Easy Fixes For Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Android Phones

We are living in a world where the calculations of time seem fictional and in order to find out the real-time and the difference of distance we are still in the process of not understanding it fully but we try hard to find out the fixation of time and distant issues. Similarly from this point of view, we can imagine that nothing is perfect and even android phones from google and the original equipment manufacturers still find it hard to cope up with these issues.

This article aims to provide adequate solutions to this so that nothing can be impossible in the case when we see different dynamics of postures and use of devices when we still find it hard to find and attend on. Still, one can find it more and more productive to read such articles to display their overhaul doubts about these problems which might have been there with some phones.

This article is about Samsung phones especially the low-end Samsung phones where we do find that data connectivity issues surfaces from time to time and this article is about to solve these data connectivity problems and make it work with more and more due diligence in order to find out the real personal issues so that nothing can be difficult from time to time.

The problem with Samsung phones begins when daddy wants to change the sim and want to shift that sim to another device which has dual 4G connectivity in order to stay on there for some time and that makes running of devices extremely difficult when I put another sim into it and suddenly the internet connectivity does not work here. The 64GB memory card daddy took it on his new phone and for this, for the time being, I had to work with without memory card and on the other side, due to a large amount of memory save inside so I do not have to find it difficult to store inside system drive of android devices.

So despite time and again trying still not been able to find out the real problem attached with my Samsung phone which is hurting it and not opening web pages with it. I could not find out the exact reasons behind this and also my sim on my older phones working nicely and the signal of the sim is good and nice but still, I could not find the real reason behind it why the internet is still not working.

In the meantime, in the afternoon my sister is back from work and when I show her my phone that the internet is not working then she asked me whether the memory card is there or not. I told her that I put inside an 8GB memory card and then as daddy took the memory card for this I have to insert the 8GB memory card. Still, the internet is not working. My sister asked me to open the battery of the phone and for this, I switched off the phone and then remove the back cover and then remove the battery and after that, there is a dual sim card slot for the phone.

That phone has the dual sim card slot and in one sim card slot, there is space for insert of memory card and under it the place for insert of the sim. What I have done is that I insert one sim and then the place of memory card is above the sim and the second sim card slot is left blank and open. My sister said this is why Samsung phone is not connecting to the internet. She drives out the sim and then inserts it into the vacant sim position and then the memory card above the other sim positions which is currently left vacant.

In the vacant sim position, one needs to insert the memory card and on the second sim slot one needs to insert the sim. This means that the memory card and the sim to be placed on different slots. Then she switched on the phone and go to about and then memory from android settings and then from storages then there are two options from this. In the memory card options format memory card and then restart your device and then you will find that the internet is working with Samsung devices.

I have seen most of the low-end Samsung devices the presence of such a problem is there if in a dual sim device you use a single sim and then find out that the internet is not working then you can follow the above-mentioned methods to get rid of such a problem.

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