The Balancing Act

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Due not bi-cycle earlier stage my life balance motorcycle is very how to deal with how to manage is of great significance. The physicians already advised me not to drive with high speed and always drive with one more people at the back seat so that I can be very careful in dealing with this so for this am now continuously stridently learning the act of balancing with our bike.

The background:

I am always the special child for my parents, always been caring to me always wants to be more careful and safe in the manner always for this the bike has never been my way for them and parents always want I should not ride bike as it can be of a dangerous propositions and they are extremely careful and thinking hats on these. I will see always the other class fellows and classmates have their own bike and they used to drive and ride on them during the leisure time and they used to recommend me to learn the art of biking and I always negate with half of the smile in my face.

I have never been so thoughtful to ride on the bike always and never care for it but one day after getting my well-deserved job and within two months I will have to join there and for this, a good lesson on bike is a must as always prior to that I have learnt of car driving from a proper car driving institute and having more or less proficient with it but the basic driving the that of the bicycle that the motorbike is more and more in the sphere of desirable probability and I wanted to learn it as at Bangalore my new office will be smart distance away where the wanting of driving of is not in the matter interest and the two-wheeler seems to be of a greater significance and profound essential in its very complete terms.

The beginning:

My daddy makes me learnt how to drive the two-wheeler and we get back to marine drive road in the wake of the morning for the continuously fifteen days to learn this art. Due to not learning of bi-cycle in the earlier stage of my life the balance factor in to and how to and to manage is of great significance. Due to my earlier accident at the young ages of my life, it is important to drive carefully and my parents are also always extra careful in dealing with these situations.

The physicians already advised me not to drive with high speed and always drive with one more person at the back seat so that I can be very careful in dealing with this so for this am now continuously stridently learning the act of our very significant for me as always to my early accidents while at the car and my head the side tree I was twelve at that time and after that, the doctors at NIMHANNS advised my parents to be extra careful not to be left alone at the street and not to drive any other vehicle.

So this is just like a challenge to me and I have to overcome with flying colours and my daddy is back with me while learning the tricks and bits of act balancing and driving of the wore newly helmet and some hand protection gears and then we went to the marine drive road learn act driving the bike. Daddy wanted to see me whether I can drive all alone and without help and he stayed at the back of the seat to watch it and he had fixed his eye on my driving techniques and always saying to me to be careful and watchful and open my eyes and ears always while driving.

That day took off while I was driving the two-wheeler with both of my hands are at the handle and ably supported by my daddy and we drove across almost ten kilometres and back. My dad kept telling me to look straight at the roads and keep my ears open for by-standers and trespassers and be extremely care while driving. My dad holds back of me and telling me how to shift the gear and when to shift the gear and leant me a lesson when and how to manage the gearbox with very easily understandable lessons and also taught me to always hold the break.

So that whenever I feel any discomfort or any sort of possibilities that may sound that the machine will go out of hand to use it slowly not abruptly otherwise it will throw me up out of the vehicle My daddy’s first principle is that never to drive across the road instead walk across the road with the bile at hand and that gives me more confidence and more enthusiasm as the crossing of roads seems to be very difficult at time while driving in the early stages but later on I mastered it with great ease and carefulness inside the mind.

The weather was gloomy;

Daddy asked me to turn on the light and then taught me how to drive the vehicle while driving with light. During my driving daddy learnt me about the careful aspect of driving and how to respect the traffic rules and how to keep an eye and safeguard the interest of commuters and how to drive with controlled speed as he taught me while at the lessons of driving that it is very important to understand the basic functionalities and also he learned me that we are controlling the machines are that of a savaged it is human in this case me to keep it under control always and never let it go it out of hand as it can be bad to me or else to the others.

In this way, I was able to stay with the bike for the longer period and leant the and of and the main road with utmost ease and manageable satisfactory speed limits. Conclusion: In this way, I had learnt the lessons of the bike and got is the very first-hand report and beautifully described by my daddy while teaching me the lessons of well thought out the driving lessons. Then, the other day daddy taught me about the hand signals and also traffic signals and also many pre-performed traffic rules. So, after almost ten years of biking and when I look down upon the memory lane and thinking about the teaching I still being learnt every day from my daddy about driving lessons.

He is still very much worried about me when I am at the roads whether with the two-wheelers or with four-wheelers and he always guides me and how to be more and more vigilant and good at driving. Now- a- days I ask my self how I been able to drive carefully and the credit goes to my daddy and for this am always and will be grateful to him. In this way, I also surprised my best friends since the childhood days that I can ride the two-wheelers with the utmost ease and nothing is impossible in the world it is the simple try and the zeal to want more than urges me to fulfil my utmost desire to drive the bike out in the road open.

The days passed and the years collapsed but I still remember daddy’s first bike lessons and is the first gift of two-wheeler when I got a good job and that vehicle is still with me, though with times I have bought many vehicles but the gift and the love of my daddy with the first bike the two-wheeler he gifted to me on my birthday is special to me and I always stay with it and thinking about my practice session and it always reminds me daddy’s lesson on driving and then suddenly my phone rand and it is my daddy and he wants me to stop the two-wheeler by the roadside to talk with him as this is the traffic rule not to get into the phone while driving.

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