What to Blog about?

You have to consider the two aspects in this situation first one is whether to find out all the burning topics inside internet and then make it resize and reappear inside your blog post and the other aspect is to write the original content and that should straight come from your cognition and imagination and your innovative ideas.

The first one is not bad as it is sounding as it comes with a hell lot of internet research and understanding of content and finding the right one in the right place and assigning and collecting all the links and makes them available at one place. People will prefer to come to your website as they are finding all the contents in the catalogue manner instead and in this way you can rest assume that even people will reach to your blogger blog first before venturing out to the original website, this is interesting and carefully considerate option.

The negative part is that to many it seems that it is the boring stuffs and also it is not related to creating your perfect identity and also the page rank will not be better with it.If you are planning to write down the original stuff then it is better to be a good writer and good command over the language concerned. How can you assume that you are a good writer, it is better to make the self assessment and also get the reviews from honest and good persons so that you would know your boundaries?

Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi
Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi

Ask your friends, close ones, near and dear ones, those whom to you rely upon and they will tell you the exact truth and then you can proceed with your writings. The very idea of your own blog with good and original writing seems always enchanting but it is not the roses all the way there are thorns waiting to be hurt at you so better prepared for it and go it accordingly.

Try your hand at writing and slowly and securely you would find that you are better than what you supposed to and slowly and smoothly develop your writing styles. Make it as a practice and daily routines and slowly and simply you would become pro and with this your writing will get the real identity.Now you should be blogging aboutwhat you are the most comfortable with. That is with the subject related to what you have known and what can make you a geek with the considerable writing proportions.

Take for my example, I am comfortable with technology related writings and in this blog you would find a lot of stuff on these and many a times my past time hobbies like that of videos and also some cool travel articles. In the morning while walking I saw two calf are locking their horns and it seems that they are playing and they have no horns but they are doing campfires the friendly fight and they I shoot that video and about to upload and planning to write one write up on this subject.

To prolong the point the topic should be such that it will flow when you are typing with the type writer and the thoughts and the process of writing will come undisturbed and without any stoppages or gaps. If your writing is dry still people will read it if it offers some fresh and innovative points and with this the entire process of writing should be original and on the subject that is best known to you so that with it you could feel the comfortable in writings.

All related to passion and if you are passionate about any subject, even if it is short still people will read about it and support your entire writing styles. In this way you can garner the entire audience and their speculations and their hopes and aspirations.

Some times blogger fear that their subject of specialty is most common and the people will not find any sort of interest in this topic. This is totally not correct and this fear can be called upon as the fear to lose in the jungle and this should not be the case here.

If you think some topic is interesting and you can handle it very good then do not think twice , type it and then publish it on your blog , you will never know it can be the real it among the most common writings and in this manner you can gain more coverage as this may be the common subject and searched by many but still you have done the inevitable by reaching top of the Google searches and in this way your audience circle increases and also the entire spasm of your writings will be noted by many.

A good blog with a new or little discussed topic and with a niche idea and followers will gain the right thrust in the blogging sphere.How much links should be inside your blog post?This is difficult and depending on your writing style it can be less of more and normally in the bloggers blog it is advisable to use lesser links so that it will be indexed earlier with Google and this will augur well for your blog as it can gain the better visibility.

If you like that sort of essay or model type then few or no links but if you going for the conventional ones with lots of relevant link then you will need this. It is you should think about this whether to go for it or not but it is better to go with fewer number of links so that your blogger blog will load faster as before loading it tries to get the connections and then connect as it can increase the loading times with it so it is better to have fewer links with it.

If you are doing one of the technology blog then the links at the end of the article is necessary to relate the product or the reviews you are preparing for it and also if you are writing on societal issues then the links in the middle of the article is necessary.

One aspect is important do not over do the links as it can ruin all the contents of the articles and also if you are opting for any sort of link based advertisement it is one of the better idea not to go for it as though with due process it can garner some money but in the longer run it will ruin your popularity and also bloggers blog loading time will increase considerably, the quality of indexing by search engines will be less due too much of hyperlinks.If it your personal opinion then you can write freely but if you are writing from the sources then it is always better to give respect to the original source and the links attached to it. Then you should definitely quote the source and then hyper link them.

This will make your blog more and more credible and more towards the originality and people will appreciate your efforts and brilliant work in the longer run. It really should not matter who got it really fast it the real writing and the sublet matter that is of very significantly important. Even in many well made blog tries to lift from some other blogs and then insert it into your blog to receive more attributes.

You will find these trends in some of the more real and good popular ones so that the writing part will not be seen as monotonous. To get the general idea you should view some other blog to know how they are working it and how your blog is progressing as with new blogger interface you can get the daily status and source of audiences.

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