What to Blog about?

You have to consider the two aspects in this situation first one is whether to find out all the burning topics inside internet and then make it resize and reappear inside your blog post and the other aspect is to write the original content and that should straight come from your cognition and imagination and your innovative ideas.

The first one is not bad as it is sounding as it comes with a hell lot of internet research and understanding of content and finding the right one in the right place and assigning and collecting all the links and makes them available at one place. People will prefer to come to your website as they are finding all the contents in the catalogue manner instead and in this way you can rest assume that even people will reach to your blogger blog first before venturing out to the original website, this is interesting and carefully considerate option.

The negative part is that to many it seems that it is the boring stuffs and also it is not related to creating your perfect identity and also the page rank will not be better with it.If you are planning to write down the original stuff then it is better to be a good writer and good command over the language concerned. How can you assume that you are a good writer, it is better to make the self assessment and also get the reviews from honest and good persons so that you would know your boundaries?

Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi
Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi

Ask your friends, close ones, near and dear ones, those whom to you rely upon and they will tell you the exact truth and then you can proceed with your writings. The very idea of your own blog with good and original writing seems always enchanting but it is not the roses all the way there are thorns waiting to be hurt at you so better prepared for it and go it accordingly.

Try your hand at writing and slowly and securely you would find that you are better than what you supposed to and slowly and smoothly develop your writing styles. Make it as a practice and daily routines and slowly and simply you would become pro and with this your writing will get the real identity.Now you should be blogging aboutwhat you are the most comfortable with. That is with the subject related to what you have known and what can make you a geek with the considerable writing proportions.

Take for my example, I am comfortable with technology related writings and in this blog you would find a lot of stuff on these and many a times my past time hobbies like that of videos and also some cool travel articles. In the morning while walking I saw two calf are locking their horns and it seems that they are playing and they have no horns but they are doing campfires the friendly fight and they I shoot that video and about to upload and planning to write one write up on this subject.

To prolong the point the topic should be such that it will flow when you are typing with the type writer and the thoughts and the process of writing will come undisturbed and without any stoppages or gaps. If your writing is dry still people will read it if it offers some fresh and innovative points and with this the entire process of writing should be original and on the subject that is best known to you so that with it you could feel the comfortable in writings.

All related to passion and if you are passionate about any subject, even if it is short still people will read about it and support your entire writing styles. In this way you can garner the entire audience and their speculations and their hopes and aspirations.

Some times blogger fear that their subject of specialty is most common and the people will not find any sort of interest in this topic. This is totally not correct and this fear can be called upon as the fear to lose in the jungle and this should not be the case here.

If you think some topic is interesting and you can handle it very good then do not think twice , type it and then publish it on your blog , you will never know it can be the real it among the most common writings and in this manner you can gain more coverage as this may be the common subject and searched by many but still you have done the inevitable by reaching top of the Google searches and in this way your audience circle increases and also the entire spasm of your writings will be noted by many.

A good blog with a new or little discussed topic and with a niche idea and followers will gain the right thrust in the blogging sphere.How much links should be inside your blog post?This is difficult and depending on your writing style it can be less of more and normally in the bloggers blog it is advisable to use lesser links so that it will be indexed earlier with Google and this will augur well for your blog as it can gain the better visibility.

If you like that sort of essay or model type then few or no links but if you going for the conventional ones with lots of relevant link then you will need this. It is you should think about this whether to go for it or not but it is better to go with fewer number of links so that your blogger blog will load faster as before loading it tries to get the connections and then connect as it can increase the loading times with it so it is better to have fewer links with it.

If you are doing one of the technology blog then the links at the end of the article is necessary to relate the product or the reviews you are preparing for it and also if you are writing on societal issues then the links in the middle of the article is necessary.

One aspect is important do not over do the links as it can ruin all the contents of the articles and also if you are opting for any sort of link based advertisement it is one of the better idea not to go for it as though with due process it can garner some money but in the longer run it will ruin your popularity and also bloggers blog loading time will increase considerably, the quality of indexing by search engines will be less due too much of hyperlinks.If it your personal opinion then you can write freely but if you are writing from the sources then it is always better to give respect to the original source and the links attached to it. Then you should definitely quote the source and then hyper link them.

This will make your blog more and more credible and more towards the originality and people will appreciate your efforts and brilliant work in the longer run. It really should not matter who got it really fast it the real writing and the sublet matter that is of very significantly important. Even in many well made blog tries to lift from some other blogs and then insert it into your blog to receive more attributes.

You will find these trends in some of the more real and good popular ones so that the writing part will not be seen as monotonous. To get the general idea you should view some other blog to know how they are working it and how your blog is progressing as with new blogger interface you can get the daily status and source of audiences.

