The Winter at Puri

Puri is a place nearer to sea side with lots of visitors and devotees pouring into it through out the year. The summer here is not hot but the humidity is super high with lots of perspiration and lots of intolerance to corky summer. The rainy season has plenty of rains and sometimes the nearby villages flooded with water, then the flood relief, and other aids to them. The summer is very long though the higher temperature is not so in terms it’s Para but the feeling of heat is great and higher due to humidity inclement to the top.

Fall Winter:

In the summer the wind seems to stop and the clouds hovering up and above the sky refuses to relent and increasing the heat as the hot wind cannot escape form the soil making it more and more difficult to bear. The winter starts from first week of December and it is the sever winter if you compare with the standards of Odisha. The soaring cold, the cool wind, and the penetrating wind with medium humidity are severely affecting health as this gives rise to dental problem and limbs problems. I cannot describe how this cold is ruing the body; it is more and more difficult to sustain this.

The cool wind from the Bay of Bengal is snoozing onto the mind and making the whole process dim and very ache towards side brain and this is very difficult. The cold graph is self increasing and it will be higher at the end of the month with severe winter and very intolerable cool. What is the reason behind this and why the winter at Puri is always a danger to the health of the people here? Unable to devise this aspect seems and think a lot but cannot understand so far and that is why I wrote this write up.

Some say it is the cold winter winds coupled with the saline climate from the sea is making the thing worse and some say it is the greenery of this ancient town is doing this phenomena but still not sure and no scientific backing of these facts. The heavy winter is taking its toll and it is better to cover yours ear while at the early morning or at the evening, you should cover the entire ear so that it will not harm yours body. The cold and the cool winds is making the matter worse with as it is entering through yours ear and making you attain to the cold.

Fell the cold and feel the heat at Puri with lots of extreme climatic conditions and it is advisable for tourists to come with prepared with woolen clothes especially for protection on ears and head so that they will not be affected by it. Puri has the climatic conditions of both the extremes with lots of intolerable hot with high humidity but low on hat temperature and on the other hand in the winter it is soaring cold and shivering to the body and mind, think about it.

Values Emanating from Exercise

Exercise is been synonymous with better looking and muscle building and flexing , to exhibit and sliding show of strength etc. There is more to it and when you browse this write up you will understand and find the real importance of doing the exercise. As human beings ours teeth structure is so much so that it is compatible with only vegetables and fruits, to know more watch the teeth structure of some of the animals like lions or tigers in some TV shows and you will know much about it.

Why doing exercise is important?

  • As the civilization grows human tends to eat more and more non vegetarian and with it humans becomes fat and hanged with fleshes all over his body and entire structure.
  • Fatness can be contributed from other factors like the life style change, yours gene structure, climate change and so on.
  • One parameter you can check is to do exercise or simple jogging or morning work. It is vital to consult yours doctor before going this as in some case in terms of blood pressure or other symptoms doctors may advise you against.
  • Exercise can be help full in making yours body to shape up with yours all yours daily routines of work, morning jogging can stimulate yours body for the entire days and nights and morning walk can be substitute for yours sleeping peels and also you burn yours calories with it and thus exercise keeps yours body fit and running to its fullest.

Why exercise in the morning is good for health?

  • The morning winds is helpful in maintaining yours heart pure and healthy and early to rise is more helpful than you think of it.
  • Due to early rise you will early to sleep this makes you a fantastic life style.
  • Try this simple funda of walking or jogging in the morning and you will feel the whole day belongs to you.
  • This is like the much needed petrol for yours body that will run yours body through out the day and till the night.
  • This gives you the opportunity to play with yours life and enjoy yours life as the much needed exercise will benefit you in the long run, you will be cautious towards yours life and life will be like paradise on this earth.

Insights on Recession

The example I am going to give here does not relate to good business, but your business will grow phenomenally if you learn from it. The case is related to a government hospital at the city of Puri at Orissa in Central India. The case is unique because government hospitals in Indiaexcept may be one or two hospitals like AIIMS at Delhi are noted for their callousness, carelessness and lack of concern for their patients and the situation is quite alarming.

