Big Boss – 3

The Monday nomination process sprang few surprises. As usual, it became a number game rather than a mind game. The house has so many women participants than their male counterparts that the powerful male members who are virtually three in number are always going to be singled out and nominated which happened this time also.

More than anybody else, the Tanaj-Bakhtiar couple have been playing a dirty game, definitely distasteful to the viewers as not only they cling to each other unpalatably together in the hall of and on, but their voting pattern is also in the similar lines and the person voted by them definitely becomes vulnerable to nomination and ultimate eviction.

I do not understand why Big Boss gives the couple a vote each instead of giving only a single composite vote to both of them taken together, especially when they cast their votes in similar lines virtually controlling the play themselves.

It is high time that big boss should declare that their votes will not be counted as two, but only a single vote as it has been proved during the past few weeks that they have a similar voting pattern followed by consultation with each other which is illegal in the house. Big Boss should do something to capture the rapture of the viewers by freeing them from the clutches of foul play boringly adopted by the two-some.

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