the mind time and again to remind the most passionate and brilliant place it seems in the past still continues to be there.

In the local bus stand, majestic we could see the similar stair cases and slopes everywhere and probably these has been colored and maintained well and the same number of buses as well as similar number of traffics and the difficulties to cross over these traffics continues unabated. In reality there has been tremendous difficulties in crossing from one segment to the other part of road leading towards majestic with city buses coming into its stand from different direction all over and one needs to be extra vigilant while crossing the road from one side to the other. Suddenly we remember there has been one underground road to reach to majestic or cross over to other part of that road which always seems to be busy as well as due to presence of large number of vehicles it seems obvious to observe and find out such stiffer rush hours and crossing from one side to the other with one way road also becomes very difficult.

KSR Bangalore City Railway Station

The most difficult part is the presence of divided in between those one way road but still some wise people have penetrated to it and it seems many locals still use it to cross but in the land far away from my native land, we still think to always use the legal medium of crossing from one side to the other, and how so ever difficult it might have been. We decided to go through underground which was there when we earlier arrived here as well as now, it is also there when we arrive now and inside of it is covered with so much of old age presence and most of walls of it have never ever seems to be colored with as well as at the end of steps and inside of underground road there are many temporary shops who have been selling many electronic items as well as toys for children and people goes by used to stop there to have the look of these selling items and some also try to bargain with the shop keeper in order to purchase those.

I do not have any iota of idea whether it should have been safer to move within that underground cross over tunnel during evening but during office time it is well and good and nothing to fear anything about and we move ahead and reach towards upper slopes of majestic station. In the past the road side of majestic station has been covered with so many of small shops which are predominantly of toy or meals shops and now all these has been removed and one side is being done as the interstate and intra-state bus service and the other part is the entrance of metro railway station and the place of majestic remains as it is and the next to it is now Bangalore central. Name of Bangalore Central has been changed to KSR Bangalore. It has been renamed with popular warrior of Karnataka.

The Krantiveer Sangroli and the statue of this warrior could be seen in the form of city Railway station of metro railways. It has been wonderful remembrance in seeing such development in these areas at least on one side as the entire place is now cleaner and looks like the very same word. We slowly, move towards downside to reach the dashboards of this bus stand. The day after tomorrow we wish to reach to local head office for booking of officer’s guest house and for this it is important to contact them well in advance. Here, every route is codify into some numbers and everything is well written in clear cut manner with English as alternative so as not to be very much difficult for all of us and now we slowly trying to guess about the route to local head office which should be nearer to Richmond square.

We noted down the bus number and its corresponding routes, in these fifteen years one significant changes to busses system of majestic which is the first there has been a completely new stand of inter-state and intra state bus-services and then there has been introduction of air-conditioned bus-services and fare of those buses are slightly on higher side but you could avoid rush hours while moving with these buses. In normal buses, there could have been heavy rushes and there could be chances of pick-pocketing but with the air-conditioning buses we could find and enjoy the presence of rush-free and comfortable journey hours.

We noted down the numbers of city buses which should be going towards Richmond Square, which is just a walk able distance from the local head office. We have observed that most of these buses through the routes of Richmond Square move from 11 number bus stands of majestic. We moved towards left which should be the entrance of majestic and in between shades of bus stand we see smaller shops with some food items such as breads, local-made salty biscuits, and foods are there and cost of most of these items is ten rupees. Sometimes, the value of food for the cost is not so adequate but still those people who feel hungry it goes towards these shops to buy foods out there.

We move ahead and we wish to go towards the opposite side of majestic to see whether there could have been any presence of quality foods items are there otherwise we could return to holiday home again and there from its canteen we could have foods there. Still, we do wish to discover newer shops and the best way to discover such shops are to walk and roam around and even from time to time take the foods there to know whether that shops have good ratings for you or not. We reached at the other side of majestic and it seems like the same age-old majestic out there without any such signs of newer renovations and the quality of footpaths are not so good conditions.

We carefully, walked into those roads and there has been many shops related with food items and in one such lunch shops the roads the part of the footpath was closed and it is covered with chairs and upper side shelters. Food items of that shop smell good but the price is on the higher side and it is beyond the reasonable pricing limit. The next lunch shop shows that the pricing is good but the use of excessive sourness and there is hardly any curry inside its delicacies which makes us to move to another shop. In front of all shops there has been one person for advertisement to come to their shop and used to talk with people who move here and there in those locations and let them invite them while talking about all these available food items inside their hotels, just like bus-hawkers who used to call passenger just like in the link road of Cuttack, here the feeling of the same moves on.