I for myself am less prone to preference for treatment at any government hospital and even never at Puri though my residence is at a stone’s through distance from the government hospital. But I had a very rare compulsion to visit the outdoor of the hospital for some emergency treatment which changed my opinion so drastically that I am not shying away from comparing the service and care rendered by the hospital to some very big corporate offices where the main motive behind is profit only and still their behavior is short of our expectations.

Just at the entrance, an employee was found seated who gave me a welcome smile and guided me to the room adjacent to it where a threesome group of members were found seated consisting of a lady doctor, one compounder and a writer to jot down names and addresses of persons coming for treatment. All of them had ample time to look at me with smiles across their lips which suggested that I am the most welcome guest to them and not a hindrance to their gossips and drowsiness which generally are the characteristic features of government hospitals in India.

The doctor asked me what my trouble was about and requested me to purchase a ticket at one rupee from the front counter to which the compounder guided me. Here I remember one occasion when I went the biggest government hospital of Orissa at Cuttack where to purchase the entry ticket I had to spend about one hour to locate the counter and to purchase the treatment ticket as, after locating the counter with my hectic effort of twenty minutes, I found ticketsalesman absent.

As soon as I came with the ticket, the compounder took the ticket from me in the most helpful manner and gave it to the register writer who asked me regarding my name and address and my age and after recording the register serial no. on the slip, he gave it to the doctor who spoke me in most soothing manner and prescribed required medicines. The compounder then told me to come after purchasing the medicines to enable the doctor to examine the medicines and explain the dosage. Within ten minutes, I came with the prescribed medicines.

The compounder examined the medicines and guided me to the room where a pharmacist was waiting for patients to come. I still remember the greeting smile of the compounder and a winning one too. He gave me the injection and shook hands with me in a good gesture. The inside and outside of the hospital are so much clean that they are perfectly in tune with the hospitability I received from the officials earlier. They all echoed in my ears that this is the reason for which the hospital is the only one of its kind in India to earn ISO 9006 certification this year.


If you have not visited Manali, visit it; if you have gone in the past, go again and, if you have gone a few times in the past, visit again and again. This is my feeling culled out of my intensive experience at Manali. The place is a visitors paradise: a place where nature has descended to spread its fragrance and to give its feel to each and every man everywhere.From the tourism point of view, Manali may not be the substitute of Srinagar, but, certainly, an alternative.

It has to offer so many breath-taking places to the tourists and visitors that you have to stay a minimum of fifteen to twenty days, if not more, to enjoy your outing to the brim.

  • Manali is mountainous valley in the right lap of the Himalayan ranges.
  • Himachal Pradesh is known as Apple-land of India and Manali has a great share ofapple production of the state.
  • I, with my family, left for New Delhi Airport from Bhubaneswar Airport by Indian for a two-hour journey during Mid-August, generally considered as an off-season chosen by me as ideal because I got all my reservations for journey and lodging at a big discount.
  • The next morning, an eighteen-seator single-engined aircraft was ready to start at 06.30AM, but took off at 09.30AM as the climate in the Himalayan ranges was cloudy.
  • Ultimately at about 10.30AM, we reached Kullu Airport.The experience inside the aircraft was very exciting because co-passengers were only four, not to speak of the pilot who could be considered as a co-passenger in the sense that his driving seat was at our front like the seat in a luxury bus and he was a nice fellow who talked to us all through our journey.
  • He, also, had tea, coffee and snacks for us and a packet full of chocolates besides fruit juice. There was no air-hostess or attendant and self-service was the provision.
  • But what was irritating was the sound of the aircraft; but to get something you have to give up something and at the end of the journey, we were disappointed that such an exhilarating experience had come to an end.


  • Kullu area is a valley and very nice in every way.
  • The Dussera Festival here is observed with much pomp and ceremony and the Kullu King leads a huge procession which is almost the best in the country and must be seen to be believed.
  • We hired a pre-paid taxi to Manali from the Kullu Airport and reached Manali at about 02.00PM and went straight to our officers` association guest house arranged in a star hotel at a nominal cost of Rs100/- per day, though the actual cost would have been Rs3000/- per day during off-season.
  • So, comfort at less cost guaranteed us a longer stay at negligible cost. Also, that being an off-season, we could extend our stay for fourteen days at a stretch, though we had to change to three rooms in the process.
  • Off-season, also, gave us discount of 25% in our boarding bill.