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The Inherent Cohesion

Still fathom to be true the mechanism of inherent cohesion and the thoughts which has been the magic in my mind flowing through emotions. The friendship and beliefs all has been in the watt to phantasm. Each and every day seems the dreams that are being wonderfully crafted and all the togetherness is going to find the attachments. The schools just been opened and the new season and the new study, the fear and the searching for absolute wonderful holograms is making all the waves of mind and heart.

The friendship goes much bigger as it is one of the rarest of one which has the due respect and other commands. The co education and the sheer imaginative solution with newer study and assignments is going past all the horizons and remembering all the stories about us and still longing for it. The thoughts and the passion is always there though all are not to be known because of the stage of the age which is still going for some sort of manners and the passion involving one another.

The bell rang into the school the abnormalities is never known and many class fellows students one new student and we just glanced in surprise because at this stage it is almost impossible for the readmission. Some said she was there before two years and now reaching here again. That town was the hill town and the atmosphere is completely hazy with clouds going here and there and roaming inside the heart. The sheer looks seems friendly and it seems she is staring only at me, may be right or wrong does not matter it seems we have been friends for ages.

The hazy looks and the parking in her eyes seems for me but still in doubt as it can be some sort of imagination on behalf me and can it be real ?

That day was just the beginning of the rainy season at the hill station. Climate is cloudy and it was rainy day for the continuous four days.

Tuition and going to study are the practice going on and this continues for the very longer days and hopes to map it on with different parameters. During that time the television signal never come out cleanly and you have to see with deep eye mechanism with long terrestrial antennas to see the television which is many a times seems the waste of time.

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi

The rain here was fantastic with complete same control of water pouring in an out with the sound of mud clouted taping and the jumping of mud into side ways and the plotting of water and turning it into mud brown color is something my child hood always enjoys and in the standard eight and that is the parallel line between the child and the adolescence is many a times the anthropological assessments. The entire climate and the clouds were seemingly touching me and then going over due to the location of the hill station.

It was the Saturday morning and the school again got the rainy day sad part for me as I was good at academics and wanting desperately to school so that some of the problems which I had faced in the night during mathematics session need to be corrected and rectified by the teacher. It had been four days where my school is going in and out for rainy days as the rains are poring and sometimes it freezes and small drops of snow falls in between making the entire body more and cooler.

The streaming wind is bustling into the arena and making me artificially crying for it. The entire arena is surrounded by the sounds of various rain creatures and making the whole atmosphere somewhat gloomy due to this heavy weather. The mild and sometimes awakening of the lightening is really making the entire night in the dark glorified and the distance hill is really shining with the touch of the lightening. Finally a clear weather The continual rain ended in the morning of Tuesday, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience spanning over four to five days of continual rain and the last day was the complete snowfall a must wonderful experience.

The throbbing of rain stops almost four days of schooling and this time sure the day will be hectic with lots of studies and weekly tests as and when I was always prepared for the tests as scholar student as I am. Four new students enter this batch in the standard eight and they ha\d been recognized and introduced by the class teacher. I would rush to school as I would not want to reach jut before the customary prayer and that is why I rushed to school though the land is opposite side of the slope and that is why while running the feeling of speed breaker to the mind does comes in.

The atmosphere sans then sun ray and it feels still sooner or later there will be the rain in the vicinity and that is why I was running to school to reach there before the rains starts. Cool winds shivering all around and this seems that it is the sign and the nature telling me by the side ways to run to school otherwise I would get weight. Due to heavy food the running to school seems a bit heavy but I manage it and then reach at the school compound and before that slow snow fall again comes and I was happy that I finally reached school. It was time about to start the prayer and I stayed at the lien of my standard eight and due to reach just in time I had to stand at the bottom of the line.

Then, I looked at the front that was there and one slim figure standing and it felt me that I did not know that class fellows so I tapped the hand and wanted to ask where have you been? The response was sudden and with a complete smile beneath and turned and I realized that she was a girl though from the dress point of view and the rain coat over it I thought a boy so I stood slightly feeling guilt in my heart.

Her smile convinced me she not felt that way and she school hands with me and that was the very first time I shook hand with an alien lady and that feels something different and that time at the standard eight I certainly could not understand the real feeling but it seems that the coherent and the inner attitudinal prolongations seems to rise above some still structure.

