How to set up Auto ads of Adsense in your website?

Google Adsense helps publishers to earn handsomely from their website traffic. There are various ways you can place advertisements to earn revenues from your website. Google provides four different methods to implement this. One of the easiest options is placing and using auto ads option to help Google to place your advertisements automatically. It comes up with similar layout tester for your website.

Adsense from Google review all of these layouts of your website and place the advertisements which suit better for revenue optimisation of your website. Auto ads will thoroughly scan your website and then suo motto place your advertisements on it. It searches for potentially stronger revenue generations for your site.

Auto ads increase your revenue as webmaster only have to place the code in header.php of theme folder of website and it automatically generates revenues from it. It continues to scan your website and then provide new ways to show ads so that the visitor can find relevant contents in addition to advertisements. It provides interest-based advertisements based on layout, content and provides equal placement where revenue generation can be increased to multiple points.

It is very simple. Log in to your Adsense dashboard and then go to ads and then go to auto ads and then place the simple two lines of code, and then Google will automatically show advertisements based on visitor’s preferences. It will automatically place advertisements and these will be responsive codes so that the load of the website goes faster. It also provides you with a good amount of opportunities to control the placements of your website. It will adjust the screen size of your website and then show advertisements based on it.

All of these auto ads are mobile friendly and these show on mobile devices and in mobile devices these advertisements shows up in mobile devices. Mobile exclusive advertisement showcase such as showing up anchor and vignette advertisements and that could showcase exclusive advertisements formats.

Google uses artificial intelligence optimised technology which understands the construction of page-structures and provides advertisements that could involve placing of advertisements at appropriate places. It analyses the contents of your website and then shows advertisements based on it. If you change the theme of your website then Google reanalyses your website and placed advertisement based on it.

It is important to enabling AMP so that all of these AMP should be enabled for your website. Auto ads can be used by site configurations. If you want not to use auto ads then you can use it by ad unit and it comes up with four advertisements units such as display ads, in-feed ads, in-article ads and matched content.

Display ads work responsive ads and it suits the size and dimension of your website and it looks different from different websites and themes. It is of three types one is that of the square, horizontal and vertical. In-feed advertisements are native ad units and it stays in between your posts which sends through feeds. In the article, advertisements are the easiest to show advertisements on different on website, and all of these shows up inside article and this way it provides more intuition of article through advertisements.

The last but not the least is matched content which shows similar articles with suggested articles, and it provides well-defined promotions and user engagements for more time so that the user stays more time with your website due to the advent of similar contents.

Adsense provides more and more interesting ways to understand the way you can earn more and more revenues for your website. Auto ads are one of the interesting ways to put ads through Google’s intelligent server and artificial intelligence and for webmaster, it is set it and forget it like scenario where they do not have to do any additional for it.

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