Know about Manali Area:

  • Know about ManaliArea 7.12 Sq. Kms.Altitude 2,050 Mtrs approx..
  • Temperature Max. / Min.Summer 28 °C / 20 °CWinter 18 °C / 2 °CLanguages Himachali, Hindi, EnglishReligion Hinduism, Buddhism.
  • Best Time to visit Kullu Manali April – June / September – DecemberManali is located at an altitude of 2050 m along the banks of the Beas.STD Code 01902Hospitals:
  • Civil Hospital, The Mall, Manali, Tel: 253385Lady Willington’s Mission Hospital Manali Tel: 253714Population 6,265 (2001 census)What to SeeHadimba Temple:
  • This pagoda temple dates back to 1553, enshrines the footprints of the goddess Hadimba, the wife of Bhima, one of the five great Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata.
  • The Museum of Traditional Himachal Culture, near the Hadimba temple houses artifacts of folk art of the entire Kullu valley.
  • Manu Temple: It is the ancient temple of the sage Manu and Manali is named after him.
  • It is at a distance of 3 km northwest of Manali, ie.Old Manali, famous for its orchards and old guesthouses.
  • Monasteries: Manali also has three Tibetan monasteries built recently.Arjun Gufa: Arjuna, one of the five Pandava brothers, is believed to have performed his penance here.Vashisht Temple: Situated at a distance of three kms From Manali, It is believed to be the abode of Vashisht, the famous sage, which is renowned for its hot sulpher springs.
  • Some old temples are also close to it.Jagatsukh: Jagatsukh has the Gayatri Temple built by Pandva’s.Solang Valley:
  • The Solang valley is around 18 kilo meters from Manali has the glacier nearest to the resort. Adventurous ski sports are played here during January – February.Rohtang Pass: Located at a height of 3980 m, the Rohtang Pass is snow-clad and famous for skiing and tourist enjoyment.
  • Rahalla Falls- Sixteen kms from Manali and before the Rohtang Pass at an altitude of 2500m, this wonderful fall is situated.
  • Nehru Kund: It is a beautiful spring situated six kms from Manali, on the way to KeylongThe Manali market is crowded Tibetans selling carpets and crafts.
  • Manali has Mountaineering Institute, a popular base for trekking and mountaineering in summer and skiing in winter. Over the high passes are available tourist huts and rest houses for trekking enthusiasts.
  • Naggar Fort: is a castle converted into a rest house and luxury hotel. It has architecture and design from the Pal Dynasty.Manali is known for its shiny gompas or Buddhist monasteries.
  • The smaller and more modern Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa stands nearer the bazaar. It has a colossal gold-faced Buddha.Naggar , Naggar was the old capital of Kullu District.
  • This castle is now converted into Heritage Hotel by Himachal Tourism. Roerich Art Gallery made by the famous Russian painter to be seen, also.
  • Manikaran: It is 86 km from Manali. Here icy cold waters of the Parvati river and hot-water springs co-existHow to Get ThereBy air:
  • The nearest airport is at Bhuntar (Kullu), 50kms from Manali.By rail: The nearest narrow gauge railhead is at Jogindernagar (135 km).
  • The nearest broad gauge railway station is Chandigarh (310 km).By road:From Delhi – 585 km via Mandi.clip_image001[1] From Simla the distance is 270 km.

Sources & References:

How to Stop Alcoholism

Over the past two decades the incident of alcoholism has doubled and this is alarming. There are some of the western statistics which can be very well considered as universal. Some three million people suffer from catastrophic medical gives a wine or liquor its distinctive character , an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus) These include low molecular weight alcohols like that of methanol and butanol aldehydes, esters, histamine, phenols, tannins, iron, lead and cobalt .

Effects of Alcohol:

  • Alcoholic black out that is an episode of forgetting all or part of what occurred during drinking..
  • Decrease in sleep latency as it helps to people to fall asleep. Alternation in sleep cycle with bad dreams.
  • Peripheral neuropathy that is limb numbness, tingling and parasthesias.
  • Wernickes and Korsakoff syndromes.
  • Cerebellar degeneration.
  • Impairment in recent and remote memory.
  • Permanent CNS impairment which is otherwise known as alcoholic dementia.
  • Psychosis, hallucinations and delusions.
  • Agitations, confusion and violence in many situations.

