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It is Sunday, a whole set up holiday after week long strenuous work and related workouts as per my job require a high degree of working under at a stretch of time and then travel and tours and plenty of interactions. Somewhere, I have to do presentations and somewhere I have to prepare the requisite marketing planning and combinations.

It is a complete sense of work and busy schedules and in the mean time, I get hardly any time to think about myself and also the related surrounding what has been happening in and around the country as hardly I have enough time to oversee what is the state of the matter in this great nation has. In the mean time, I switched on the electronic news channel to see what is the breaking news, and in all the channel one news in continuously running here and there and that has been about one religious leader and for this the entire news channel is making competition among themselves to show what is breaking in the news.

I am laughing at these news reporting and now they seem to have lost interest about what is the state of the economy and how it is going and slipping downwards and there should be various talk shows on there on how to eradicate these problems. All these are pinching question which have been ignored by many electronic medias and they take interview from politicians and then modify it and show to them in some other manner as they want to have a talk show for an hour and will take the interview from them and then try to make the motion towards their preferable political parties.

When in democracy any news channel which is the pillar of democracy goes to partisan than the custodian of democracies are slipping the chance to protect it for the betterment of society. We are not vague or illiterate that we cannot catch all these mischief and other side of controlling the discussion while it should be neutral, in the discussion, the news channel anchors should be neutral not should be partisan as they are who control the discussion but many a times it is not happening and for this there is always a strong case for better management of discussion through neutral reporters.

So, after seeing all these messes I think it is better to change the channel to see the movies as generally on Sundays, there are good movies out there and for this I prefer to see the movies or shows at the serial channels. In channels there has been news and information and sometimes there has been complete clean reporting and in some serial channels after the flops of shows with seniors now they are doing it for juniors and it seems that the junior version has been getting more popularity and for this the basic brand of program stays and this makes the entire scene and running of program to more ages to continue otherwise it could have been seen some of the most premature end of popular series worldwide.

Indian Idol is a worldwide fame and it is named as per the country’s name but for last few series this serial is becoming unpopular with bad decision making and not so good judges and for this in seeing this, the producers have decided to have the junior version of this program, and the judges are completely changed for this and in turn, the new faces among the judges brings some vanity to decision making and their decisions are fine and also they encourage the younger ones and that make the entire situation whole heartedly to see and enjoy the series.

In fact whenever I got some time, I happened to see the junior version of Indian Idol from the Internet Sony YouTube channel and I used to enjoy the series so much that is beyond the scope of imagination. I used to download the best episodes of Firefox browsers add on as there are plenty of them which can download all videos if you have a decent internet connection. Then, with the help of good video formant converter, I convert these videos into native format optimized for my Galaxy smart phones and then copy those to my external SD card so that I can see all these episodes whenever I want to at mobile and when ever while at the journey I feel bored than I watch all these videos in my smart phone.

If you search at Google on any given day, you will find the promotions of these video conversion software with so much of ease and with it you can convert all the formats and even to high definition range and also to 3D formats with it and also it has been seen that some of the YouTube videos when downloaded especially with formats such as .Mp4 or flash the sound becomes so slow that you can hardly catch the words. These video conversion software have the ability to enhance the sound to 5 times, it is better when you are dealing with such videos, enhance the sound to 300 which means the three times of original sound, if sounds are good then you do not need to do so as it will remain as it is means at 100, the original sound position.

It makes the entire video sounds good and if you have android device, it is always preferable to choose the android format which not only have the best sound output by going through its custom setting and make it high and also the best video output by going through the video setting and make it to high. In this process, you can view the entire series as per yours optimized setting and you do not need to be worried about this aspect at all. Similarly, there are many movies are available inside YouTube which you can download and then convert it into your mobile devices and watch it whenever you want it to have.

Now, some You Tube channels are uploading movies in fragments and that is excellent for you if you have not been so high speed internet connectivity. It is to be noted that YouTube is to be used only to see the videos and downloading of videos are not permissible, for this it is not available with Google Chrome and Android devices, but Google is not stopping Firefox and Opera users to download with add on. So, do it on your choice, it depends on you, I have written this article not to encourage the users to do this as there are ways as I have seen and a mere Google search also tell you about it, I have written my experiences with it and also in this article I have mentioned about how Google is not encouraging in its browsers and mobile operating systems.

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