Pride and prejudice:5

After ensuring all the roads leading to that room, is being properly closed or monitored at the same time, it is essential for me, to install the smart cameras, and it is to be handed down to officer as I shall be busy in breaking the door and for this, it is absolute perfect situation for me to give the camera and multimedia shooting responsibility to officer and him is well capable of such actions, he has the proper education and also proper guidance before joining this institution.

It is also true that , this step , might back stab and boomerang and ittech is not least worried about this , as he is always confident of all his actions and the way he has been doing this and for this it is essential to act in a confident manner and the officer has least hesitation in opposing this as , he is damn sure that the smartest and the most popular detective ittech is always good at it and him can do it in the smartest possible manner to achieve the success and for this it is essential to have believed this so that , no one can ever think beyond it and in this manner all the happenings can be most in the positive and in the smartest manner that can has been ever imagined of .

There are many prides inside this larger mansion and simultaneously , many prejudices that has been there and no one knows when this critical murder mystery is solved one day and in this manner one day some real intriguing aspects can be discovered and for this detective ittech with smartest mind is the real person who is capable to act in such manner and he is the person who can find the real answer from no where and for this it is almost essential for us to believe him , in whatever he is being doing at this juncture , in this manner officer ended his long thought and within these times , he is smiling and praising silently and this is real worth of life that the officer is experiencing at this juncture and he is quite please with the state of the affairs that has been going on here.

His long standing thought has been abruptly ended with the detecting ittech giving him the multimedia components and also help him to understand the way it shall be functioning, and after officer understands and also shows the demo of that multimedia components of the way it should be working , then detective ittech is now busy with working to open the door and he says to officer to be alert at that time , as he is soon going to open the door within seconds and without a sound and this surprises the officer for some time.

All are set and then from the ittech bag, ittech brings out something that is seen as liquid there and then he just sprays into the door and then cover it with a plastic for ten seconds and then suddenly with a jolt the door opens suddenly and then the officer praises this and also think that he will be asking this method to ittech later times as he is now busy with work at this juncture and during his work time it is not good to disturb , him and while the door opens without a sound and within seconds as ittech has said in earlier time and it has done just the same thing and then they enter the room slowly wile the camera is on at that time and then , it seems that this house maid small quarter is different with the other quarter , in which the girl is supposedly murdered .

In this house, there is the entrance room, and then followed by on small room and then the bed room and while entering the room, detective ittech, showed the officer to shoot the road in which detective ittech showing his right hand and in this manner the officer, shoots all those room passages and also detective ittech tells the officer, do not use the zoom settings. The drawing room is lighted well; on the other hand the corridor is mildly lighted.

The zero powered light is inside the corridor, but there is no one still inside it and with it, the detective ittech is now running quickly at a rapid place towards the bed room, which are few meters after crossing the corridor, and detective ittech is sensing something , which the officer still that times unable to understand at that point of time and then , with no time , ittech reaches near bed room and it is close inside and detective ittech this time brings out a new solutions and throws it inside the handle of the door and within four seconds the door open quickly and then detective ittech calls the officer , hurry mate , this time we have to save a life and the officer with camera , come rapidly and they enter inside the house and their with fan , a male person , seemingly the house keeper of the house , is trying to hand himself to end his life.

He is alive at that point of time and at that moment ,detective ittech jumps , a somewhat high jump and reaches near the bed , in which that person is trying to end his life and then fire at the rope in which he is making the cross in his head , and detective ittech shot fires at the rope , that is connected with the fan and with a shot ,it is a bang and the rope cut and the man fell from the table , in which he is standing to end his life and then , detective ittech jumps to the other side and catch him and then, tell the officer to shoot it and then all a sudden he takes the both hands of that man towards his back side and then tied them with a rope and then with this try , now clearly , man will not try to use other means to end his life and this are the perfect settings and then , detective ittech , tells the officer to end the shooting and then detective ittech smiles at the officer. In the mean time , the officer calls the two writers and tell them to take this person with secret to some other rooms in which no one will able to know this and it for sure , this matter needs to be kept with secret , as this is for sure the real manner , that , other conspirators or aggressors will know it and in the long term this is not a good for this case and it is better to make this happening secret and it is now possible that this man is for sure the best asset and for this it is significant to make this running secret so that all can goes down good with it.

It is a double catch at one hand, detective ittech has done immense work of saving the precious life and on the other hand he also has the try to get the most brilliant lead to this case, as there is for sure a connection to this as, there is something cooking inside, otherwise that person is not have tried to end his life. If of officer’ mind there are two questions that has been there with him , how detective ittech able to open the door with so much ease as there are two ways to open the gate , in one such case one gate open within ten minutes and the other gate opens within four seconds and the second question is that how detective ittech able to know that there is something happening inside the bedroom and for this he uses the most smartest method to open the gate within no time to save the life and get the most nearest lead that he can have to solve this difficult case? For sure, in all situations, this is not the difficult for him, as it seems to officer’s mind.

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