Difference between Redmi 6A and 7A

Both Redmi 6A and Redmi 7A are budget and affordable smart phones with latest updates and operating system. Both are very popular and both are different varients of budget smart phones from the makers of Xioami. Both phones have android 9 operating system and in every three months both are receiving cumulative and security updates.

The location of sound output:

The sound output of Redmi 6A is at the rear side and the sound output of Redmi 7A is nearer to charging port and this means that it is almost nearer to ear and the sound is very much audible with it. Due to presence of sound output at the front side one can listen sound with much ease. In most of phones I always thinks that why there is no sound output at the front side instead most of them are at the rear side and for this one has to skip the visuals to listen sound in crowded places.

When I run the same audio files with same audio resolution I do find that the sound output and the well cleaned sound comes from Redmi 7A and this does not intend to say that sound output of Redmi 6A is bad but the sound output of Redmi 7A is better and it comes with soothing sounds. Redmi 6A has high volume sound and it is also good when you are at crowded places with plenty of people but still I think you will find easier to receive the call.

The camera quality:

Redmi 6A has nice camera quality and its full screen mode provides a comprehensive clarity of picture and entire back ground can easily be covered with it and the landscape of image is nice and good. Both the camera has High Definition version and can provide detailed and full image with full screen modes. Redmi 7A come up with, Sony camera and this means this comes up with branded camera and it has artificial intelligence sensor attached with it as it automatically find the best suit performance of camera.

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Redmi 7A has no full screen mode but still in combination with artificial intelligence and high definition shooting and Sony sensor the screen shots from camera comes up with clarity and there is no such margin of errors for this. The camera size of both Redmi 6A and Redni 7A are almost same but still, one can see that the presence of Sony camera in Redmi 7A provides awesome camera performance with automatic capture of screen shots with Redmin 7A camera.

The battery size:

There is vast difference between battery sizes of Redmi 6A and Redmi 7A. Redmi 6A comes up with 3000 battery and Redmi 7A comes up with 4000 battery. The entire 1000 difference battery very impressive. Other than that the screen size and the screen quality of both the smart phones are almost same.

The grip of Redmi 7A is good and stay with the hand in complete and suitable manner but when you do play Fruittninza classic games at its peak be careful to hold your phone in tight other wise it can drop from your hands.

The finising of Redmi 7A is good and it stays with hand for normal ohone functions such as calling, sending of SMS and so on but as written above, while playing high-intensive games such as Fruit NInza classic or Temple Run one need to hold the phone in right perspective so that it will not fall back from yours hands at any point of time.

Sim and Memory card placeholders:

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There is vast difference of sim and memory card placeholders in Redmi 6A and Redmi 7A. Redmi 6 A both sim can have 4G volte connectivity at the same time and it is important when one of sim is from Jio which needs to connect to 4G all the time and it needs to be seen that, it should have 4 G connectivity in both sims. Redmi 6A has two sim slots and for the primary sim the memory card slot is attached and for the secondary sim it has another room on the side of Redmi 6A.

In Redmi 7A two slots for 4G sim at the same time and then the memory card slot is attached with it. For a change Redmi 7 A comes up with One door for two 4G sim slot and the memory card slot. Personally, I find the dual sim slot of Redmi 6 A is good and very convenient. The single sim card and memory card slot of Redmi 7A sims vulnerable to break and it is important for users to carefully drive out the memory card slot and then insert sim and memory card and if you fill up two sims and memory card do try to insert it straight so that it will not break in between and personally I do feel that sim and memory card arrangements of Redmi 6A is better that Redmi 7A.


Redmi 7A comes up with MIUI 11.0.2 stable which is constructed upon Android 9. It has android security patch level of January 2020. It is superfast and it comes up with two preinstalled themes. You can download more themes from its theme store from time to time in order to have better visibility and looking parameters.

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It is the upgraded version from that of Redmi 6A and it will get more and more updates than of course its predecessor and it is currently in January 26 Republic sale of 2020 in Mi India website is available with stupendous price of 4999 Indian rupees.

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