What is the true definition of democracy?

Democracy protects right of people. here, people lives in the environment of peaceful living and does not fear of anything. They can perform their religious duties without any opposition. They can have no fear to provide their opportunities for performing the religious duties. Ladies and girls should not have any such fear or afraid of anything and they should be equally have the peaceful living without any such advent of fear.

The true definition of democracy is the presence of equal field for majority as well as that of minorities. In India we do find that minorities are living peaceful life and they do not have anything to fear for observing their religious duties. On the other hand in the neighboring countries of India such as Pakistan where the number of religious minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhist, Zoroastrians and Christian population is decreasing at a rapid pace and this is the most phenomenal cause of many thinkers.

What is the worse is that current head of Pakistan Imran Khan is not able to reduce such kidnapping and force conversion of such minorities and this makes the living of minorities in Pakistan is extremely difficult to live there. A Islamic nation does not mean that it will destroy all forms of other religions and this goes on to show that the terrible level of management of politics where in most alternative days girls from minorities communities are forcibly kidnapped and government of Pakistan is proving a deaf ears to their difficulties.

It is an open atrocities against minorities and this provides the real difficulties of people living there as they have no where to go and for this the single most difficult part is that they can live in their own home land. The atrocities does not come with people but it also come with destruction of various religious institutions as destruction of temples and not allowing minorities to worship there is prominent among all of these difficulties they face in such circumstances.

In Pakistan most of religious signs such as Temples are broken into pieces and the administration does not have any concern over it. There are many human rights issues are there and they shows their finger to the amount of oppression being meted out by religious institutions especially by Islamic majority groups of Pakistan and this makes living of minorities difficult.

The only place for minorities Hindus of Pakistan to save the honor of their ladies, and their religion is to come to the democratic India and for this government of India and Parliament approve ‘ Citizenship Amendment Bill’ where it provides approval of religious minorities of neighboring Islamic countries so that they can live in a peaceful life for them as well as of their of springs in the years to come.

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