Even reaching at metro we still find the same age-old small town attributes in small pockets. One thing I surprised here to see the state of roads, where in small town of Puri the native place of mine where the presence of roads has been superb but still I could not find the same here in the foot paths of majestic or at the areas in and around Binny Mills or city railway stations. Still, the feeling of metro ride come upon to feel the presence of metro as well as the city life where it seems to suggest the entrances and the most glaring part of not taking any rest and continue life unabated without any disturbances.

Bangalore Metro Travel First Experience

The wondrous place is equipped with extremely wonderful services where you could find each and every provisions in organized fashions which you need at those times, where the presence of the enigma of the metro station with sublime humility always wanted to return to. With the devotional presence of nearby Goddess Temple, the feeling of refreshing of mind comes along with closeness of eyes for a few seconds to realize where do we stand and the process of extreme salvation comes along the way. Just a short way from there, we could see the presence of ultra modern and smaller railway metro station namely city railway station.

While entering a few steps into it to enter it into its entrance where it is well guarded by security personnel. Cradled by a beautifully designed building we enter into it with complete eagerness as well as the zeal to know about this beautiful metro station. We know from the area of Binny Mills the distance towards the Majestic would be smaller and a walk able one but still if the metro goes through it then we would definitely like to move it with it.

We enter into it and at first we have to move through one metal detector machine and then one security personnel with a metal detector on his hand check us by running the metal detector from top to bottom of ours and then we put the luggage in the running luggage strip where it would be ultra scanned through close circuit cameras carefully.

After closely monitoring luggage and the persons we are allowed to enter into the city metro station. First we have to go down to the underground staircase and we move slowly as the steps are made of smooth stones and there could have been every chance of slipping off the foot. Entire areas are closely monitored with close circuit cameras and it was written clearly at different places. After walking through the stairs on the left side of the first one is of customer care and the second such building was of purchasing of tickets out there.

Chennai Metro

Entire area is fully and centralized air-conditioned system and for this even as underground premises we do not feel any breathing problems out there. We purchased ticket for majestic the next station to it and the cost of the ticket was ten rupees and there was no ticket instead a token probably made of plastic which should act like a ticket out there. It was like small one rupee coin made of plastic or something, but it looks like a stronger one. We then moved to right side of the ticket counter and then at every such locations security personnel of male or female standing there to guide each and every person out there.

There were two gates of each four gates to it and on one side the light signal is cross this means this is not meant for us and on the other side the light signal is green right and this means this is the way to go and while reaching there, the guard with some acting said to us to put the coin on the side dashboard of gate and we put it and the closed door automatically opens with it. After exiting from the gate, we have to keep that coin ticket so that it should be used while teaching at the destination station. We kept both token tickets in a safe place and then with the help of excavator we move down and reach at the station where there had been clear line break where we have to stand just opposite to it.

Security would blow the whistle if anyone crosses that line. Generally, metro trains runs with great speed and the electricity connection on its rail track and that could have created the magnetic effect and while entering into station it could pull the nearby person and that is why a safer distance need to be maintained from trains during waiting time of trains out there.

There would be a count down screen of six where the train comes and within six minutes for every route there would be trains and on the board at the left and right that count down used to show the amount of time the would take to reach to that particular station and ultimately when that count down reaches to one this means it had entered into outside of station and then slowly the train with its some other type of siren sound would enter into plat form and then the door would automatically opens up with some sounds and then we enter and inside of it also air-conditioned compartment and then within two minutes the announcement as well as screen inside of train would show that we are nearing to the majestic center and the gate would open at the right side.

We entered from the left side of the train and then we moved out to the right side of training and then we slowly move towards the stairs where we would be climbing upon. The gates opened automatically and then closes after certain period and then we moved and we reached where the similar set up of gates which are like that of entrance site are met and on one set up go gates it was written as right and the other set up of gates it was written as cross and we entered towards right gates one by one and after dropping of token ticket inside of it the gate opened up as in this way the token tickets are now back with the railway officials.