On Gastrointestinal system:

  • Oesophagitis, vomiting of blood due to tear in the lining of oesophagus related to food type.
  • Interfaces with absorption of B-Vitamins
  • Hemorrhage from duodenum and diarrhoea
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Pancreatitis-acute and chronic
  • Liver metabolism is affected
  • Fatty accumulations of liver as alcohol induced hepatitis.
  • Increased cancer risk-oesophagus , stomach, liver pancreas ,breast.

On blood:

  • Anemia
  • Decreases production of white blood cells that risks of repeated infections blood pressure
  • Weakening of Cardiomyopathy
  • Rhythm disturbances
  • Heart failure

On sexual functioning:

  • Impotence
  • Irreversible atrophy of testes
  • Pressure result of of more to reduce a persons weight and thereby blood pressure.

Learning safe browsing with Google Chrome

Safe browsing is the greatest of among all aspect which the user always inhibited upon to go on as this will give the user ore bandwidths, the safe, and no fear from all the security vulnerabilities. Google Chrome is a modern web browser and with its constant updates from its maker the internet giant Google and introduction of sophisticated measures which aim to give the clients more space for web browsing with little or no effort has been fantastic. The more advanced technology such as Safe Browsing, sandboxing, and auto-updates which the Chrome uses in its browsing environment makes then user feel the safe.

Chrome is the first browser to introduce the new and innovative approach of tab virtualization ad thus removing any such hanging of the browser and long delay in waiting time of page loading. Chrome is excellent in reducing and minimizing the phishing and malware attacks through web browser and IE 8 follows close second. It is advisable to log in with yours default Gmail account with yours Chrome so that Chrome will make yours web browsing experience more secure by analyzing yours browsing behaviors and patterns of logging into the computer. Whenever you visit by fault to a malware or phishing site, Chrome will warn you about this with the nice visual aspect and advise you not to go there and for this the user should not be going to the site.

It is easy for Google, the search giant , which has been recording and indexing most of the sites of the web and thus knowing its pattern and behavior of malware categorization. What is a phishing attack? It is someone who is disguise of some one try to steal yours important data, the user names, email passwords etc, through some ingratitudious technologies. It is therefore some of the content management sites which has been doing this so it is advisable not to give yours passwords to any such sites. The sandboxing, the virtualized environment wile surfing the least privileged parameters helps Chrome to defend the phishing attack whenever you browse through suspicious sites.

Save Water
Save Water

It gives one additional layer of protections for yours browser and with this yours browser vulnerability is minimized to a considerable extent. Do not forget to enable the auto updating feature of Chrome as this has been a critical functionality as Chrome is in constant state of development by availing this opportunity yours web browser will always stay updated and will fight any eventualities whenever any vulnerabilities occurs in the internet arena. Google Chrome has the basic security measures for yours web browsers in place so that , you can always be secure while browsing the web.

Click the wrench icon tools menu on the browser toolbar. Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on a Chromebook). Click the Under the Hood tab. Here you can find various security settings and adjust it to yours best possible knowledge. Here you can see the Phishing and malware protection, SSL certificates and settings, Web content settings. Here you can find the cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins, pop-ups, and location sharing. Adjust all these according to yours need and manage and control yours surfing habits. Google Chrome is a versatile web browser, with a lot of tweaking and attaining its configurations to its maximum possible safety instructions.

When yours web browser does not connect to the required website , Chrome will show you the reason behind this and read it carefully the reason and try to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the seamless browsing experience with Google Chrome. The act of predicting the statement of the future of what you are typing in the web address bar namely the omni bar will give you suggestions about websites by searching for yours history of websites previously used. This has been a painless exercise as the user does not have to type the entire website; supposedly one is using theses sites earlier in the same browser.

Due to fast prediction of network actions Google will search earlier and contact the IP address wile typing the web address in the Omni bar inside the web browser space. Cookies are files created by websites you’ve visited to store browsing information so that in yours next visit the website will load faster and also in case of any data base management the response time will be fast with good loading facilities of Ajax and other important web HTML parameters.

Chrome has specific provision to edit the way you want the visiting sites to store the cookies on yours computer and with this you can manage all yours cookies and further if any danger lurking around these can be safe guarded. Microsoft says most of the cookies are safe but some may have the second level danger so for this a good cookie management is the order of the day.

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