How do I change my two-factor authentication number on Social Media Accounts?

The concept of two factor authorization comes from the state of security where we can find more and more security for ours online accounts so as to provide an extra layer of security to secure yours account. On earlier occasion most of online accounts have single factor authentication in terms of putting passwords. It is like putting user name and password and then login into account. With due course of time due to increase of number of social media accounts, it becomes very difficult to remember each and every passwords.

Then comes the movement of second factor authentication so that login can be easily secure. In earlier time it was OTP authentication that provides one time password and that has time limit and after that it becomes defunct. The password settings of single authentication type come in the form of user’s discretion and it is that which makes security of website difficult to manage. Most users go for easier password and that means in the future hacker can guess it about it and that can have signs of problematic situations. This means there is vulnerabilities in single factor authentication as well as there are chances of phishing attacks and for this adequate mechanisms needs to be created to secure your account.

There are many forms of benefits coming out from two-factor-authentication mechanisms as it can provide more security, and reduces the risk of opening of passwords as well as prevents major money losses as it connects with hardware based security and it connects with these phone numbers and dependent upon how these perform in banking as well as financial secure conditions. It uses authenticator or phone sms as one time OTP and then it consolidates security of yours account from thereon. The use of two factor authentication system inside big corporate demands changing of its cipher format from time to time as it comes it has certain number of ciphers of OTA and then one needs to invest on it so that it  can function nicely.

To work two factor authentication works in full flow one need to understand that one has to change it from time to time and it is a continuo periodic renewal of ciphers that comes into prominence. Now we will see how to change two factor authentication phone number on various social media accounts.

Twitter: Log in to Twitter account and then go to Settings and then Accounts and then phone and then you can Update phone number and then verify your password and here you will have to renter your Twitter password to continue and put the password and then click next and you will reach to another page where you will find it in terms of change phone and it will show that your current phone number is such and such and what would you like to update it to. Then you will find it as country code let us say it can be India that is +91 and you can put the new number and you will have the choice of let people who have your phone number find and connect with you and click on it and then click on save.

Then it will send the one time password to the new number and then see your phone and find the sms code, and put it inside to re-authenticate your phone so that new number is now added to your twitter account and from now on when you login to twitter account from a new device then you will find one OTP and then you can put that OTP to enable yours Twitter account.

Facebook: Go to Face book and then Settings and then Security and Login and then scroll down to Two-factor authentication and then go to Use two factor authentication and then click on it. It will provide you to enter your facebook password to continue, and then click on continue. It will move to another page namely two factor authentication and then you can click on turn off. Another window will pop of and then click on Turn Off. It will then turn off two factor authentication and if you want to change the phone number for two factor authentication then move to Text message (SMS).

If you want to use text messages or SMS to receive verification codes. It is a good hardware backed protection where you will be using two-factor authentication and with the single factor authentication system as no one can change the passwords without acquiring the OTP from the same phone number. Then, you will find that, you can choose a mobile number that is already on your account or add a new number for two-factor authentication.  The add the phone number and then click on continue and in yours mobile number you will find the OTP and then put the OTP into it and then click on it to authenticate it. If OTP is right then two-factor authentication will switch on. Then, click on Done and then Facebook can ask you to want this number to help you make connections and see ads for making your profile more interesting for personalized advertisements.

Facebook can use your phone number for advertisement personalization and you have options to use it Not now or you can use it with the help of Use number and it depends upon you. It is important to set up another form of back up method in the case of phone number goes on missing and it is always a good idea to use two different types of authentication processes so that there could have been a back up methods always ready for you to use in the case of rainy days.

Google My Business: Google My Business provides local search optimization for businesses to connect their business with Google Maps. If yours property is linked with it then go to it and it will move to yours Google Local Business and then go to Info and then move to phone and then edit it and add your phone number and it will be shown as under review. Google will review, it and then authenticate yours phone number, and people will contact you for business when they want to enquire about yours business.

Google Account: it is important to add two factor authentication pm yours Google Account as it will connect to so many Google services. Go to Google my account and then go to secure account. It will then go to security check-up and then move to 2-step verification and you click on it, depending on your internet connection it will take time to reach to it. Then it will reach to 2-step verification and it has four ways to manage it such as set google prompt, authenticator app and then phone number and then backup codes. In order to change your phone number click on two step verification settings,  then go to voice or text message and then click on edit, it will show up a pop up windows which will show up as registered phone and it is used for verification codes are sent by text messages. Then click on remove phone and phone text back up methods are now removed or old phone number is now removed and then go to add more second steps to verify voice or text message.

Click on set up voice or text message and it will show up let’s set up your phone and then choose India and then put the new number. Google will only use this number for account security. It is important do not use Google Voice number. Google voice number is only available at US and Canada. The in the last you will find that how do you want to get codes either of two methods such as text message or phone call. Then it will send the code in accordance with the sms or phone number calling and then click on done to make it and now it will show up voice or text message to be verified after you put the OTP into Google. In this way you have added the new phone number to yours phone number.  In this article we learn about how to add two factor authentications to principal social media accounts so that yours account remain secure and free from impersonification.

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