Security checklists for Windows 10

Microsoft produced cluster of windows operating system in the name of Windows 10 which provide up-to-date computing software environment. Windows Store is now working like a folder with it. In Windows 8.1 another metro style user interface is necessary but with Windows 10 it is not necessary. Metro style menu now works with its start up settings. It is a mixture of windows start up and metro style user interface. The problem which begins with solving the problem of metro style interface and normal start menu is now completely solved with Windows 10.

For the first time total code of windows 10 for laptop, tablet, Xbox-One, smart phones becomes a single and uniform version. The codes that deals with the codes of pointer of mouse and touch screen is now goes on the same page and both are super-optimised to work in the right path and also does not eats out too many of memory consumption. The updated start menu is now a complete mixture of Windows 7 interface and Windows 8.1 interface and this provides some basic and good way to manage competencies of start menu in Windows 10.

Start menu is the complete mixture of conventional start menu and modern metro style menu. It consists of tiles of Windows and this provides both the mixture of conventional as well as modern menu styling. This article will provide some insights into how to have a secure Windows 10 and what are its security features which user must oblige and intent to use to make it more and more user-friendly.

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Windows 10 has following security mechanisms to make it more secure.

  1. It has network firewall which acts as windows firewall and it provides proactive windows protection.
  2. It has built-in Windows Defender to help your protect your personal computer from viruses. It silently update its definitions when you connect to the internet.
  3. Windows Defender anti-malware suit update your computer from spyware and unwanted software protection and remove all traces of Trojans from computer.
  4. It has automatic configurable internet security settings matched to the secure level in order to provide optimized internet surfing experiences.
  5. It has heuristic protection to stop applications to make changes to the settings of your computer. User account control works in the rules and permissions of it and it continues to protect your personal computer.
  6. It has windows smart screen to make your web browsing more secure. It warns you if the website you are browsing impersonating another website or contains threat to your computer. By turning on this setting or smart screen filter some website addresses will be sent to Microsoft server to be checked its authenticity. It will be sent through encrypted connectivity.
  7. Connect your account with Microsoft account by using mail addressees. In this way, all of these settings are now stay in the cloud and when you refresh your computer or reinstall windows again then, those settings again come back just when you last used windows computer.

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