Then we moved out to majestic station which is one step away from there. In the mid way, we find extremely helpful security guards who are despite language problems are more than eager to us to let us understand the procedure of moving inside platform and getting into trains and so on. This short journey towards majestic station is one of most memorable one for us as I wanted since then to write one detailed article about it so that ultimately what I have experienced in this journey should be known to readers and if they happen to reach to that city then they could also enjoy this ultimate pleasurable metro drive all by themselves. It is situated adjoining to KSR Bengaluru station but the difference of these places has been part of the most memorable and outstanding ones.

Lonely Planet

The mentioned train was running with a great speed. Though during the patches of hilly terrains it slows down a little bit but still the charismatic presence of natural surroundings in and out there has been so absorbing to watch out for and the hazy picturesque from the glass windows of air-conditioned berth just stopping a little bit more to see and go near to nature absolutely.

Luckily, the movement of train was slower to watch the beautiful mountains in and around every nuke and corner and in some parts it seems that we are so much nearer to top of one mountain and then comes the tunnels which goes deeper into mountain and goes into it and cross it to another mountain, an absolutely wonderful spectacle to be part with it. There has been some mountains with rocks solid in and around of it and some mountains with plenty of trees and in some parts we saw the presence of flocks of monkeys moving in and around different branches of trees out there.

Slowly, hill and mountainous parts slowly go over and then comes the plain lands but to my utter surprise there has not been any sort of valuable and important stations worthy to buy good food out there. Still, the route and the precision of the journey were such that we have to move with it and the prolonged journey seems many a times monotonous and boring but, still there has not been any options to it at all. In the end, we reached at Yashwantpur at nine past fifteen minutes and the train was late for some minutes.

Speed of Garib Rath train from Puri has been fantastic and during the course of running on plane lands its speed has been fast and the enjoyment within the air conditioned berths have been fantastic and the overall time spent within the journey has been great. Meanwhile, during the course of journey, on the berths just front of us came three persons from Khurda Road and they reached there from Jajpur and Raygada and among those three there has been one couple and it seems they had recently married and during the course of journey it was known that both were in service and their marriage was not the arranged one.

It seems that the parents of male couple have not acceded to this marriage and all these three persons namely the third one could possibly the brother of a female couple have been continuously discussing about it throughout this journey. It seems that the parents of girl’s parents are very much agree to this and subsequently through out the journey they have been discussing about it as at times it seems to us that they should discuss these matters with a silence as their loud discussions are hurting the attentions of not only us but also attentions of other passengers.

Meanwhile, just inside the next berth there has been some group of students especially the sports persons who might have been going to Bangalore for attending some competitions. Most of them have been shouting through out night probably talking about competitions as well as other matters of significance but at least for them not for us and then, some of them through out night run the songs on their mobiles which continue to disturb us during sleep as inside of air conditioned compartment, the sound comes sharp and that could create absolute disturbances for the inmates as the songs continue to run through out night and creates absolute disturbances in sleep in this long journey.

Passengers who are creating disturbances should learn from it and should stop such disturbances all by themselves without any such interference from others. Finally, we reached at Yashwantpur station. It was already quarter past to nine in the night. While during the course of the journey we anticipated this late of reaching for training and for this we intimated to caretaker of holiday home earlier. We have intimated to him that we should be reaching there after ten as by rule the gate of holiday home closes at nine pm and for this we have to intimate earlier so that these gates should be open while we reach there.

We reached at the platform number four of Yashwantpur station which is at the outskirts of Bangaluru city. We reached to pre-paid auto from platform number one to reach the city railway station where the holiday home is at a walk able distance. The cost of pre-paid taxi was three rupees and it took almost 20 minutes to reach nearer to Binny Mills which is situated nearer to city railway stations out there. Finally, just 15 minutes prior to ten o’ clock in the night we reached at holiday home.

At first, by mistake we go into quarters of Binny mills which are situated just by the side of holiday home where the employee’s quarters are also there. The behavior of the taxi driver was so good that he even apologized us for by mistake entering into Binny mills out there. We reached at the holiday home and at the entrance, the guard was there and he asked us whether we are for holiday home and we acceded to it and then taxi drop us from there and we slowly enters into the front gate arena of holiday home.

Caretaker was waiting out there, and he asked for identity card and the letter of holiday home confirmation which was for four days and then he associated us with room at the fourth floor and luckily the lift was there and it was the most modern life system clearing all sorts of fears from us. The caretaker asked us did we have food, we said no and was there any worthwhile hotel adjacent to it, he said yes and with some walk able distance. The canteen of holiday home was closed officially at nine pm and we are late to it and when we went outside to search for hotels nearby could not find a single hotel and we do not have courage to go at stretch to such distance of searching for hotels in the night in faraway place of ours.