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How law and order changed after change of party after winning recently concluded assembly election of Odisha 2019

Puri is the coastal town of Odisha the eastern state of India. It is an ancient city. It is the religious capital of Odisha. There are many floating population here. People mainly reached here for Jagannath temple and the wonderful sea-beach. Jagannath Temple is a famous Hindu Temple. In Puri town people from nearby districts reach here for business. They sell each and every prices in higher prices and have a good amount of revenue benefits. In earlier time there are vandalisms and people from the particular party have many volunteers who demand money from these vegetable vendors.

During those time prior to the year 2019, due to demand of certain amount of money from these vendors by some influential people everything here comes up with a higher amount as the vendors take these charges from consumers. This means they are indirectly taking the extra amount of money from citizens and voters of Puri.

People tend not to say anything about it due to the presence of all out fear psychosis that has been overtaken over them. Those vendors or shops do not provide them weekly lump sum they tend to be attacked and even in some incidents we do find the presence of mortal combat and in this way vendors obliged to them and paid the weekly money and then charge extra to customers. In this way they make up for their losses.

MG Gandhi
MG Gandhi

These vendors feels powerful as they are well supported by these vandalistic elements and with their support they even behave badly to people and that makes the entire situation and environment very difficult to digest but if citizens oppose then these vendors will call these vandalistic elements and they create fear environment before 2019.

Odisha assembly elections comes along with general election of India. This time the same BJD government relected to Odisha but the assembly MLA in Puri changes and it goes to BJP. The five time MLA loses and it is one of the major setbacks for the ruling party. Though in the assembly the same BJD came but it loses Puri seat to BJP. Then came the complete transformation of Puri town.

During recent car festival more and more Hindu groups reached and they provide free foods and this time comes in higher quantity and this goes on to show that with due course of time it reflects the major shift down and the improvements of living standards and conditions of Puri town. There are a large number of tiffin shops just in front of LIC office which is situated in front of Gundicha Temple. In previous regime prior to 2019 the vandalistic elements used to come and demand weekly money from these shops.Now after change of regime, those are either been caught by police or been jailed.

Prior to some days some of these elements reached there and eat high amount of tiffin and when the vendor asked for money he asked for weekly money and then the vendors told them in this new regime we are being told that no one will be paying weekly money and they call the police and the law enforcing authorities reached the place within seconds and caught hold them and send to behind bars.
So, with the advent of new regime in Puri town the fear psychosis is coming to an end. In the earlier regime there is almost all the time in fighting among rival groups and throwing of hand-held local-made bombs in public places and firing and murder of people and this makes living within Puri town extremely difficult to sustain and now there is peace everywhere. No one is afraid of anything. Within a few days most of vandalistic elements are either being encountered or being taken to jail and in this way people who make businesses and citizens used to come in front and live a rest free and carefree life.

The road are now constructed without any corruption and the divider in VIP road make movement of people easier. State government perhaps have not implemented motor vehicle act in Puri and that means the speeding up of vehicles and breaking of traffic rules and regulations continues unabated and without any fear of being fined so far.

I saw in Bhubaneswar most of bikers are now with helmets and this means that the traffic police rules is being strictly implemented and sooner it will be implemented in the rest of town of Odisha. Any government or law administrative units runs with fear psychosis then it will soon be reduced into nothing however popular it might have been. The example of Puri town leadership showcase it and it provides absolute level of change over where people feel the sense of insecurity in a fearful environment.

The Winter at Puri

Puri is a place nearer to sea side with lots of visitors and devotees pouring into it through out the year. The summer here is not hot but the humidity is super high with lots of perspiration and lots of intolerance to corky summer. The rainy season has plenty of rains and sometimes the nearby villages flooded with water, then the flood relief, and other aids to them. The summer is very long though the higher temperature is not so in terms it’s Para but the feeling of heat is great and higher due to humidity inclement to the top.

Fall Winter:

In the summer the wind seems to stop and the clouds hovering up and above the sky refuses to relent and increasing the heat as the hot wind cannot escape form the soil making it more and more difficult to bear. The winter starts from first week of December and it is the sever winter if you compare with the standards of Odisha. The soaring cold, the cool wind, and the penetrating wind with medium humidity are severely affecting health as this gives rise to dental problem and limbs problems. I cannot describe how this cold is ruing the body; it is more and more difficult to sustain this.

The cool wind from the Bay of Bengal is snoozing onto the mind and making the whole process dim and very ache towards side brain and this is very difficult. The cold graph is self increasing and it will be higher at the end of the month with severe winter and very intolerable cool. What is the reason behind this and why the winter at Puri is always a danger to the health of the people here? Unable to devise this aspect seems and think a lot but cannot understand so far and that is why I wrote this write up.

