How to get superior security against threats targeting social media

We are living in the world of the internet where social media plays a prominent role in determining the popularity of web presence. As we have seen with the advent of social media in any of web application that form becomes a real hit and generate a hell lot of revenues for the user. This is fantastic and this can be more and more prudent in the years to come. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging is all part of being the generated social media and with this thus increases the real span of user inters actions.

With the advent of successful venture of Facebook and then subsequently the Like button which generated a huge interests among many as with this from any third party website we can reach and can sent it to Facebook, any link we like or any sort of information which we will dwell with as always been a special case to share with others though your friends like it or not like it.

When some shares a link to their friends or friends of friends then it can be at times unwanted for some as this can make the whole case of no filtering inside the Facebook as you have allowed your friend of friend statuses and with it all the other media has been distributed and many times some may be dwelling with some sort of spam for attention grabber and that can be really not wanting by you and this way these are really painstaking and not withholding this you just get to block the user.

By blocking the user is not sufficient to consume as that user is your friend and with it you will no longer be getting its status updates and that is not good for you as you can at any time get any sort of important information on him and in this way these can have some sort of not so grabbing effect on yours social community as the social means you will be meeting each and every known person and for this the due respect is also the need of the hour.

Then, what can be the solution, is there any sort of web application that is going to guard my Facebook account or my Word press blog from any sort of malicious contents that may have some sort of link hijacker or anything that is not very significance to me and why I should entertain such links in my social media profiles. Defensio 2.0 is one such web service and it is free for personal, individuals and small businesses of no less than five employees.

Today I will be talking about this service in detail about how to use this one and how it can be beneficial for us to go for it as with the huge popularity of Facebook and the blogging platform of Word press it is high time to keep your account safe from any sort of lurking eyes so that it will not be hijacked and hacked as if it goes that way then one such morning when you are logging into yours Facebook or Word press account you will find that your account is not accessible and all your friends gone now and in the case of Word press all of blogging posts has been hijacked and your account is no longer accessible and your whole of your labor of protecting your account has gone wild and you placed at nowhere.

So, the simple part is it is better to prevent such thing happening and how it can be done is the smartest question and today I will be discussing it in details so that each and every part of ideas can be known and analyzed. Defensio 2.0 will give your social media account as well as your blog the anti-spam protection and the malicious contents prevention. Defensio 2.0 is backed by Webs ense a better company in security matters and that is why its effectiveness increases.

If Defensio 2.0 is activated on your site then it will determine which contents are malicious and which are spam and then these will be blocked to prevent the unwanted clickjacking and thus your account is now protected from any sort of malicious activities. Defensio 2.0 gives you the option of category blocking and with this you can block the annoying malicious porn contents and other unwanted utilities with it and in this way, your Facebook stream or Word press comments stream goes with no spam and your website visitors as well as your Facebook friend will find the completely new trend of stream which is devoid of any such malicious contents.

Defensio 2.0 has the ability to block automatically the so called profanity contents in yours word press or Facebook and thus makes your stream more sophisticated and honorable to the needs of your friends and visitors to your Facebook and word press. Defensio 2.0 is now more improved and reliable and loads with greater speed and more transparent and with it the entire provision of blocking the unwanted contents is so smarter and efficient manner than the user will hardly able to get the sense that these has been done in the back end process this process is completely flawless.

Defensio 2.0 is based on some sort of reliable and nice personal filter mechanisms that I goes with some of the industry leading standard and with it the blocking of all unwanted materials goes on with complete accuracy and these process has almost no negative blocking .n Defensio 2.0 also goes for the newer methods of similar content blocking and with it similar blogger or Facebook user has been seen and analyzed in then real time as one content can harm one user and the other user can feel the pain of the spam content .

With the advent of continuous effort and skillful technical these process of finding and blocking the malicious content is always at the live and so that any sort of harmful content will not go phishing to any of the user.Defensio 2.0 gives you the detailed statistics and with these it offers other related content management system and the spammers get recognized by analyzing the basic headers of the images and then going to find the whether that message is spam or not and this process of detecting the spam is so good that with it even on spammer cannot go within it.

Defensio 2.0 is good for Word press blog, Jumla blog and also it is useful for Facebook and so on it has the API which if you have some sort of web building applications practice then can be employed to use it for detecting the comment spamming a comprehensively new way to detect the spam and also top all those profanity comments. Not only that with its advance statistical analysis you can get to know the location of the spammer and in this way you can detect the IP address of that spammer and block that internet protocol service.

There are lots of possibilities and lots of wonderful thing which you can do with Defensio 2.0 . It is a completely new generation advanced spam and malicious blocking applications. You can see the API section of your and also can determine the how to use it and how it can help you to enable your blog to go with the smarter way than you think of it. Defensio 2.0 joined the web sense and with it, the malware and other related cyber criminal activities can be known at the earlier possible of time and with the entire management of web-based threats has become more solidify and the entire access and the malicious links can now be smoothly attained.

Defensio 2.0 also attains some sort of dictionary based protection to stop specific offensive words and other related information and with it the entire idea of running and blocking the profanity is slowly becoming more and smoother and more and more easy to manage it with. With over fifty million real time collecting of sources of malicious contents there is almost no possibility of any sot of leaking of any threats as with it each and every threats lurking in around the internet arena is being closely monitored and has been scanned to know the real intention behind it and then these are filtered and catapulted if it shows any signs of malicious contents.

With this completely live mechanisms the less time is spent on analyzing the threats and the threat is being captured and disabled before it make any sort of negative impact on the user social media base. Defensio 2.0 can be managed so easily that you will not be techie to know it as it is a process of navigating and getting into the check boxes and so much so that it becomes easier to manage all your social networks and blog with some sort of manageable wizards and all of these can be done with the management of this sort of Web 2.0 application that is completely easy to use and manageable.

How it works:

The user generated contents is routed and tunnels through Defensio 2.0 cloud based spam filtering mechanisms. Then the content has to go through some sort of spam less threat score that is the real no spam certification , then it goes through the authorization process of material , malicious or legal spam and it is been going through all the cloud based Defensio 2.0 system. If it certifies as the legitimate then the content is immediately appears on your time line or at your blog.

If the content goes for otherwise then it gets quarantined for further review and this has to go through all those exhaustive processes which may not be known to you.

How to get it:

To get the Defensio service working on your blog or website today, you need to first sign-up for an API key. Defensio has personal option and it is free and it is free for individual and free for small enterprise of utmost five employees with twenty five thousand posts per month with basic anti-spam and malicious detection capabilities for blogs, website and Facebook.

Other features are the pricing options and also they give some sort of customized pricing if you contact them for your business ventures. So, what are you waiting for go and sign up for this device for your blog, website and Facebook and be spam-free and worry-free.

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