A New Methodology That Measures Your Sites Social Quality

Social Quotient of any website is measured in terms of its validity towards sharing and circulation of websites in different social media networks. There are many social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others. From time to time new and innovative social networking website comes and with it comes the perfection to understand how to share the website to which communities and how to circulate and create the word of mouth.

From time to time we do see the rise and the fall of Orkut and then Google+. Those networking websites which does not showcase a good amount of goal which aimed by the organisation than those slowly died down and the companies removed those networking sites. Once the famous Orkut which was popular in India and Brazil and then comes the new version of it and it comes up with high amount of data usages and that proves to be the doom of such networking websites as during those times the quality of internet is not on higher side and the speed is just nearer to 2G networks.

Orkut was once popular and slowly it goes towards the down after the advent of Facebook as the user interface of Facebook is of a good amount of quality as well as one can see the amount of success comes in the form of wonderful opportunities. Google comes up with another alternative after it shuts down Orkut and opens Google+ and for one point of time it was so popular but them after a certain period of time it also proves to be the accumulation of spams and that slowly makes it unpopular.

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As the webmaster when you share so much on such social networking websites and suddenly you find that such websites are ceased to exist and this means all of these backlinks and others which you created in the form of development of websites slowly remove all of a sudden but do not worry about it. Do share to popular networking websites from time to time and then try hard to find out which is popular at that point of time and continue to share on those without thinking about how many days these will stays and whether these will be ended at some point of time or not.

At one point of time Stumble Upon does provide a huge amount of traffic for webmasters but with due course of time we do find that how come it changes to Mix social networking websites with reduced parameters of sharing. I can recall during the times of Trinod and Bukisha and those are the sites which provide a huge amount of money to writers and during that times sharing of such articles in StumbleUpon does provide a huge amount of traffic outcome to website. Now, with officially StumbleUpon changes to Mix and sharing parameter also changes to another level.

Now, we move towards the separation of website sharing with the static pages of websites and in this way we come forward to understand that from time to time as the webmaster we need to innovate and move towards, another social networking websites such as VK, DIIGO, XING which provides the modern day sharing opportunities for webmasters to increase their social quotient of website.

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In today’s time, the increasing popularity of TikTok cannot be ignored and for this one can create one minute video and then post it and then make it popular to drive more organic traffic towards your website. There was the time when Digg was good for sharing to a specific category of yours link from, website and slowly, we can find that the end of Digg also removed many such backlinks. We should not all be thinking about it and adopt a new and innovative approach of sharing and move towards absolute strength of sharing of websites and make it more and more popular.

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