The Inherent Cohesion

Still fathom to be true the mechanism of inherent cohesion and the thoughts which has been the magic in my mind flowing through emotions. The friendship and beliefs all has been in the watt to phantasm. Each and every day seems the dreams that are being wonderfully crafted and all the togetherness is going to find the attachments. The schools just been opened and the new season and the new study, the fear and the searching for absolute wonderful holograms is making all the waves of mind and heart.

The friendship goes much bigger as it is one of the rarest of one which has the due respect and other commands. The co education and the sheer imaginative solution with newer study and assignments is going past all the horizons and remembering all the stories about us and still longing for it. The thoughts and the passion is always there though all are not to be known because of the stage of the age which is still going for some sort of manners and the passion involving one another.

The bell rang into the school the abnormalities is never known and many class fellows students one new student and we just glanced in surprise because at this stage it is almost impossible for the readmission. Some said she was there before two years and now reaching here again. That town was the hill town and the atmosphere is completely hazy with clouds going here and there and roaming inside the heart. The sheer looks seems friendly and it seems she is staring only at me, may be right or wrong does not matter it seems we have been friends for ages.

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The hazy looks and the parking in her eyes seems for me but still in doubt as it can be some sort of imagination on behalf me and can it be real ?

That day was just the beginning of the rainy season at the hill station. Climate is cloudy and it was rainy day for the continuous four days.

Tuition and going to study are the practice going on and this continues for the very longer days and hopes to map it on with different parameters. During that time the television signal never come out cleanly and you have to see with deep eye mechanism with long terrestrial antennas to see the television which is many a times seems the waste of time.

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi

The rain here was fantastic with complete same control of water pouring in an out with the sound of mud clouted taping and the jumping of mud into side ways and the plotting of water and turning it into mud brown color is something my child hood always enjoys and in the standard eight and that is the parallel line between the child and the adolescence is many a times the anthropological assessments. The entire climate and the clouds were seemingly touching me and then going over due to the location of the hill station.

It was the Saturday morning and the school again got the rainy day sad part for me as I was good at academics and wanting desperately to school so that some of the problems which I had faced in the night during mathematics session need to be corrected and rectified by the teacher. It had been four days where my school is going in and out for rainy days as the rains are poring and sometimes it freezes and small drops of snow falls in between making the entire body more and cooler.

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The streaming wind is bustling into the arena and making me artificially crying for it. The entire arena is surrounded by the sounds of various rain creatures and making the whole atmosphere somewhat gloomy due to this heavy weather. The mild and sometimes awakening of the lightening is really making the entire night in the dark glorified and the distance hill is really shining with the touch of the lightening. Finally a clear weather The continual rain ended in the morning of Tuesday, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience spanning over four to five days of continual rain and the last day was the complete snowfall a must wonderful experience.

The throbbing of rain stops almost four days of schooling and this time sure the day will be hectic with lots of studies and weekly tests as and when I was always prepared for the tests as scholar student as I am. Four new students enter this batch in the standard eight and they ha\d been recognized and introduced by the class teacher. I would rush to school as I would not want to reach jut before the customary prayer and that is why I rushed to school though the land is opposite side of the slope and that is why while running the feeling of speed breaker to the mind does comes in.

The atmosphere sans then sun ray and it feels still sooner or later there will be the rain in the vicinity and that is why I was running to school to reach there before the rains starts. Cool winds shivering all around and this seems that it is the sign and the nature telling me by the side ways to run to school otherwise I would get weight. Due to heavy food the running to school seems a bit heavy but I manage it and then reach at the school compound and before that slow snow fall again comes and I was happy that I finally reached school. It was time about to start the prayer and I stayed at the lien of my standard eight and due to reach just in time I had to stand at the bottom of the line.

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Then, I looked at the front that was there and one slim figure standing and it felt me that I did not know that class fellows so I tapped the hand and wanted to ask where have you been? The response was sudden and with a complete smile beneath and turned and I realized that she was a girl though from the dress point of view and the rain coat over it I thought a boy so I stood slightly feeling guilt in my heart.

Her smile convinced me she not felt that way and she school hands with me and that was the very first time I shook hand with an alien lady and that feels something different and that time at the standard eight I certainly could not understand the real feeling but it seems that the coherent and the inner attitudinal prolongations seems to rise above some still structure.

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