Some say it is the cold winter winds coupled with the saline climate from the sea is making the thing worse and some say it is the greenery of this ancient town is doing this phenomena but still not sure and no scientific backing of these facts. The heavy winter is taking its toll and it is better to cover yours ear while at the early morning or at the evening, you should cover the entire ear so that it will not harm yours body. The cold and the cool winds is making the matter worse with as it is entering through yours ear and making you attain to the cold.

Fell the cold and feel the heat at Puri with lots of extreme climatic conditions and it is advisable for tourists to come with prepared with woolen clothes especially for protection on ears and head so that they will not be affected by it. Puri has the climatic conditions of both the extremes with lots of intolerable hot with high humidity but low on hat temperature and on the other hand in the winter it is soaring cold and shivering to the body and mind, think about it.

Values Emanating from Exercise

Exercise is been synonymous with better looking and muscle building and flexing , to exhibit and sliding show of strength etc. There is more to it and when you browse this write up you will understand and find the real importance of doing the exercise. As human beings ours teeth structure is so much so that it is compatible with only vegetables and fruits, to know more watch the teeth structure of some of the animals like lions or tigers in some TV shows and you will know much about it.

Why doing exercise is important?

  • As the civilization grows human tends to eat more and more non vegetarian and with it humans becomes fat and hanged with fleshes all over his body and entire structure.
  • Fatness can be contributed from other factors like the life style change, yours gene structure, climate change and so on.
  • One parameter you can check is to do exercise or simple jogging or morning work. It is vital to consult yours doctor before going this as in some case in terms of blood pressure or other symptoms doctors may advise you against.
  • Exercise can be help full in making yours body to shape up with yours all yours daily routines of work, morning jogging can stimulate yours body for the entire days and nights and morning walk can be substitute for yours sleeping peels and also you burn yours calories with it and thus exercise keeps yours body fit and running to its fullest.

Why exercise in the morning is good for health?

  • The morning winds is helpful in maintaining yours heart pure and healthy and early to rise is more helpful than you think of it.
  • Due to early rise you will early to sleep this makes you a fantastic life style.
  • Try this simple funda of walking or jogging in the morning and you will feel the whole day belongs to you.
  • This is like the much needed petrol for yours body that will run yours body through out the day and till the night.
  • This gives you the opportunity to play with yours life and enjoy yours life as the much needed exercise will benefit you in the long run, you will be cautious towards yours life and life will be like paradise on this earth.

Insights on Recession

The example I am going to give here does not relate to good business, but your business will grow phenomenally if you learn from it. The case is related to a government hospital at the city of Puri at Orissa in Central India. The case is unique because government hospitals in Indiaexcept may be one or two hospitals like AIIMS at Delhi are noted for their callousness, carelessness and lack of concern for their patients and the situation is quite alarming.

I for myself am less prone to preference for treatment at any government hospital and even never at Puri though my residence is at a stone’s through distance from the government hospital. But I had a very rare compulsion to visit the outdoor of the hospital for some emergency treatment which changed my opinion so drastically that I am not shying away from comparing the service and care rendered by the hospital to some very big corporate offices where the main motive behind is profit only and still their behavior is short of our expectations.

Just at the entrance, an employee was found seated who gave me a welcome smile and guided me to the room adjacent to it where a threesome group of members were found seated consisting of a lady doctor, one compounder and a writer to jot down names and addresses of persons coming for treatment. All of them had ample time to look at me with smiles across their lips which suggested that I am the most welcome guest to them and not a hindrance to their gossips and drowsiness which generally are the characteristic features of government hospitals in India.

The doctor asked me what my trouble was about and requested me to purchase a ticket at one rupee from the front counter to which the compounder guided me. Here I remember one occasion when I went the biggest government hospital of Orissa at Cuttack where to purchase the entry ticket I had to spend about one hour to locate the counter and to purchase the treatment ticket as, after locating the counter with my hectic effort of twenty minutes, I found ticketsalesman absent.

As soon as I came with the ticket, the compounder took the ticket from me in the most helpful manner and gave it to the register writer who asked me regarding my name and address and my age and after recording the register serial no. on the slip, he gave it to the doctor who spoke me in most soothing manner and prescribed required medicines. The compounder then told me to come after purchasing the medicines to enable the doctor to examine the medicines and explain the dosage. Within ten minutes, I came with the prescribed medicines.

The compounder examined the medicines and guided me to the room where a pharmacist was waiting for patients to come. I still remember the greeting smile of the compounder and a winning one too. He gave me the injection and shook hands with me in a good gesture. The inside and outside of the hospital are so much clean that they are perfectly in tune with the hospitability I received from the officials earlier. They all echoed in my ears that this is the reason for which the hospital is the only one of its kind in India to earn ISO 9006 certification this year.

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