Swim against the tide

She was thinking about the whole night. How she could understand what she had been wearing. She reached her home. She was feeling a mixture of shame and happiness. Something had happened. She could understand. She could feel the flows of dreams occurring in her mind and while sleeping the entire flashback incidents reached to her time and again without interruptions. She slept well in the night. In the morning, sky was clear. There was no sign of any clouds hovering here and there.

There was the perfect portrait of the sun with smiling silken rays scattered here and there. She took a bath and washed some of her clothes. It was the habit of her since she was seven years of childhood. She liked to take a sunbath She went into the terrace and hung the clothes of her for a perfect sun dry. Sun could take away all the germs that had been there within clothes. She was wearing a frock that was of soft clothes. She liked to wear flowing silken clothes. In the meantime, she moved on the left side with a shout. Her group mate and classmate since childhood were there. He was playing tennis at his terrace.

At one side of the terrace, there was the staircase and he was hitting the ball as if the terrace was one opponent player. She smiled back and he said that, from today, their school would be on leave for three days. For this, they could finish their project. In the meantime, from the previous article the reader should understand that, both of their parents had been friends and both of their children were reading in standard eight at this hill town. Both of their parents have decided that after they stood in their own legs, they would be marrying both of them, but they did not declare it as it could distract the young minds.

Luckily both were in the same group of two people constituted by the class teacher. Half yearly examination completed, and now it was time to start the project works. School had given those five days, but they had scheduled it for three days in a tribal village observing their life and traditions and also they would return from there to start writing the project in DTP and then submit to the class teacher. Both were brilliant student and almost in competition for top rank in the class. They were surprisingly not jealous of each other. She smiles at him. He asked her what she was doing now. That side of the balcony was not visible to him and that was why he asked this question. She told her to wait for five minutes.

She accomplished the hanging of clothes on the wires, which were clamped across the balcony and then clipped them properly, so that winds could not fly away those clothes from there. Then, she appeared on the side of the balcony, where both could see each other. She smiled and said. She was hanging clothes on the wires. Surprisingly, a nice pleasant sun was appearing so it was time to give him the work for this she changed the clothes. She asked what he was doing there with a lawn tennis racket. He said, he was playing lawn tennis as he felt bored after examination. Why not you reach to my home, just neighbor and best friend of yours she said.

Swim Agains Tide
Swim Agains Tide

That was a bright idea;

I would be taking some movies to watch. She was happier and told some of her favorite movies for recommendation. In the meantime strong wind reached, and the sun went behind the cloud. He said that, it seemed that climate was steadily changing. She smiled at him and said to him that, here it was so, at least for a few seconds sun reached and I took a sunbath. In the meantime fierce winds were blowing, and from down stairs both of their respective mothers shouted to come out from the balcony. In that locality, there were many posters and trees, with bright wind across, anything could fly within and struck and could bestow severe injuries.

In the meantime both preparing to reach downstairs, a sudden burst of wind reached and then suddenly her cloth began upwards, she tried hard to prevent this, could not succeed for few seconds, and when the wind blew away, she looked at him to watch his reaction. It was some sort of natural friendly gesture and she felt a tough time at that time, he solved this puzzling situation easily as he said, you should not feel ashamed of, we were friends. She felt shame due to trespassing of winds and moreover she could not control her apparel. She was hardly able to smile at this situation and kept running downstairs while keeping with a smile towards him. She was amused and confused, but still she had the solace that.

This had happened in front of him, if this had it all happened in front of others, she could not even think of that sort of shame she had been facing these. Nevertheless she reached slowly, in her room and was smiling happily with that sort of incident. She drank a glass of water. She was feeling a lot of cool now. Now, she was analyzing the last two incidents. The first incident happened and in the detailed description in the preceding article. The second incident really happened and she returned to her room.  In both situations, she felt that and also quite sure that, each time some heavenly forces was intervening this and tried to convey that she should be more comfortable with him as in both incidents, she had closeness with him and also secrets shared with him without any such confusing manners.

She had no sense of guilt with him and the opposite side; he had no sense of guilt with her. It seemed almost natural for their friendship. She looked at the mirror. Suddenly, she looked at it with more interest. She was feeling that he was looking at her and trying to say nothing. She combed her hair and adjusts her dress and tried to apply some makeup and tried hard to apply the cosmetics so that she should be more beautiful. She slept in the noon for three hours. At five pm, she woke up from the bed. Scheduled to end of examination she was trying to recuperate. She was planning more sleep, but she woke up from the call from her mother, who was at the downstairs and was at the dining room.

She said that, his group made was reaching to her room. Suddenly, she woke up with a sudden surprise, and then she tried to adjust her room, especially she removed all her clothes, which were there at different places and then she adjusted her bed and heard the knock on the door. He reached there inside her room; he said hi mate how was you. He said had I disturb you from sleep. She said, your presence was welcome. He sat on the adjacent chair of bed. She sat on the bed and while riding to bed, one of her legs struck with something, she almost had a fall from there but luckily she had the bed to support. In order to do this, she fell upside down and ready she recovered. Few moments passed thereafter. He said you are pleasing.

She smiled. You have flashed something again, be prudent did not feel nervousness. I was your friend, be comfortable. With these words, she felt cooler and smilingly looking at her. Then, they were talking about the future course of group studies. They would be starting this after two days of rest and they were planning to make inroads to obscure part of mathematics and tried to solve as many as trigonometry as possible. She said she was good at trigonometry and she would be taking this and try to master these within their group which consists of both of them. He decided to manage geography, public administration and science subjects. In the meantime her mother reached there with some foods and they both enjoy a delightful supper with some deserts.

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