We returned from half distance as due to route of training and no pantry car available we could not eat quality food as well as during the course of the entire journey as well as we reached late and the canteen of holiday home was closed there on. Luckily we do have some instant noodles packet and we prepare it and eat it so that at least something should be inside of our stomach so that we could not feel exhausted after such a long journey. The entire journey was tiresome coupled with noises inside berth all through day and night and for better part the availability of quality foods are not there, and even if after reaching holiday home for some delay in time still the canteen of holiday home was closed as well as there was no good hotels nearby.

Still, the climate of that place was so wonderful and there was a nice temple nearby with south Indian architecture at its brilliance and at some point of distance the main railway station which should be convenient for us while we return as well as, the city railway station the part of Metro station was there for ours convenience. I have observed the road conditions of this city were not so good, which is a very rarity now in most parts of the nation. Encroachments of household are so much so that one need to be an extra bit of cautious while walking as the distance between you and vehicles roaming by are far lesser and one need to be careful about it.

Apart from this I have seen that there has been much fruit vendors covering the paths of footpaths and it becomes almost difficult for us to walk within them as well as those fruit vendors also cost very high of their food products. So, it is wiser not to buy foods from them as well as it is wiser to watch from all sides before walking as there has been elongated stones at the sides of foot paths instead of plain walking fields. Those paths are very treacherous to walk on as well as there would be no scope to walk on the road due to movement of large number of vehicles in and around these areas which make the entire walking and roaming experiences during the course of journey difficult to sustain.

Nevertheless, I could find the life and the pattern of what the busy life could it have been whether this should be good or bad is matter of judgment but still we have to find the right course of action of understanding exact phenomenon behind this so as to find the right kind attentiveness in understanding the fully functional part of this journey.

Why are Organizational Culture Changes?

Present global economy, not move agility fall over themselves. Strengths talents will always be best cultivated worthwhile purpose. Turbulent markets present unique business that are aware. What matters today is quickly business react conditions and leverage opportunities to build a having a strong entrepreneurial strives to value and services adding process a convincing, loyal, ever and customer the following example elaborates the fact.

When Perriers bottled water was tampered with, they did take the same that the Johnson Johnson took when they met with a similar crisis. Public confidence in Johnson & Johnson never even faltered; moreover, it was strengthened as the public viewed as one regardless large country, have the managerial the mainly and Entrepreneur: meaning is, person who makes by or running a business especially involves calculated the attributes creativity and translation goals tangible a to risks, with drive determination and a on creating focus:

Organizational entrepreneurship may overcome problems and difficulties with business activities. Culture: Culture is a means of life, an ethos or a tradition followed as part of a distinct group behavior. It is an of wide spectrum innate observed group of are pervasive complex, to Edgar Schein, Organizational learning, development and change cannot be without considering as source of resistance to amend.

Three levels of Culture:

1. Artifacts: These artifacts are at the surface (such as dress), which can be easily, discerned, and yet are hard to understand. 2. Espoused Values: Beneath artifacts espoused which conscious strategies, Basic Assumptions the or essence of is basic, underlying assumptions values, are to discern because they at unconscious level, provide the key to understand why things happen the they do.

These basic assumptions from deeper human existence such as the nature of humans, human relationships and activity, reality and truth. Irrespective of whether we are aware of it, all of us are eager to know that we count for something. Each of us has an obligation to feel part of a worthwhile cause, a of purpose our life and we do a meaning. When life lacks meaning, or direction, our frustrations drive more our aspirations in a us.

We may recognise core beliefs are:

But guess really with the to motivated us? Purpose and core prevail, the organization remains a place to work together something are to part doing extensive various search, brainstorming we to a elements organizational are the most the existing entrepreneurial orientation Freedom Work Risk Job Goal Orientation Information right balanced organizational knowing elements, the was assessment an aspects, so that a methodology for bringing about the change could be calculated.

A large organization be as one scale of operation spread over a area. It also production or service facilities and employ than thousand people. Further, have in thousand crore the mix of Its should be and is organization. Business such should these would have meaningful presence in the market besides prominent players in market.

Examples of larger organizations which meet the above criteria are Sony Corporation, Microsoft, Wipro, Reliance Industries, Steel Authority of India Limited, Tata Steel and Indian Oil Corporation to name but a few.



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